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  1. Hey Bianca! What's My Name? has made this Hero/Tom picspam for you:


    And these How to Train Your Dragon dividers and sub-dividers for your about me: 






    1. victoria_anne


      Oh my gooooooodness!!! I have no words, these are incredible!!! Ahh!!! xD:wub:

  2. Hey Renee! I'm here to deliver another gift from Blue: 

    “I believe, every day, you should have at least one exquisite moment. “.jpg

    1. MuggleMaybe


      OH MY GOD :excited: I absolutely love this! Mysterious Blue, you are truly the best! Thank you so much! :wub:

  3. Ensemble Cast

    Just dropping off a gift from Dana K. Scully, one of the secret cupids: Reasons for recommending: While the fic is listed as Lily/Lysander, it is set amid the Burrow turned boarding house. As such, it is also one of the best ensemble cast stories I've read in years. Rose has crafted several new OCs who are a joy to read, and all her canon next gen characters are brilliantly portrayed.Lily, Lysander, and their relationship is definitely a highlight, but Hugo's story shines just as brightly, and other character's experiences come through clearly, too. There are some wicked jokes, as well as some tear jerking moments, and plenty of shipping to go around. I can't recommend this story strongly enough!
  4. Hey Rose! Dana K. Scully has left you some more reviews here+ :) 

    1. LadyL8


      They also have another gift for you: 


  5. Hey Chiara! I'm here with another gift from Secret Starfall. It's a banner for All the Truth About Jimmy Portman:


    They also wanted me to tell you that they'd be happy to make changes if there's something you want them to change :) 

    1. Felpata_Lupin


      It's beautiful! Thank you so much, Secret Starfall! :wub: 


  6. Winter Olympics!

    So it's been a while since I posted and omg. has the olympics gone well for us since then! We still got another week left of the Olympics, but with two gold medals, one silver and one bronze today, we're officially on the top of the medal list with eight more medals than Germany (who's number two). With 26 medals we've already broken our record for medals and we might even break the record for most medals in the Winter Olympics ever! (USA has that record with 37 medals). It's just been an absolutely amazing olympics for us! There are of course way too many medals to talk about them all, but I have to mention Ragnhild Mowinckel, who is the first Norwegian woman to win a medal (silver) in alpine skiing in almost 70 years! And then Aksel Lund Svindal, who is not only our first winner in downhill ever, but also the oldest alpine skier to ever win a gold medal, which is pretty impressive considering he couldn't walk less than seven months ago because of a serious injury he got back in 2016. And Maren Lundby, who is only the second winner ever in the women's ski jumping event! And not to mention the fact that we just got our first gold medal in freestyle slopestyle! Honestly, I'm just so amazed at everyone's talent! As for figure skating. The men's event went just as I wanted it to. So did the pair's event. Now I'm hoping the ice dancing event will go just as well too. I'm definitely rooting for Tessa and Scott, and I mean how great would it be for them to win an olympic gold medal in their last olympics! I like the Shibutani siblings too though, so hopefully they will do well in the event too
  7. Hey Rumpel! A drop of Amortentia has left you three more reviews: here, here and here! :) 

    1. Rumpelstiltskin


      :wub:I am being spoiled! 

  8. Hey Tanya! I'm here to deliver a gift from Cupid's Winding Arrow (your secret cupid): http://hpfanfictalk.com/archive/reviews.php?type=ST&item=1685

  9. Hey Paula! I'm here to deliver a poem that Jayne Ostin has written for you:


    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    Here's a fandom poem

    I wrote just for you


    Gansey's not dead

    Jane's name is Blue

    You're not a thief

    But my dreams are of you


    Darcy is well bred

    Bingley is too

    But as for who I'd rather wed

    My first choice is you


    Darth Maul is red

    Lightsabers are blue

    I don't like sand

    But like you, I do


    1. PaulaTheProkaryote



  10. Hey Rumpel! A drop of Amortentia has left you two more reviews: http://archive.hpfanfictalk.com/reviews.php?type=ST&item=1489

  11. Hey Chiara! I'm here to deliver a gift from Secret Starfall (your secret cupid). It's a banner for Shattering, dying, healing: XnSN3K95_o.png

    They've also left you a review on the same story: http://archive.hpfanfictalk.com/reviews.php?type=ST&item=1665

    1. Felpata_Lupin


      Aww! It's beautiful! Thank you so much! :wub:

  12. Hey Rose. I'm here to deliver a gift from your secret cupid:


    To Agent Curls,



    Dana K. Scully

    They've also left you a review: http://archive.hpfanfictalk.com/reviews.php?type=ST&item=1067:) 

    1. toomanycurls


      :wub: I just love this so much!!! 

  13. Hey Kenny! I'm here to deliver a gift from Lyra:


    1. StarFeather


      I like this gift! Thank you so much, Lyra!

      Thank you again, Lotte. :)