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  1. PP: Purists vs Rebels

    Purists: 30 Rebels: 34
  2. Hello and welcome to HPFT :hug: I'm Claire, one of the site's prefects, and if you have any questions or just want someone to chat with, my inbox is always open ^_^ Looking forward to seeing you around the site!

  3. Guess what I finally updated after over a year and a half???? to the end of time [M]

    (Sorry not sorry for destroying you @abhorsen.:P)

  4. Call for Stories - November

    Story Title / Link: Inevitable [M] Author: clairevergreen Length (chapters / words): One-shot, 2429 words Summary: Would you be willing to participate in the livestream? If yes, by video or audio only?: Yes by video as long as homework doesn't get in the way
  5. Various by clairevergreen

    Almost two weeks in and I have written almost 9.5k words which includes two (yes two!) completed chapter of Friday Night Flights and one and a half chapters of Brown Eyed Girl! Special shoutout to the best pen pal ever @dreamgazer220 for her assistance in everything from major plot planning to helping pick out Perri's faceclaim Read on for a snippet of the newest chapter of Brown Eyed Girl three -or- eric jackson, master of subtlety
  6. Milestones

    Just passed 5k which is already a third of my goal Chapter 2 of Friday Night Flights is all done and chapter 3 is not too far behind it!
  7. Various by clairevergreen

    Should be writing, but I got distracted by picspams so... Thea Laurens- FNF
  8. The 10K Weekend Challenge!

    If I can do this, I'll only be 4k away from my goal in one weekend, so why not? Forum Username: clevernotbrilliant Starting Word Count: 1618 Starting Time & Date: 15:04 GMT Friday 3rd Ending Word Count: Ending Time & Date: Words Written:
  9. Things I Didn't Know About my Story

    Well, it's not as exciting as a cursed blade, but Hannah and Ricky from FNF have been flirting without my permission and now apparently Ricky is thinking about asking her to prom. Children, get yourself together, this story is about Quidditch.
  10. We truly do not deserve Hufflepuffs :grouphug:

  11. Various by clairevergreen

    Ah, so many awesome questions!! You and me both 1. Do you have nay tips for good summaries you would like to share? Hmm, I guess I'd say... pretend that you've just gotten on an elevator and right as the doors close, some real big publisher gets on. You have only the elevator ride to get them interested in your story, so what do you say? Thinking of an elevator pitch helps me narrow down what's important and interesting enough to put in the summary. 2. I see that you have stories from two fandoms. How do you feel when you switch between the two? It's definitely a bit of an adjustment since they're so different from each other, but that also makes it much easier to separate the two in my mind. Going from The 100 back to Harry Potter feels a lot like pushing myself out of my comfort zone and then getting to come right back home when I'm done. 3. What is your planning process for stories? Do you plan way ahead or write as you go or mix it up? My process is kinda, I get inspiration for a vague plot, spend hours planning a detailed backstory for everything and then just winging the actual plot lol. 4. Which one of your OCs you love writing and why? All of them! I do actually love all my OCs, but right now I'm enjoying writing about Perri from The 100. I've had her story in my head since I first watched the show and it's been fun exploring all of that on paper. 5. Which one of your OCs give you a hard time and why? Hmmm, I think I'd have to say the cast of FNF at the moment. Parts of each of them are taken from people I grew up with and since they're in a setting that's so close to my real life, it's hard to always get them on the page. Hey, Kevin! Thanks for stopping by! 1. What made you decide to have the Fort Mill Eagles be upstarts (?) instead of champions like the Panthers? I mostly needed a reason for one of the characters to have transferred to be on a better team and it gave the perfect excuse for a new coach to come in. The Eagles are definitely closer to East Dillion than West Dillion. 2. If you had to give the following players Quidditch positions, which would you pick? Saracen- I think I'd have to go with Keeper Riggins- Beater and a slightly terrifying one at that too Smash- Chaser all the way, he'd be the go to for getting the Quaffle down the field Vince- I'm really really torn between Chaser and Seeker, I keep going back and forth on it Luke- He'd be that player that was always put in Keeper but is also a damn good Chaser when they need one Voodoo- Seeker, all the attention would be on him 3. Will this story feature a Buddy Garrity figure? At the moment I hadn't planned on it, but now that I think about it, it could be interesting to throw one in down the line. 4. I happen to agree with you about public wizarding school in the USA, but what drives your vision for it? It's mostly based on my own experiences having grown up in the US. I live in a relatively small town and there were still four high schools, five or so middle schools, and too many elementary schools to count. I just found it crazy that there'd only be one wizarding school for the whole country and figured a public school system would make a lot more sense. The school's in FNF are all based on the actual high schools in my county with very similar curriculums and everything. 5. Do you imagine the fever over Quidditch in the Fort Mill area actually took any inspiration from American football mania? I think it definitely took after the way sports are held up on a pedestal. As an East Coaster, this particular story is probably more focused on lacrosse than football (because I'm definitely going to stick some No-Maj sports in here too), but I imagine somewhere like Texas treats their Quidditch players like gods. Hey, Shreya! 1. What’s the rival school in Friday Night Lights like? To be honest, I haven't really planned out the other schools that much. I don't really see them as having one main rival since they're not really that great of a team at the beginning. I'd say their biggest competition is an all girls private school called Takons Academy. They win their region every year and that's where Thea's friend Nicola transferred so she could be on a better team. 2. How would you describe the demographic of the school? Mostly preppy kids, or because it’s a public school, more diverse? Since it's based on my own school, it's definitely 95% white kids. There's some preppy kids, some rich snobs, some burnouts, a lot of rednecks, and hardly any POC. 3. What is Julianne’s family like? This is actually going to be a big plot point later in the story, so there's a lot of backstory there Her dad is from an old Italian pureblood family who moved to the UK when he was a kid. He's on the Wizengamot (is that even how you'd say it) and tends to be a workaholic, especially by the time shown in the story. He also is aggressively against Her mom used to be a Healer (and a really good one too), but stopped when she had Julianne. She is also from one of the Sacred 28 pureblood families (Fawley was her maiden name). Because of a spoiler that I don't want to say because I've been hiding it for literal years at this point, she stays at home most of the time and it also causes some tension between her and her husband. Julianne is an only child and tends to spend an increasing amount of time over at her next door neighbor's, who just so happen to be the Potters. 4. What sparked your regained interest in Through the Black? I honestly couldn't tell you lol. The other day motivation just popped up and I edited a chapter and a half in a few hours. I'm hoping NaNo will help me carry that along. Thank you guys for the amazing questions and good luck to you all!!
  12. Various by clairevergreen

    1) What made you choose the projects you're working on for NaNo? I picked the ones that I most wanted to write about and from there I narrowed it down to ones that I figured I'd actually be motivated to do something with. I'm sure that other projects will work their way in, but I hopefully I'm able to stick with just these four five. 2) Do you think any one story is going to draw your attention more than others? I honestly don't know. My first reaction is to say the HP stories will take over The 100 ones, but Halloween's got me in a spooky mood so Helpless might stick its head out more than the others. 3) Is there any sort of schedule you're thinking of sticking to in terms of stories, or are you just going to see what your muse/inspiration sticks to? Jill, when have you ever known me to actually make a plan and stick with it 4) Will you be posting as you go? Yes, I plan to! Helpless might only be on AO3 until I make sure that I actually want to go the distance with it since I have so many WIPs on HPFT already lol Thank you so much for the questions, lovely! Good luck to you too!
  13. This challenge entry needs to get done but the draw of Pintrest is becoming too great

  14. Various by clairevergreen

    NaNo doesn't even start for another 10 hours and I'm already adding stories Friday Night Flights [M] | Novel | HP (ish) In small town USA where no one bothers to keep magic a secret, Friday night Quidditch reigns supreme. For the Fort Mill Eagles, finally having a winning season means having to balance school, practice, and personal lives while keeping secrets no one wants to come out. It's more than just a game. - This right here is absolute proof that my inspiration comes directly from whatever media I am mindlessly consuming at the moment. If you couldn't tell by the title, this story came about as I was watching Friday Night Lights (aka one of the most underrated shows in history). This was also right about the time that JK Rowling was coming out with all of the stuff about wizarding in America and my muse just kinda went "yeah, okay, no" and thus public wizarding school in America was born. I plan on having this story cover a lot of heavy topics like homophobia, abuse, bullying, discrimination in general, etc. It's based really heavily on my own high school and the town that I've lived in my whole life which is very much Small Town USA. Because of that, it's definitely been hard to actually get the words on the page because it feels like I'm just writing about my own everyday life. I have a million and one plans and hopes for this story so hopefully one day I get it all down on paper.
  15. The First Kiss Challenge, Deadline: October 31st 2017

    Is it okay if the story is in the queue by the end of today? I'm determined to finish this today, but it may get stuck in the queue