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Found 3 results

  1. RoxiMalfoy

    The Divination Room

    Hello students, and welcome, one and all to the beautiful art of Divination!!! It is time to open your minds (as well as your mobile devices) and let us begin predicting the future together!! This game is simple enough. Using your mobile device, you begin by typing out a sentence from the list of examples provided below. Then, using the Predictive Text feature on your mobile device, you continue by pressing whatever predicted words appear until the remainder of the sentence is formed. This game is typically played using the automatically generated words that appear in the CENTER of the predictive text window, but you may also use the left or right options as well. But please just try to stick with the same path once you've selected your first word. (Trust me, the sentences will all come out far more random/funny that way!!) We have provided a list of HPFT and HP themed starter sentences to get the game going!! (See Spoiler Tag) Feel free to pick and chose from as many of these as you wish. (Or feel free to do them ALL if you'd like, because they're absolutely hysterical!!) And if you have more ideas for any other HP quotes that we may have missed, or quotes/sentence ideas to use from other popular fandoms that you would like to add into the game, please feel free to insert those IN BOLD at the end of your post as well!! (NOTE: Bolding them will make it easier for people to spot the new additions!!) Now go forth into the digital world and let the mystical powers of mobile technology predict what the future shall be!!! NOTE: You can't just copy+paste the sentences in on your phone. In order to get good predictions, it works better if you actually type out the first half of the sentence and then hit the auto-word generator. I am so excited to see everyone's crazy predictions, loI!!! I will start us off with a few examples of some of my personal favorites form the list!!! Harry Potter always had a great time with Maggie lately but he didn't see the messages about your mom. Harry Potter was the one that Maggie posted on Twitter about her oversharing in a review. Apparently my phone really loves to associate @Levana with all things related to Harry Potter, lol!!! Harry Potter and the Birthdays from the forums. I could not have even made this one up if I had tried, haha!!! The boy who loved the music and the world. I solemnly swear that I am a professional and I have a great idea. You might belong in Slytherin first and then you can get a new phone. Slytherins are in agreement that the president has been a very similar problem for the last few months. My patronus is so GORGEOUS! Yes, my phone really DID capitalize that last word all on it's own like that, lol!! After all, to the well organized mind, death is the best thing you ever did. The ones that love us never really leave us. You can always find them on Twitter or Instagram and facebook and Snapchat if you'd be discussing the necessity to your featured story on the internet.
  2. toomanycurls

    Find your Party Persona

    Are you a Funky Dancer who knows how to get down or a Wild Singer with cool hair? Let us know below.
  3. toomanycurls

    Why you were expelled from Hogwarts

    Not all of us have squeaky clean records. Post below why you were expelled from Hogwarts.