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  1. About to start reading and reviewing more FROGS nominations. So many. But I am determined. xD

  2. Genealogy/Family History

    Any of you seen The Free State of Jones? Apparently I'm related to Newton Knight. Pretty much the best white guy during the civil war I could have gotten. My grandma on my mom's side entire family is from Soso mississippi. Pretty much everyone there is related to him if they hadn't moved. He was known as the Robinhood of the south and deserted the Confederacy because he didn't agree that they should be dying so rich men could keep their slaves. He gathered deserters and runaway slaves then hide out in the swamps and ambushed confederates. He married a runaway house slave after divorcing his previous wife (though said wife still lived with them and they all shared a house together with the children from both women) and a few generations later, I believe it was his grandson, one of his relatives got thrown in jail (even though he looked white) because he was their child and was caught dating some important person's daughter. A lot of people still consider him a traitor to the south, and after he broke off from the confederacy a lot of people he helped turned on him because he was friends with a lot of former slaves, and now that they had their own little place away from the army so they won't be arrested they thought that was wrong and he left. I gotta say I'm surprised at how accurate the movie was, though the character of Moses didn't exist as far as I'm aware from my research. I'm kinda upset at some of the ratings. I thought it was pretty good. It's really interesting, and one of my aunts has a whole book that was given to me with research into our family tree. I'm also related to some low ranking noble that tried to murder someone and was run out of the british isles. Forgot where as I haven't looked at it in a while.
  3. (Cursed Child)The Sorting of Albus Severus Potter

    The two things that came out of this that are canon for me. Albus and Scorpius are both Slytherin, and they're boyfriends. Shuuu. It happened. That fic on Archive of Our Own where that person wrote out all the dialogue is story format said so. The ending he added made perfect sense and fit without awkwardness, so obviously it was meant to be and J.K. accidently deleted the true ending before release!
  4. Squee-Worthy Reviews!

    Gotta choose this one from Words and Silences that @Pixileanin wrote. They took a long time on this, and the sheer length makes me pretty happy. Longest I've received yet, and let's face it. We all love big reviews. A few other honorable mentions: @manno-malfoy on Cost of Redemption: And last to not make this too long, @LadyL8's lovely review on Brother's Blood.
  5. Would someone want to help look over a very old Snilly oneshot I've never uploaded anywhere but FFN? About 1800 words as of now. I need to revise but I'm unfocused right now and don't know if I can really look over it well on my own.

    1. Nhaz


      Sure, I'm always up to take a look at a Snily.

    2. Shadowkat678


      Cool. I can send it over now. 

    3. Nhaz


      On it.

  6. Snamione (Severus/Hermione)

    Good luck with that.
  7. Snamione (Severus/Hermione)

    Maybe. They just strike me more as friends, and maybe even have too much in common. Personally, I definitely look for people who match some of my traits, but a important thing with them is that neither are really...well. Emotionally sensitive, though Hermione a bit more so. I could certainly see this leading to some clashing, and I think Snape would be better with someone who could really balance against his inherent pessimism. Hermione got better throughout the series, but she's still a character that's pretty uptight, like Snape is. If he was going to get in a relationship after Lily, I'd think there'd need to be more balancing qualities, along with matching ones. I do think he would respect her intelligence if they got close, but I have friends I have a lot in common with, but I really couldn't see them as more than friends for the same reasons I describe with these two. We'd trip each other up in more than one area, and that's not good for romantic relationships. Unless you could work out something, but another issue is they're BOTH just so stubborn. Setting aside everything else I said earlier, there'd still be a few issues when it comes to this. I could read some AUs most likely in the case you described. But from what we've seen so far, as those are all pretty core traits that they'd probably still have, eh. Again. Just doesn't seem like it'd fit with how I've come to understand these characters.
  8. Snamione (Severus/Hermione)

    I'm talking about in other platforms, which yes. A lot of people don't accept as canon. But most of what we know from J.K (again, I know a lot of people discard it, but I think I remember she also talked about it before spewing a lot of BS she has lately) certainly made him seem that way. And again. I'm saying most stories. There are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule. I've read some good Dramione and Drarry fics, even though they're not things I personally ship. But for most of what I've come across not so much. Time Travel fics are something I could stand, but like I said, there's more (a lot more) than a few that start while she's still underage, which is a huge no for me. There's not many on here, but if I remember correctly when I first joined FFN there was a boatload of them. And I also know a lot of these bad experience could be written by some writers who may not be as experienced. I can understand that. My first fic (fully deleted) had some REALLY OOC stuff and some REALLY big things that now would make me hit backspace. It's just that there are so many of them with these issues it makes me not even want to bother wading in. Also, I think I can get with Slytherinchika on the part where it'd probably be more believable to me for them to somehow be friends. Romance just seems like such a big jump to me, especially, again, with how fast a lot of people tend to take it.
  9. Okay, but we need some spellcheck in the archive reviewing box. I keep forgetting to copy and paste my reviews into Word to catch stuff, and I suck at spelling. :roflol:

    1. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      Omg right? The number of times I've accidentally almost posted gibberish in someone's review :P 

    2. Shadowkat678


      I need my spellcheck!!!!!

  10. All my reviews have been answered! Some shorter than others at the end there, but they're done. :D

  11. Snamione (Severus/Hermione)

    I was just using it as a comparison, because I've seen similarities in them a lot. And that's true. He couldn't very well show that. But even when he was in the presence of someone that wasn't dangerous to show his thoughts around he acted the same. Snape is a very complex character, and one of the things I like about him is how you never really know everything he's intending. I don't think even HE knows. However, this is one area I can say I feel, myself, reasonable safe on saying in canon that he wasn't too found of many people, especially around Harry with all his mixed feelings about him. Considering she was one of his best friends a bit of that logically could be assumed to have rubbed off on her. And yes. I'm fine with a little OOC. In fact, I really like talking about and seeing different interpretations. But I'm talking like really big character traits that would completely change who they are. There comes a point when they're just not the same person you're expecting to be reading about. Again, my issue is without explanation. If there was something that CAUSED it, I'm good with that. And I have no issue with others liking it. These are just my thoughts on the matter.
  12. Snamione (Severus/Hermione)

    Well yes. But that's why I said "Many people don't take time to develop how things changed." For example, with Dramione, I've run across more than one story where Draco bumps into her somehow, randomly starts thinking that he's been a jerk, and suddenly Hermione admits she's always loved them and they're kissing by chapter three. Then Draco starts to realize he's always had a crush on her and OBVIOUSLY he wasn't being mean because she was a Muggleborn. No. It was like those schoolyard crushes where that one boy bullies the girl on the playground because he doesn't know how to say "I like you". We saw how Ron matured in the last few books, and they were still friends. He was rude a lot, but there was more to it than that. Snape and Draco both never really showed any respect or friendly feelings towards here. Snape protected all of the trio a few times, but it was more out of a sense of duty and that they were students, and thus as a teacher he had the obligation to protect them, than actually respecting her. So there are more than a few key differences when it comes to Ron vs Draco and Snape. I'm all for a good Snape redemption fic. Read a good one a few months back where both he and Lily somehow go back in time to being children after dying and end up together as he's learned since before. It wasn't bad at all. But there was lead up. There was a gradual thing going. There are fics for those ships out there, but most I've come across just...well. Don't fit, or it's like they're writing completely different characters and have to completely rewrite their personalities to make it work. So they might as well be two OCs instead of the pairing listed. Again. Not always. But I've noticed it a lot with those two ships, and it's something that personally rubs me wrong.
  13. Snamione (Severus/Hermione)

    I've never really liked this ship. Since I'm a Remadora shipper I really have no room to argue age gap, but I've seen multiple fics that had the romance start while she was still underage, and that really puts me off. Especially with the whole Professor and student thing. A lot of bad stuff happens in real life surrounding those relationships. Not to mention how many times he insulted her and it being too often hand waved away. Which is an issue I have with Dramione as well. Many people don't take time to develop how things changed. Also, I while they're both smart, there's other traits I feel that might make them clash pretty hard.
  14. How do you deal with relationships and weddings?

    That's interesting. Do you ever see yourself have that seeping into your writing when it comes to those topics?