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Found 3 results

  1. Veritaserum27

    Cluedo - Round 3

    Welcome to the third round of murderrrrrrrrrrrr and intrigue. We've shuffled around the suspects, locations, and weapons but poor Tasha is still the murder victim. Turns this round will go in the following order: Ravenclaw Hufflepuff Slytherin Gryffindor Clues for each post are in the common rooms -- happy sleuthing!
  2. Veritaserum27


    Something terrible has happened!!! Someone has murdered our sweet, kind MalfoysAngel! THE VICTIM: @MalfoysAngel - A Slytherin who loves her Tacos, Tasha is known for surrounding herself with people who share her interests; which is why she was so excited to join the staff team back in August. While she is still the newcomer, she thought she had become friends with all of the staffers, and decided to throw a party for Halloween. That decision would cost her dearly..... At the height of the party, everything went dark and the party-goers panicked. When the light returned, Tasha was nowhere to be found. That is, until her lifeless body was soon discovered a short time later... Apparently, someone wasn’t as excited about her joining the staff team as she was. She was found in the entrance hall at our beloved Hogwarts, but it was obvious her body had been moved. It’s your job to find figure out who committed this heinous crime. You must also uncover where she was killed and discern the murder weapon. It won’t be easy, the list of suspects is long and full of the darkest witches and one (1) wizard alive today. @toomanycurls -- Slytherin to the core with Ravenclaw tendencies, Rose has a penchant for murder (but has managed to keep this limited to her writing... for the most part). Rose uses her ambition and cunning in her career in the muggle world. When not at work or running her online empire, Rose enjoys spending time with her minion son, Julian. @LadyL8 -- A quiet and friendly Hufflepuff, Lotte might just be one the last people you’d ever suspect to be a killer. But as a criminal law student with a love for true crime shows, she knows more about murders than most. And you know what they say, you’ve gotta watch out for the quiet ones. @BellaLestrange87 -- A committed Ravenclaw, Olivia is minoring in criminology, providing her with insight into the functioning of the criminal justice system. She seems quiet and unassuming, but as far as anyone knows this could all be a plan to slip under the radar. @PaulaTheProkaryote -- A calculating Ravenclaw who appreciates the finer aspects of Slytherin, Paula enjoys researching topics such as true crime, philosophical discourse, and anatomy (her day job). Thanks to the several courses she's taken on biological agents and her knowledge of the human body, she has murder down to a science. @TidalDragon -- As a practicing lawyer, this Gryffindor with a mighty streak of Hufflepuff is no stranger to a courtroom. He's a keen shot from his many hours playing Call of Duty and Destiny, but uses baseball and soccer to stay active. There's nothing he wouldn't do for his son, Ryan. With his courthouse experience, legal connections, and running ability, could he be the killer? @RoxiMalfoy -- With true Slytherin loyalty like no other, there is nothing Deana wouldn't do for those who are closest to her. She works very hard to stay ahead in her career as a Medical Assistant, and is extremely dedicated to her job. A born leader with the outgoing personality and firm moral compass of a Gryffindor; not too many people would suspect her of being capable of anything even remotely close to something like murder! But with her vast knowledge of the medical field, it is probably best not to overlook the fact that Deana does know of several ways to kill a man and make it look like an accident... With her quick temper and well-known thirst for revenge against those who have wronged her, could it be possible that a secret killer has been hiding underneath that innocent exterior of hers all along? @Veritaserum27 -- She’s always working late in the potions lab, but what exactly is she working on? Beth is veeery secretive about what she calls her ‘life’s work.’ When she’s not carting her three kids through the floo to their various activities, every spare minute is devoted to her latest discovery. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do to see her work come to fruition. But does that include murder? The Aurors have scoured Hogwarts in search of any clues as to how Ms. Angel was killed. They’ve come up with these possible weapons: Wand First Year's Botched Potion Knife Curse Crystal Ball Devil's Snare Fireleg And these possible locations: Gryffindor CR - costs 6 points to move here Hufflepuff CR - costs 6 points to move here Ravenclaw CR - costs 6 points to move here Slytherin CR - costs 6 points to move here Astronomy Tower - costs 7 points to move here Library - costs 8 points to move here Room of Requirement - costs 9 points to move here Quidditch Pitch - costs 10 points to move here Green House - costs 12 points to move here Houses will take turns guessing in the following, randomly determined order. Slytherin Gryffindor Ravenclaw Hufflepuff Each house begins play in their own common room, and makes their first guess from there. As in the traditional Cluedo game, you will be given five cards and a special chart to keep track of clues you can eliminate. On your turn, you will do the following, in order: Spend your points to move to a new location. You may stay in the location you are in, if you choose. Whatever the location you’re in, that location is your guess. Post in the Cluedo main thread your guess for location, suspect and weapon. Wait for the house below you on the list to prove you wrong. They will reveal ALL cards they have that can disprove your guess. These will be revealed in your common room so the other houses can’t see. If the house below you can’t prove you wrong, then it goes to the house listed after them, and so on. If it’s your turn to make a guess, your house has 30 minutes to post your guess in the main thread. If it’s your turn to prove a house wrong by revealing your cards, you have 10 minutes to post in the main thread that you can prove the guessers wrong. What are these points, you ask? The points have been hidden around the archives. You must search for them, and post the links to where you’ve found them in the designated thread in your common room. You can spend the points to move to a new location at the beginning of each turn and make a guess. A screenshot of one of the Point Cards is attached. You and your housemates must look high and low across the archives to find as many points as possible. There will be four rounds of play, with the game resetting each time. The first game starts at 8:00 PM GMT on Thursday, October 19th. It will run until 4:00 AM on October 20th or until one team correctly identifies the suspect, weapon, and location. If no one from your house is online to make guess within the one hour time limit, then you forfeit your turn and play continues on to the next house. If no one is online to disprove a guess that the house above you made, then a staffer will reveal your cards for you so play can continue. Game #2 will begin on Friday night at 11:59 PM GMT and the Gryffindors get to go first. Game #3 will begin on Saturday at 2:00 PM GMT and the Ravenclaws will go first. Game #4 will begin on Sunday at 4:00 PM GMT and the Hufflepuffs will go first. It will take all of your wit, cunning, bravery and hard work to solve this crime! Best of luck to you all, but don’t forget… there’s a MURDERER among us!! Feel free to post any questions below!
  3. Rumpelstiltskin

    Cluedo! Round 1

    Okay, so Slytherin's first guess: BellaLestrange87Crystal BallSlytherin CR