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Found 19 results

  1. Alopex

    House Cup Point Updates

    This thread will be used to post house cup point updates. This will usually be done around the middle of a month, but it may also be done after an event. We have just wrapped up our House Cup opening event for the 2017-2018 season, MAGIC, and here are the final results--which are also the HC point totals at this moment. Houses earned points for submitting tasks, getting special MAGIC patterns, and getting the blackout/coverall MAGIC. We (wrongly) believed the points would be spread more evenly amongst houses with four patterns up for grabs in addition to the blackout over three rounds, but this did not prove to be the case. Therefore, we decided to award 3rd and 4th place points to the two houses (Gryffindor and Ravenclaw) that did not earn any MAGICs at all, using the 100-75-50-25 point structure we have often used in the past, to recognize their participation and work. Hufflepuff and Slytherin earned MAGICs and will keep the points they earned for that (in lieu of the 100 and 75 points). Keep your eyes peeled for the next event! We'll be having something in the second half of October. Points Earned for MAGIC House Cup Opener Task Submissions Hufflepuff - 207 Gryffindor - 139 Slytherin - 115 Ravenclaw - 3 Round 1 Slytherin - 135 points (total) Blackout (75) Special S (40) Special G (40) Purchase Card (-20) Round 2 Slytherin - 40 points (total) Wand (40) Goblet (40) Purchase Card x 2 (-40) Hufflepuff - 95 points (total) Blackout (75) Timeturner (40) Purchase Card (-20) Round 3 Slytherin - 60 points (total) Lightning (40) Number 7 (40) Purchase Card (-20) Hufflepuff - 135 points (total) Blackout (75) Chess Board (40) Quidditch Goal (40) Purchase Card (-20) "Placing" for the two houses that didn't earn any MAGICs. Ravenclaw (50) for completing over 90 tasks Gryffindor (25) for completing over 70 tasks Overall Totals Hufflepuff - 437 Gryffindor - 164 Slytherin - 350 Ravenclaw - 53
  2. Alopex

    Fic Feud Partners & Sabotages

    ~~ Fic Feud!! ~~ All right, feuders, it is time to reveal partners and get started with planning and writing! First, about the requirements. Stories must be 2 to 4 chapters long, with each chapter 1000 to 4000 words long. Stories must be posted to the HPFT archive by April 15, with both you and your partner listed as an author. You must contribute at least 1000 words. You may collaborate with your partner on chapters, but we must be able to tell who wrote what. Each chapter must be based around 4 elements from at least 3 different categories (so you will use a minimum of 8 elements for your story). The categories: Sentence(s) to include - any EXCEPT the one you submitted; you can edit tenses/pronouns to make it fit your story Character(s) - any canon Genre(s) - from our archive, EXCEPT general and micro-fiction Inclusivity(ies) - from our archive Theme(s) - from our archive As a reminder, you can obviously go the easy route with picking elements that very easily fit together (e.g. questioning identity with genderfluid/genderqueer, marriage with romance, war with PTSD). However, we challenge you to step outside the most obvious choices and blow us away with more creative combinations! About the sabotages: You have two choices here. You and your partner must decide if you want to force your sabotagees to include 1 element OR block them from including 3 elements. Post the sabotage you are giving in this thread by March 12. Then, taking into account the sabotage you received, post your final choice about which elements you will use by March 15. About scoring: Each chapter written will receive participation points just like challenges do. In addition, each person will be judged on creativity, focus on elements, plot cohesiveness, characterization, and mechanics. (If you write more than one chapter, your scores will be averaged.) Your story's score will be the sum of your score and your partner's score. About teamwork: If you are having difficulty communicating with your partner, and it doesn't seem like they will be able to follow through, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me or any other staff member with your concerns. Likewise, if something comes up in your life and you need to drop out, let us know. We do have some lovely back-up writer volunteers, so we should be able to find a new partner if it comes to that. Now, without further ado, here finally are the partners! You will be sabotaging the group BELOW you on the list. @Alexis Black & @NPE @Aphoride & @Dojh167 @clevernotbrilliant & @MalfoysAngel @just.a.willow.tree & @StarFeather @Levana & @pookha @Phoenix Potioneer & @Pixileanin @Rumpelstiltskin & @victoria_anne @ShazaLupin & @Unwritten Curse (you sabotage Alexis Black & NPE) If these forms are helpful, have at 'em. Sabotages due by March 12 Your choices on elements are due March 15
  3. Alopex

    Fic Feud!

    ~~ Fic Feud!! ~~ Welcome to Fic Feud! Last year's Throw Down the Gauntlet was a very popular event, so we have brought you yet another exciting partner-based writing competition! With your assigned partner, you must write a story between 2 and 4 chapters long by April 15. Individually, you must contribute at least 1000 words. (If you read that and felt intimidated and like this isn't the event for you, you can still submit a sentence (keep reading for details). We also want some back-up writers, so if you're more of a "maybe" than a "taker" at the moment, consider signing up for that.) Here is how it will work: Stories must be posted on our archive with both you and your partner listed as an author. Each chapter must be between 1000 and 4000 words in length and be based around 4 elements from at least 3 different categories. The twist is that you will be assigning another group a sabotage (and receiving one yourself), to force or prevent choosing certain elements. For your reference, the five categories will be: Sentence(s) to include - to be submitted by members; you can edit tenses/pronouns to make it fit your story Character(s) - any canon Genre(s) - from our archive, EXCEPT general and micro-fiction Inclusivity(ies) - from our archive Theme(s) - from our archive We will list this out in more detail once the sentences are submitted, when we announce partners and who you will be sabotaging. Obviously, you can go the easy route with picking elements that very easily fit together (e.g. questioning identity with genderfluid/genderqueer, marriage with romance, war with PTSD). However, we don't want to see you stick to the easy route! We challenge you to step outside the most obvious choices and blow us away with more creative combinations! Creativity will be a component of your score, so don't give away those points by playing it safe. A quick overview about points: Points will be awarded two ways—for participation and placement/winning. The participation points will be given for every completed chapter, whereas placement will be determined by judging each story. Annnnd the schedule: March 1 - 8 Click here to fill out a form to submit a sentence participants may choose to include in their stories (you may only submit one). You do NOT need to participate as a writer to submit a sentence! March 1 - 8 If you would like to participate, reply to this topic to sign up. Remember, THIS IS NOT A SOLO ACTIVITY, so it is very important that you are able to FOLLOW THROUGH FOR YOUR PARTNER. You can also sign up as a back-up writer. These are the people we will be asking to help out should anyone have something come up and need to drop out of the competition. Just reply to this topic saying you wish to be a back-up writer rather than a full participant. March 10 Partners will be announced. You will also learn which other pair you will get to sabotage. You can start writing right away if you wish, but just remember that you may need to alter your plan depending on what sabotage you receive. March 12 Sabotages are due. If you don't post your sabotages in time, the group you are sabotaging can pick whatever elements they want without restriction. March 15 Final decisions about your elements are due. We do need you to post these up front because it's too easy to write something and pick what fits afterward. April 15 Competition ends! There is no sign-up form. Just reply to this topic saying if you are a participant or a back-up writer.
  4. Alopex

    Fic Feud

    Fic Feud is a partner based writing competition. See this thread for details and to sign up!
  5. toomanycurls

    Cluedo! Postmortem

    Hello HPFanficTalk Fam! Last weekend we rallied together to solve the tragic muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurder of Tasha! We had many clues which included: Murder Scenes: Suspects: Weapons: Wow!! That was quite a lot of clues to go through! In Round One, correctly sleuthed that toomanycurls used a 1st Year's Botched Potion to off Tasha in the Quidditch Pitch! In Round Two, correctly determined that Veritaserum27 offed Tasha with a 1st Year's Botched Potion in the Library. In Round Three, correctly deduced that TidalDragon used a Crystal Ball to slay Tasha in Greenhouse Three! In Round Four, correctly suspected that paulatheprokaryote blasted Tasha with a Wand in the Hufflepuff Common Room. With so much murrrrrrrder and intrigue -- where did each house land for this event?? The Results: First place: with 200 points! Second place: with 150 points! Third place: with 100 points! Fourth place: with 50 points! Places were determined by the number of correct guesses, the number of total clues eliminated per game, and the number of points found on the archives. Well done, everyone, thanks for helping us crack this case wide open! And a very special thanks to clevernotbrilliant for making those beautiful playing cards, and to toomanycurls for making the check-off sheets that were provided for each house to use.
  6. Veritaserum27

    Cluedo - Round 3

    Welcome to the third round of murderrrrrrrrrrrr and intrigue. We've shuffled around the suspects, locations, and weapons but poor Tasha is still the murder victim. Turns this round will go in the following order: Ravenclaw Hufflepuff Slytherin Gryffindor Clues for each post are in the common rooms -- happy sleuthing!
  7. toomanycurls

    Cluedo! Round 2

    Welcome to the second round of murderrrrrrrrrrrr and intrigue. We've shuffled around the suspects, locations, and weapons but poor Tasha is still the murder victim. Turns this round will go in the following order: Gryffindor Ravenclaw Hufflepuff Slytherin Clues for each post are in the common rooms -- happy sleuthing! Please make your guesses and disprove in this thread.
  8. Veritaserum27


    Something terrible has happened!!! Someone has murdered our sweet, kind MalfoysAngel! THE VICTIM: @MalfoysAngel - A Slytherin who loves her Tacos, Tasha is known for surrounding herself with people who share her interests; which is why she was so excited to join the staff team back in August. While she is still the newcomer, she thought she had become friends with all of the staffers, and decided to throw a party for Halloween. That decision would cost her dearly..... At the height of the party, everything went dark and the party-goers panicked. When the light returned, Tasha was nowhere to be found. That is, until her lifeless body was soon discovered a short time later... Apparently, someone wasn’t as excited about her joining the staff team as she was. She was found in the entrance hall at our beloved Hogwarts, but it was obvious her body had been moved. It’s your job to find figure out who committed this heinous crime. You must also uncover where she was killed and discern the murder weapon. It won’t be easy, the list of suspects is long and full of the darkest witches and one (1) wizard alive today. @toomanycurls -- Slytherin to the core with Ravenclaw tendencies, Rose has a penchant for murder (but has managed to keep this limited to her writing... for the most part). Rose uses her ambition and cunning in her career in the muggle world. When not at work or running her online empire, Rose enjoys spending time with her minion son, Julian. @LadyL8 -- A quiet and friendly Hufflepuff, Lotte might just be one the last people you’d ever suspect to be a killer. But as a criminal law student with a love for true crime shows, she knows more about murders than most. And you know what they say, you’ve gotta watch out for the quiet ones. @BellaLestrange87 -- A committed Ravenclaw, Olivia is minoring in criminology, providing her with insight into the functioning of the criminal justice system. She seems quiet and unassuming, but as far as anyone knows this could all be a plan to slip under the radar. @PaulaTheProkaryote -- A calculating Ravenclaw who appreciates the finer aspects of Slytherin, Paula enjoys researching topics such as true crime, philosophical discourse, and anatomy (her day job). Thanks to the several courses she's taken on biological agents and her knowledge of the human body, she has murder down to a science. @TidalDragon -- As a practicing lawyer, this Gryffindor with a mighty streak of Hufflepuff is no stranger to a courtroom. He's a keen shot from his many hours playing Call of Duty and Destiny, but uses baseball and soccer to stay active. There's nothing he wouldn't do for his son, Ryan. With his courthouse experience, legal connections, and running ability, could he be the killer? @RoxiMalfoy -- With true Slytherin loyalty like no other, there is nothing Deana wouldn't do for those who are closest to her. She works very hard to stay ahead in her career as a Medical Assistant, and is extremely dedicated to her job. A born leader with the outgoing personality and firm moral compass of a Gryffindor; not too many people would suspect her of being capable of anything even remotely close to something like murder! But with her vast knowledge of the medical field, it is probably best not to overlook the fact that Deana does know of several ways to kill a man and make it look like an accident... With her quick temper and well-known thirst for revenge against those who have wronged her, could it be possible that a secret killer has been hiding underneath that innocent exterior of hers all along? @Veritaserum27 -- She’s always working late in the potions lab, but what exactly is she working on? Beth is veeery secretive about what she calls her ‘life’s work.’ When she’s not carting her three kids through the floo to their various activities, every spare minute is devoted to her latest discovery. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do to see her work come to fruition. But does that include murder? The Aurors have scoured Hogwarts in search of any clues as to how Ms. Angel was killed. They’ve come up with these possible weapons: Wand First Year's Botched Potion Knife Curse Crystal Ball Devil's Snare Fireleg And these possible locations: Gryffindor CR - costs 6 points to move here Hufflepuff CR - costs 6 points to move here Ravenclaw CR - costs 6 points to move here Slytherin CR - costs 6 points to move here Astronomy Tower - costs 7 points to move here Library - costs 8 points to move here Room of Requirement - costs 9 points to move here Quidditch Pitch - costs 10 points to move here Green House - costs 12 points to move here Houses will take turns guessing in the following, randomly determined order. Slytherin Gryffindor Ravenclaw Hufflepuff Each house begins play in their own common room, and makes their first guess from there. As in the traditional Cluedo game, you will be given five cards and a special chart to keep track of clues you can eliminate. On your turn, you will do the following, in order: Spend your points to move to a new location. You may stay in the location you are in, if you choose. Whatever the location you’re in, that location is your guess. Post in the Cluedo main thread your guess for location, suspect and weapon. Wait for the house below you on the list to prove you wrong. They will reveal ALL cards they have that can disprove your guess. These will be revealed in your common room so the other houses can’t see. If the house below you can’t prove you wrong, then it goes to the house listed after them, and so on. If it’s your turn to make a guess, your house has 30 minutes to post your guess in the main thread. If it’s your turn to prove a house wrong by revealing your cards, you have 10 minutes to post in the main thread that you can prove the guessers wrong. What are these points, you ask? The points have been hidden around the archives. You must search for them, and post the links to where you’ve found them in the designated thread in your common room. You can spend the points to move to a new location at the beginning of each turn and make a guess. A screenshot of one of the Point Cards is attached. You and your housemates must look high and low across the archives to find as many points as possible. There will be four rounds of play, with the game resetting each time. The first game starts at 8:00 PM GMT on Thursday, October 19th. It will run until 4:00 AM on October 20th or until one team correctly identifies the suspect, weapon, and location. If no one from your house is online to make guess within the one hour time limit, then you forfeit your turn and play continues on to the next house. If no one is online to disprove a guess that the house above you made, then a staffer will reveal your cards for you so play can continue. Game #2 will begin on Friday night at 11:59 PM GMT and the Gryffindors get to go first. Game #3 will begin on Saturday at 2:00 PM GMT and the Ravenclaws will go first. Game #4 will begin on Sunday at 4:00 PM GMT and the Hufflepuffs will go first. It will take all of your wit, cunning, bravery and hard work to solve this crime! Best of luck to you all, but don’t forget… there’s a MURDERER among us!! Feel free to post any questions below!
  9. Rumpelstiltskin

    Cluedo! Round 1

    Okay, so Slytherin's first guess: BellaLestrange87Crystal BallSlytherin CR
  10. Alopex

    MAGIC - Round 3

    The third and final round of MAGIC is set to commence Saturday (before 5 p.m. GMT). As with round 2, please start a thread in your common room ASAP so we can deliver your cards to you. If you wish to purchase additional cards, you may do so any time between now and the end of the round. Just let us know. This round will work the same way as the previous two, so I imagine you've all got the hang of it by now. If not, the rules are posted here. Please also don't forget that when you MAGIC, if you are using an off-site spreadsheet or document to track your answers, you need to screenshot it at that time just so we can confirm you MAGICed at the time you said. The special patterns for this round are:
  11. Alopex

    MAGIC - Round 2

    Don't have a heart attack, anyone. We do have a break, as Round 2 does not begin until Saturday the 16th (by 5 p.m. GMT the latest). Going into this round, we have some important changes/reminders/information to share. In order to avoid confusion with the cards, we are going to deliver them directly to your common rooms. Please start a round 2 thread in your CR before Saturday so we can deliver the cards to it. Because the special patterns were meant to spread points among houses (we thought the spacing out of tasks would allow houses to work at a fairly similar pace, but that's not how round 1 went), we have decided that only one special pattern may be claimed per card (not counting the blackout/coverall). This has been edited into the rules thread. The more organized your list (I know it's hard with multiple cards and task types), the more easily staff can check it. When you MAGIC (special pattern or blackout/coverall), please indicate which card (linking to a list where it's obvious is fine...we just want to know which of your cards to check). Gameplay - I think you've all figured this out by now, but if not: Reminder of Lengths (same as first round): This round's special patterns have the theme of magical objects! They are as follows:
  12. MegGonagall

    The Four Seasons

    This Blog Entry is for MAGIC Winter It may not be everyone's favorite season, however there are some things that are charming about the coldest time of the year. There's nothing more peaceful than the first snowfall. When everything is blanketed in a thick layer of puffy white, and everything seems to quiet down. The untouched snow almost sparkles, and brings back memories of snowball fights, snow days home from school, hot chocolate, red noses and sleigh riding. No matter how old you are, that first snowfall of the year instantly makes you feel younger. It's almost magical. Spring The season of rebirth and new beginnings. When the snow starts to melt, and the ground begins to thaw, you know spring is on its way. It's a beautiful season, with flowers beginning to bloom, trees budding, animals coming out of hibernation, and the days becoming longer. There's something hopeful about spring, which makes you feel like making plans to travel the world. You feel your spirit and soul begin to bloom alongside of the greenery around you. Summer Almost everyone’s favorite season, and it's easy to see why. Summer is about long nights, bonfires, cookouts, lounging by the pool, and swimming in the ocean. You feel alive during the summer, like you could conquer the world. Road trips, long conversations with friends, camping and hiking. It's all about fun and adventure. Autumn The most beautiful season, which rivals summer as a favorite. Personally autumn is my favorite season of all. There's nothing better than cozying up in a oversized sweater, sipping on a pumpkin spiced latte, while driving around the mountains looking at the colorful leaves. Hayrides, apple picking, haunted houses, Halloween, cider and just everything autumn; there's nothing better. It's when I feel the most at peace and the happiest version of myself.
  13. Alopex

    MAGIC - Round 1

    Hello, HPFT Houses! Welcome to round 1 of MAGIC. Before the calls begin (in the next 12 to 15 hours), we first have information and items to give out. We had many task submissions! The totals for that are: Hufflepuff - 207 Gryffindor - 139 Slytherin - 115 Ravenclaw - 3 So we're going to give out cards in that order (not that it matters much...they are all randomly generated, and we're pulling them off the "stack" one at a time to give out ). If you wish to purchase additional cards, they will cost 20 house points each. You may purchase them at any time between now and when someone wins the round. Hufflepuff cards Gryffindor cards Slytherin cards Ravenclaw cards The special MAGIC patterns for Round 1! There are four patterns--this time representing the first letter of each house. How this will work: As a reminder, the rules/overview thread is here. If you have any questions, please post them in that thread (you may also use it to say, "Hey, we asked a question in our CR discussion thread when a staffer can check it out!" if you wish your question to remain private). A question about a specific task can be posted in this thread if you prefer. Staff will call out numbers/tasks in this thread You will work as a house in your common rooms to complete any tasks that come up on your cards If you complete one of the special patterns or the blackout/coverall, post in this thread to shout "MAGIC!" A staff member will check your completed tasks as soon as someone is available Game play will continue (unless it's the blackout/coverall), but as long as you shouted MAGIC and everything is in order, you will receive the points If you are using a google sheet or doc to track your answers, please screenshot your tasks when you MAGIC as proof you had everything completed Lengths: You all favored lengthy writing tasks, such as writing whole stories. We're not going to be as mean as that, so we have some guidelines regarding lengths of various things. Reviews should be 1000 characters minimum (including spaces) Exceptions: very short pieces such as drabbles or poems should have reviews equal to half the piece's character count) Posts on the forum should be 1000 characters where possible. This includes blog entries. Topics where it's hard to add much (not much discussion happening) should be a robust 5-sentence paragraph Topics or tasks such as status updates, posting a list of questions, participating in a game, etc. obviously don't need to be 1000 characters long Writing tasks should also be 1000 characters. If it says "write about" or "write a story" it is not necessary to write more than 1000 characters--though you may if you wish. If you choose to submit to the queue, it does not need to be validated before it counts You are not required to submit to the queue if you believe there is a more appropriate place to post your piece. If you aren't sure at all where to put it, making sure to post it in your common room will suffice.
  14. Alopex

    MAGIC Round 1

    Round 1 of MAGIC will begin on September 9 and will conclude whenever a house MAGICs or on September 15, whichever comes first.
  15. Alopex

    MAGIC Round 3

    The 3rd and final round of MAGIC will begin on September 23 and will conclude whenever a house MAGICs or on September 29, whichever comes first.
  16. Alopex

    MAGIC Round 2

    Round 2 of MAGIC will begin on September 16 and will conclude whenever a house MAGICs or on September 22, whichever comes first.
  17. Alopex

    About the House Cup

    The House Cup is an annual competition held on HPFT. It runs all year from September to August. Throughout the year, houses compete in various tasks (writing, reviewing, puzzles, games, finding things, answering questions, etc) to earn points, and at the end, the house that has earned the most is declared the winner. Then we start all over again. An outline of this year's intended schedule can be found here. An overview of ways to earn points can be found here.
  18. Alopex

    House Cup Schedule 2017-2018

    This topic is to provide an OVERVIEW/OUTLINE of the intended schedule. It makes no promise of precise dates, and it is subject to change if necessary. Length and Structure: The 2017-2018 House Cup will run from September 2017 to August 2018. The year has been broken up into four (northern hemisphere) seasons: fall (September, October, November), winter (December, January, February), spring (March, April, May), and summer (June, July, August). Monthly Items: Various monthly awards, such as Story of the Month, Forum Head Student, and Archive Head Student, will occur. Writing Events: In each season/quarter, there will be a writing event. Prefects will host at least three of these, starting in the winter season (they currently have a competition going now). Staff will host one in the spring. Writing events will be announced in the first month of each season/quarter, though the duration of each may vary. Small(ish) Events: We have several ideas for events that are intended to be smaller (shorter in duration, less demanding) than the major/longer-running events. October will have one of these, and March should as well. February, April, May, and June may also have something smaller. As we get closer, we will be better able to decide. April-June will be light in sitewide events due to Camp NaNo and exam season. This lull is good for in-house awards and activities. Opening Event: Will take place in September. NaNo: November is set aside solely for NaNoWriMo with no House Cup events occurring. It's a House Cup break month--although many of us may be very busy. April for Camp NaNo will not have any large events. July for JulNo will be free for at least the beginning. December: Will have an event that involves working with people from other houses. FROGS: Will take place in January this year Gift Exchange: This is a popular activity, and we've set aside February for it. It will not be a competition (no House Cup points given). Spring & June: See writing/small(ish) events sections above. House Cup Finale: Will take place in July/August.
  19. Alopex

    How to Earn House Cup Points

    House Cup points are earned primarily by: Winning awards (Head Student, Story of the Month, FROGS, etc.) Hosting, participating in, and/or placing in challenges Prefect and staff writing events will be worth additional points Participating in and/or winning House Cup events Exact point structure varies by event, but often there are participation or other points available in addition to the usual points for winning/placing Other: This can include answering questions posted by staff or being recognized for an extraordinary act of kindness. However, the vast majority of points will be earned in the ways listed above. Aside from challenges, we are not awarding specific forum/archive participation points this year. However, participation on the forums and/or archives may make you stand out to staff, increasing the chances that we will put forth your name when nominating and choosing the monthly head students. Staff intend to update points monthly around the middle of the month.