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About Me

I'm a twenty year old college student going for a degree in Global Studies, with a minor in spanish. On the side I occasionally write things including a OF series I'm currently working on fleshing out. Luna Lovegood and Nymphadora Tonks are my idols. I'm of the firm belief there can never be enough LGBT+ and disabled characters in fiction, and that diversity automatically makes everything more interesting. After all. There's a reason it's called the spice of life. ENFP. Proud Ravenpuff.

So far on my HPFT page I have these stories:



A Christmas in Azkaban: Rated T.AzkabanChristmas_zpsx9fme3qr.gif.dfc699440ee6d3be0fb1daee5bd59db0.gif

Hope is like a flickering candle. It can be snuffed out, but it can also be relit. The Christmas Eve before Sirius' escape, an unlikely encounter with two young Aurors drags up memories of a time thought forgotten long ago...

Beautiful banner by @angelic!



Words and Silences: Rated M


"They say words can't hurt you, yet they do. Like a thousand hot knives carving each letter into your slowly beating heart."
Banner by me. 
For the Phobia challenge: Monophobia, an acute fear of being alone.
Also for the Proverb Challenge: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.



Cost of Redemption: Rated M


Snape wasn't the only Death Eater to turn his back on Lord Voldemort for love. No, there was another seeking his redemption. From his first mission as a Death Eater to his very last breath, this is the story of Regulus Black...

Banner by me.





Brother's Blood: Rated T


He'd become like a brother to you, had he not? A brother in all but blood...and perhaps even that. It was sealed with knife and oath.  The clasping of hands and mix of crimson. Albus, you fool. You'd thought it was all figured out. That you'd run off and everything else would fall into place. It didn't.

Written for Angst galore, Every Word Counts, Banner, Character Death, and Second POV challenges. Thank you @patronus_charm for the image!  





The Most Beautiful Flower: Rated T


They say it's always the most beautiful flowers that bud the smallest, bloom the latest, and wilt the fastest. A Lily is no exception...

Wonderful banner by  Livilulu on TDA!    





Children of Stardust (Rated Teen)5a340934b0c25_134.BloodBrothers_zpsl5zl8nh71_zpsksm2dw3p.jpg.ef453e0735a4ebd1fa0234fd57cece6b.jpg

Luna Lovegood never understood the point of sadness. She'd felt it, of course. That's a given when fighting a war. Yet she still had to wonder about the reason for it all. Why feel that way when it never changed what happened? It won't bring your friends back, and it certainly doesn't make you feel better. Smile or cry. Laugh or hide. That's what her mother always used to say.

Banner by me    







Through the Veil (Rated T)5a3409a8dd309_wtvx1h(1).png.b1bdedadd01213e9e604812bd7b219e9.png

It felt like a dream, and as he arched high into the air, Harry was the only one he could see, his face wide in shock as his Godfather tumbled into the veil. He failed. Sirius promised to protect him, and he failed...

For The Angst Galore Challenge and The Terry Pratchett Quote Challenge. Winner of the second.

"It is often said that before you die your life passes before your eyes. It is in fact true. It's called living."-chosen quote.

Amazing banner by amoretti on TDA!