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  1. Hello, all! One of your headmistresses may or may not have been slowly losing her mind over the topic clutter every month , so we decided to compile all of our major monthly announcements into one big bulletin that we'll post at the beginning of the month. (Plus a few headers, because why not.) Hopefully you enjoy this new format! We're happy to announce that @MalfoysAngel will be moving over the gamekeeper position. We won't be adding another professor to replace her right now - we had a couple really strong applications for the position, but our current professors feel like they've got the workload well in hand for the moment. We're sad to announce that @Diogenissa will be stepping down from her position as Slytherin prefect. Karen was one of our very first prefects, and we've loved having her on the team. Thank you, Karen! However, we are very excited to announce that we're welcoming several new people to the prefect team! @BlackPixie (Slytherin) @forever_dreaming (Ravenclaw) @RenacerĂ¡ (Hufflepuff) @Rumpelstiltskin (Slytherin) Congratulations to all of you - we're psyched to have you on board! congrats awards by @abhorsen. It is officially NaNoWriMo! (Or at least, it is for at least some of you. ) Whether you're aiming for 50k words of a story, are planning to include school papers or reviews in your final word count, or are just rebelling with your own rules, you're welcome in the Crazies' Cafe! We'll be running rat races, talking about our projects, cheering each other on, and procrastinating by playing games all month. In celebration of NaNo, we'll even be opening up the archive's queue - you can now submit five new chapters at a time for the entire month. Happy writing! Our first head student has been a huge asset for her house during a number of House Cup activities, including (most recently) CLUEDO! She's also a dependable, engaged prefect who we know we can always count on. Please join us in congratulating... @clevernotbrilliant! Our second head student is a regular fixture in her common room and has stood out on the archive as well, posting several new chapters and leaving her fellow HPFTers some very lovely and encouraging reviews. Please give it up for... @dirigibleplums! Congratulations to you both - this is super deserved. Please PM me with your choice of what story of yours that you'd like to be featured on the archive, and thank you for everything that you do! awards by @abhorsen. A huge congratulations to @MuggleMaybe for winning October's Story of the Month with her story Beyond Repair (M)! Lily and Petunia were more than sisters; they were best friends. And then, they weren't A series of one shots about Lily and Perunia over the years. We strongly encourage you to check it out - it's absolutely amazing! banner by @Lady Asphodel, award by @poppunkpadfoot Congratulations to all of our featured stories - to check them out, just click on the award. Please keep in mind that some stories may be rated M. First, we're very excited to feature the top three entries to the prefects' recent inter-house friendship challenge... We'd also like to draw your attention to a couple stories by our recent Head Students... Some of our FROG winners who haven't been featured yet... And finally, to a couple staff picks! Congratulations to @800 words of heaven, @abhorsen., @Crimson Quill, @Diogenissa, @dreamgazer220, @forever_dreaming, @MegGonagall, @Rumpelstiltskin, and @TidalDragon! awards by @abhorsen. October 31 - The Body Positive Challenge by @WindingArrow October 31 - The First Kiss Challenge by @ImaRavenclaw November 1 - A Muggle History Challenge by @beyond the rain November 30 - The Hogwarts AU Challenge by @cat! December 14 - The Conjure Your Patronus Challenge by @MegGonagall December 15 - The Dialogue or Description Challenge by @ShazaLupin December 16 - The Totally Constraining Challenge by @Dojh167 December 21 - Tanka Style Romance Poetry by @StarFeather January 18 - The Character Vignette Challenge by @Rumpelstiltskin And, finally, happy birthday to all of our members who have November birthdays! @baletgir (1) @SpoonyLupin (1) @hecate (5) @nyx (5) @Sarz (7) @Phoenix_Flames (10) @scooterbug8515 (18) @toomanycurls (20) @ShazaLupin (22) @Lost Muse (24) @victoria_anne (24) @putitonpaper (27) Headers + bulletin write-ups by @abhorsen.. Please remember to rehost & credit if you'd like to save your awards!
  2. Ok, so - I have written 1,948 words. Yes, I am WAY behind It's OK, I will catch up. But, has anyone noticed that Christmas is coming up?? I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Yes, I have been Christmas shopping and not writing. To be fair though, I have 5 babies to shop for. Even though my eldest is 14 and into Anime and Pokemon, I'm still looking at HP stuff to buy. Which also reminds me. A friend's son is turning 11 this year, so he is getting a HP birthday. I'm going to crochet something small up for him and post it from "Mrs Weasley" The last few days I've spent moving my sites to a new hosting server that is more economical and that reminded me to update here. Here are a few lines from what I have written though