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  1. Pets!

    I just realized I never replied to this topic before. So this is my little Spike. He's a bichon havanais, 13 years old and probably one of the laziest dogs I've ever met. He spends most of his day sleeping, but he occasionally moves around to cuddle or to eat and drink. He sometimes gets these random bursts of energy, and when that happens you have to play with him or he won't stop barking. He's always been really strong, the smallest pup in the litter, but actually the first to learn to walk up the stairs. The vet said he would likely not live to see his 13th birthday (he is born with a heart disease), but here he is happy and still very much alive. Everyone loves Spike. He never goes anywhere without us, and he's just the sweetest and most loyal dog I've ever met (also, look at those beautiful eyes)
  2. AH!  Your review made my whole day!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  I wish I could hug you for real!  I'm so happy right now!

    1. LadyL8


      I'm so glad you liked my review. Thank you so much for requesting. I really loved the story, and I'm definitely gonna try to come back and review more of it later when I get the time :)

  3. Merlin

    Title: Silence Cuts Loudest Through the Chaos Author: 1917farmgirl Link(s): Here+ (M) Length / Completed: 29570/no Main Character(s): Arthur, Merlin Main Pairing(s): None Genre(s): Action/Adventure, angst, hurt/comfort Summary: Kidnapped by a mad king, Arthur and Merlin must rely on each other like never before. While Arthur struggles with choices that put his heart and duty at odds, Merlin struggles just to stay alive after being stripped of his magic and freedom. With impossible choices and heavy secrets weighing them down, can they manage to escape before all is lost? (Lots of whump & bromance.) Reasons for recommending: (optional) I haven't watched Merlin in over a year, but reading this story really made me remember how much I love the series. It's without a doubt the best Merlin fanfic I've ever read. Jill manages to capture the characters and the story so well, and her descriptions really makes it feel like you're watching the show again. It's an amazing story, and I definitely recommend you read it.
  4. Staff Review Thread

    I love Merlin so I'm gonna do Silence Cuts the Loudest Through the Chaos. Here+ you go, Jill. Thank you for requesting. I absolutely loved it! SLOTS: 1. Monster (M) by LunaStellaCat 2. OPEN!!! 3. OPEN!!!
  5. EEEP! LOTTE! :loveshower: Thank you so much for the lovely review! :wub::wub:

    1. LadyL8


      Thank you for requesting it. I've had that story on my reading list since I saw it was nominated for Story of the Month last month, and I'm just so happy I finally found the time to review it. I absolutely loved it! :)

  6. Staff Review Thread

    Skewed Toward Truth is actually on my reading list, so I'm gonna take the opportunity to finally read it. Here+ you go Renee. Thank you so much for requesting. I really loved it! And all three slots are now open SLOTS: 1. OPEN!! 2. OPEN!! 3. OPEN!!!
  7. Hey graphic people. Would any of you be willing to help me out with requesting a new forum set? I haven't requested anything in over 2 years, and I'm not sure if I'm doing it right.

    1. abhorsen.


      Absolutely! What are you wondering? <3

    2. LadyL8


      Thanks! I'll PM you :)

  8. Prefect change

    Like Branwen says, you've been an incredibly active and dedicated prefect, so I'm sad to see you step down. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Carrie!
  9. Congratulations to all the nominees, runner-ups and winners! And thanks Kaitlin for organizing this. The awards are beautiful!
  10. Order of Merlin April 2017

    Omg. I don't know how I missed this when I logged on earlier today, but thank you so much. This really made my day!
  11. Pop Quiz! or And So It Begins...

    I was looking for 1752 (with three Ministers to name: Boot, Flack and Hesphaestus Gore), but 1725 would work too so I'll accept both answers. The point goes to Hufflepuff Actually I'm wrong. You should've put them in the right order (the colors of the rainbow) which would've given you 1752, so Brax is right here. Sorry about that. Point goes to Ravenclaw.
  12. Pop Quiz! or And So It Begins...

    Correct again Final assignment If you solve this and put the numbers in the colored blocks in the right order, you'll find a year. Assignement: What year do you get and who was the Minister for Magic that year?
  13. Pop Quiz! or And So It Begins...

    Correct again And the next question: What do they have all in common? (other than being Ministers)
  14. Pop Quiz! or And So It Begins...

    Correct again. Another point to Ravenclaw! And we have another crossword. In this picture, you'll find four Ministers for Magic. There are no first names in this picture, so you'll only find the Ministers surnames. The assignment: Give me the full name of the four Ministers for Magic in the picture?
  15. Pop Quiz! or And So It Begins...

    That's correct. One point to Ravenclaw! Next question: What does the five Ministers for Magic have in common other than being Ministers for Magic?