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Found 9 results

  1. Alopex

    Member Groups & Ranks

    Here at HPFT, we have both member groups and ranks. Ranks are based on your content (posts, statuses, and blog entries) count. Member groups determine what you can see and do around the site, with the major difference (aside from staff/prefects) being which common room you can see. You can be in more than one member group (Professor and Gryffindor, Prefect and Slytherin, etc.), one of which will primary and which will dictate which color your name appears around the site. A person's primary member group is listed below their avatar/profile photo in the panel beside posts they've made. Ranks Each rank has pips associated with it. They appear in the panels beside posts users make. Your rank, along with the number of pips, increases as you post more content. A breakdown of the ranks with the minimum content count for each is listed below. New Member - 0 content items - 0 pips First Year - 25 content items - 1 pips Second Year - 100 content items - 2 pips Third Year - 300 content items - 3 pips Fourth Year - 400 content items - 4 pips Fifth Year - 500 content items - 5 pips Sixth Year - 750 content items - 6 pips Seventh Year - 1000 content items - pips Alumni - 2500 content items - 8 pips Member Groups Headmaster - site administrators Professor - (global) moderators Auror - archive validators Gamekeeper - event coordinators Muggle Liaison - social media/outreach moderators Prefect - assistant moderators (essentially house leaders) Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin Muggle - default member group after a new user's first post has been approved Validating - default member group for new users until their first post is approved Switching Member Groups (Joining a House) In order to switch your member group (change or join a house), you must either: Write to a staff member to ask to be switched OR post in the sorting ceremony thread Note that house change requests are not granted while a competition/event is actively underway and will be delayed until after it is completed. Requests may also be denied entirely if there appears to be suspicious activity associated with your account. User Info Panel The user info panel appears beside posts around the site. It may not be visible if you are on a mobile device. Some of the information is also displayed elsewhere, such as on profile pages and the mini profile pop-up that appears when hovering over someone's username. Note that a user's rank may be overridden by a custom member title, but the pips will still appear. how to, faq, knowledge base
  2. abhorsen.

    How Does HPFT Staff? (and how do I join?)

    We've been copy-pasting a lot of the information regarding staff apps into the application announcements every three months. Instead of continuing to do that, we wanted to streamline the process a little by making the information more accessible - and the bulletin less lengthy! How Does HPFT Staff? (and how do I join?) Every month, the HPFT admins post an application for all site staff/prefect positions on google forms. Once a member puts in an application, we keep it on hand for three months - so, for example, an application from March might be used to fill a staff position in May. All full staff members are involved in the decision-making process. Outside of existing staff moving from one role to another, we don't make any bumps without someone putting in a formal application, and we really do rely on those apps to help us with our decisions. Most staff members don't have access to the applicant's username until they've finished initially marking the application, because it's important to us to reduce unintentional bias and even the appearance of favoritism as much as possible. That doesn't mean other staff members can't voice concerns once the admins say which member the application came from, but the process does help us seriously consider whether our concerns are fair. Members are encouraged to apply to as many roles as they'd like - it's all on one application, and we don't have any restrictions on post count or time spent as a member. Previous experience might be helpful and you're welcome to reference it in your application, but there's also a lot of guidance available, so don't hesitate to apply just because you don't have any experience. Roles include: Auror: Expected to validate 7-10 chapters a week, participate in semi-annual CA reviews/discussions about potential archive changes, pitch in on sitewide activities, and grade applications every three months. (Minimum age: 18.) Gamekeeper: Expected to participate in brainstorming and coordinating forum activities/events, including keeping tabs of prefect/staff activity discussions to make sure they don't conflict and get done in a timely manner, as well as grade applications every three months. While Gamekeepers are not expected to run all or even most site activities, they should be at least tangentially aware of most activities happening on the site and take a leadership role in activities more often than other staff members. (Minimum age: 16. Must have been a staff member or prefect for at least 3 of the past 12 months.) Muggle Liaison: Expected to make regular posts on the site's social media (including both reblogging and creating original content), assist in outreach to other sites where applicable, brainstorm new ways to improve our social media presence, pitch in on sitewide activities, and grade applications every three months. If time permits, they may also help with individual houses' social media accounts as needed, especially tumblr. (Minimum: 16.) Prefect: Expected to contribute to certain site activities (i.e., the Order or Merlin, the site story of the month, and seasonal writing competitions) and common room activities. The specifics may differ depending on the culture of your specific common room, but could include posting monthly/annual competitions and contributing to the house newsletter. (Minimum age: 13.) Professor: Expected to moderate the forums 2-3 times a week (including approving new members, checking posts on the forums to ensure they follow the rules, making sure that master lists and links remain up-to-date, and contacting members where necessary), pitch in on sitewide activities, and grade applications every three months. (Minimum age: 16.) In conjunction with that, staff members/prefects are required to fill out a short checklist documenting a basic level of activity every month--10 posts a month just about anywhere on the forums/archives about just about anything (including-but-not-limited-to posts, status updates/replies, reviews, new chapters, and nominations). Everyone is allowed an occasional no-questions-asked skip for the month, but it should be infrequent. As a rule, full staff positions probably require 3-5 hours a week on the site, and prefect positions probably require 1-2 hours a week on the site. That's not a hard and fast rule, though - as long as you're checking the site regularly, completing your ten posts, and fulfilling whatever other duties you have, we'll be happy. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to any member of the staff privately or ask in a reply here! last edited June 11, 2018
  3. abhorsen.

    Certified Author Status

    New and edited chapters submitted to our archive must be approved by an auror (archive validator) before they're made visible to the public, to ensure that they follow our archive's site guidelines. Every so often, we evaluate author accounts to determine whether to grant them Certified Author status (or CA status, for short). Being a CA allows you to bypass the queue and post your chapters directly to the archive; it requires a lot of trust not only in your intentions but also in your ability to interpret and apply our rules, so we don't hand it out lightly. We do, however, want the process to be straightforward, so here's a quick rundown of what we look at when we're doing a CA status review. Rejection rate and number of chapters. During a given review, we only consider authors who have at least 25 chapters uploaded and a rejection rate lower than 7%. Falling into that group doesn't guarantee that you'll get it; it just means that we'll consider you. Broadly speaking, the lower your rejection rate and the more chapters you've uploaded, the better your chances are of getting CA status. Reasons for rejections. Some rejections are more concerning to us than others. Rejections because you submitted too many chapters or had to be reminded to bump up your rating for language don't concern us as much as rejections because you forgot to add an advisory for sexual assault or self-harm. The latter doesn't disqualify you, but we will look at the rest of your history more closely to see if you've used the advisory or rating correctly in other situations, and we'll hold off if we're unsure. Correct use of ratings/advisories. We give authors a lot of room to explore very sensitive/mature themes, and since CAs have the ability to post any story without going through the queue, we want to feel confident that they understand the rules and how to assign rating/advisories appropriately. As such, a track record of using a wide variety of ratings and advisories correctly may work in your favor, where stories that are mostly rated A may not. Issues that come up in our CA review. Before bumping authors, our archive staff goes through and does a quick review of their work to make sure that there isn't something that was missed the first time around. If we find something, we may just ask you to add the advisory/change the rating and bump you anyway, but we may also just hold off on bumping you instead. There are other things that may enter into consideration, but those are the main things we look at. We do not take subjective issues like quality, someone's forum activity, or friendships with staff members into account. If you have any questions about CA status, you are welcome to contact any archive staff member. how to, faq, knowledge base
  4. Alopex

    All About Activity Streams

    Most of us are accustomed to activity streams (or newsfeeds) from popular applications such as Facebook and Twitter. We have something akin to that here at HPFT. Since it doesn't work identically to more-familiar applications, let's run over some information about it. What is an activity stream? Simply put, it's a stream or list of activity that occurs on the forums. Each activity has certain properties (what type of activity it is, time it happened, whether it was posted by someone you follow, whether you have read it or not, and many more). This enables the activities to be filtered into different streams according to those properties. Default Activity Streams. There are several activity streams that are included by default. They are mostly self-explanatory. All Activity - this is a list of everything (posts, status updates, blog entries, reactions, profile photo changes, follows, etc) All Unread Content - similar to All Activity but only what you haven't read yet Content I Started Content I Follow Content I Posted In Members I Follow Site-Specific Default Activity Streams. In addition to the above, we also have set several site-specific activity streams to appear for all members. Status Updates - this is a collection of status updates. Because this is interest, it has a separate link in the main menu. The 10 most recent can be viewed in a sidebar on the main page. Recent Posts - this is a collection of posts from around the forums (excluding a few boards such as NaNo rat races and common rooms). The 5 most recent can be viewed in a sidebar on the main page. Recent CR Posts - posts from common rooms. You will see only your own CR posts. If you're a Muggle, you will not see any. The 5 most recent can be viewed in a sidebar on the main page. Recent Blog Entries - a list of blog entries and comments left on them. The 5 most recent entries (not comments) can be viewed in a sidebar on the main page. Personal Activity Streams. You can also create your own activity streams that will appear only for you, should you find you want something more specific than the options described above. For example, perhaps you want a stream of all activity with the "fantastic beasts" tag or all activity posted by the member Dumbledore during the month of July . To create a personal activity stream: Go to "Activity Streams" in the main menu Go to "My Activity Streams" in the sub-menu Click "Create New Stream" In the box that appears, choose the options to your specifications. Note that some options have additional options/settings once you choose them. For example, once you pick topics as your content type, you can specify which forum(s) you want to include if you don't want to include all of them. Click Save Changes It will now appear in list of streams in the "My Activity Streams" sub-menu. Condensed vs Expanded View. At the top right of each activity stream, you can toggle between expanded and condensed view. Condensed view essentially shows a summary of who has done what. Expanded view gives a preview of each activity. For example, with the status updates stream, in condensed view, you will only see that someone has posted a status update. In expanded view, you will be able to view the status update itself. how to, faq, knowledge base
  5. Alopex

    Status Updates

    One of the first things new members want to figure out is how to get in on the fun of posting status updates. Enabling Status Updates Navigate to your profile Edit your profile Toggle on the "Enable status updates?" slider Click Save Posting Status Updates From your profile page, type in the "Write a public message on your own feed..." box and then hit "Submit Status." From another member's profile page, type in the "Write a public message on [that member]'s feed..." box and then hit "Submit Status." This leaves a message directly on their page/feed, but it appears publicly to everyone in the status updates list/stream. In the Recent Status Updates sidebar on the home page, type in the "What's on your mind?" box and then hit "Submit Status." Replying to Status Updates From your own or another member's profile page, type in the "Reply to this status..." box and then hit "Submit Reply." From the status updates activity stream, type in the reply box and hit submit. This is also true of any other activity stream that includes status updates (for example, the unread content stream). This only works if the stream is in expanded view. At the top right of each stream, you can toggle between expanded and condensed views. From the main page Recent Status Updates sidebar, click on "[however many] replies" beneath the status you want to reply to. Type in the reply box and hit submit. how to, faq, knowledge base
  6. TidalDragon

    Posting 101

    One of the two critical parts of the online community at HPFT is our forum, presently powered by the IP.Board system. This how-to is designed to address the nuts and bolts of posting here and we’ll cover both the easy way, enabled by our new and improved posting interface and the “old” way – pure BBCode – of doing things. The Interface Whether you use BBCode or not, you’ll have to be familiar with the posting interface. When you’re starting a topic, it looks something like this: At the top you’ll notice two tabs – Content and Poll. For now, we’ll focus on content only, but we’ll come back to polling later when we take a deeper dive into the interface later on. Wondering what the interface looks like when you’re just replying? It’s pretty much the same as what you see above, minus the Title and Tags fields, which are used when starting topics to both…err…title them and to categorize posts to make them more easily searchable for members. Formatting Text When formatting text itself at HPFT, there are a lot of options. You can adjust the color, emphasize, size, and style of your words using the buttons and drop-down menus available above the body of the interface. Most will be familiar to anyone who has used a word processing program, but we’ll cover them, along with the accompanying BBCode one by one. Remember: when using the buttons or drop-down menus, you must first highlight the text you’d like to format before clicking the button or making your selection. We’ll begin by covering formatting you can apply to everything from an entire post to a single character. Bold You can also make text bold by using [b]bold[/b] text here The text between the “b” tags is the text that will actually display in bold. Italics Italics work the same way as the bold example above, substituting “i" tags for “b” tags like so: [i]italicized[/i] text here Underline Underlined text can be created using this format: [u]underline[/u] your text today Strikethrough If you’re feeling really edgy – or more likely just want to make a quick correction – you can also display text with a strikethrough line using this: [s]strikethrough[/s] text like a boss Fonts Our interface allows you to change font color, face, and size as well. This functionality is controlled by drop-downs. To adjust the color, highlight the text you’d like to change and pick your poison from the font color drop-down: You can also used BBCode to achieve the same results: [color=green]green[/color] text is beautiful BBCode can often expand your color options. Check out this list to find all the colors BBCode supports (just scroll to the bottom)! HPFT supports many of these colors, but on the off chance the color is NOT supported here, our interface will simply ignore the tag. If you’re looking to change the font face, this is the drop-down you’ll use: The BBCode version works like so: [font=courier]courier[/font] text is old school Unfortunately there is no comprehensive list of supported fonts, though many of the most popular – and all those in the font face drop-down – are available for use via BBCode. Size is also adjustable using this drop-down: The size function using BBCode is not presently supported by our interface. NOTE: Any of the above can be applied together to create multiple layers of formatting. If you are using BBCode, just make sure to close the tags in reverse order of how you opened them. See the example below that creates maroon text that is bolded and underlined: [color=maroon][b][u]maroon bold underline[/u][/b][/color] text WARNING: If you submit a post using BBCode, then go back to edit it, you will find that the interface has removed the BBCode you entered. Though the formatting remains, the code that created it will be invisible, so be careful if you don’t want to have to replicate your hard work! Alignment Alignment is the only formatting that can be immediately applied to blocks of text. Our interface supports the most common alignments: Left Center However, BBCode can do one better: [right]right side, weak side[/right] If you’d like to code one of the other alignments, just replace “right” with the applicable word. Lists At HPFT, many of our users are fond of our lists and thankfully, our interface makes this pretty easy. You begin creating a list by clicking one of these two buttons: Bulleted List Numbered List These buttons can be used to nest lists as well, however you will have to indent yourself with the “tab” key in order to shift the starting point of the next list. Note that these buttons do not support alternate formats for numbered lists. BBCode can be more versatile, but can be more complex. See a simple exam of a single bulleted list below. [list] [*]Apple [*]Beech [*]Cherry [/list] Replacing the “list” tag with [list=1] will create a simple numbered list. It is not recommend that inexperienced users attempt to nest lists using BBCode, but an example follows. [list] [*]Bullets give way to: [list=1] [*]numbers give way to: [list=A] [*]capital letters give way to: [list=I] [*]large roman numerals give way to: [list=a] [*]small letters give way to: [list=i] [*]small roman numerals [/list] [/list] [/list] [/list] [/list] [/list] Take note of the different styles of list that can be used with BBCode even if you do not nest the lists. In all cases, the “*” tag should be used for each item in the list. The list tags are never closed until the end in your nested lists. Other Functionality Spoilers Want to conceal text from those who may not want to see it? Use the spoiler button, again making sure to highlight the text first: The BBCode reads [spoiler]hidden text here[/spoiler] Quotes & Mentions Ready to quote someone? Try this button: Or this BBCode [quote]quoted text here[/quote] To directly attribute the quote to someone, be sure to reference them, Twitter style, by putting the “@” symbol before their username. This can also be used to mention one or more users in a post as you might on social media. Our interface will begin supplying suggested names once you start typing after the “@” symbol. There is NOT a way to do this using BBCode. Links If you wish to insert a link into your post, you need only click the link button: This will produce a pop-up that will ask for the URL and allow you to type the text (if any) that you would like to appear in place of the URL. BBCode can also accomplish the same objective, but you MUST be sure to include the “http://” at the beginning of the URL. [url=http://www.yoururlhere.com]visible text here[/url] Code At some point, you’re going to want to show people awesome BBCode you’ve utilized to create an effect – must like you’ve seen throughout this post. But how do you do it without making the code work as written? As you might have gathered, that didn’t happen on its own. You need to use the “code” button! Upon highlighting the text and then clicking the code button, you will be prompted to make a selection of the type of code you're highlighting, which defaults to HTML. Leave this alone and click the "Insert Into Post" button. You may also use the “code” tag…which is actually tough to do inside a “code” tag so… To open the "code" tag, simply place the word "code" in brackets before the text you would like to be marked as code. To close the "code" tag, place a "/" followed by the word "code" in brackets at the end of the text you would like marked as code. Undo and Redo There’s also the ability to Undo and Redo actions in the interface. You can either use hotkeys CTRL+Z (PC) or COMMAND+Z (Apple) and CTRL+Y or COMMAND+Y respectively. Or use the arrow buttons at the top of the interface. Undo Redo Fun with Pictures Emoticons Perhaps everyone’s favorite addition to a post is a delightful predecessor of the beloved emoji – the emoticon! There is a drop-down for these as well: Once you click/tap on the dropdown, you can then choose which emoticon(s) to insert. By default, only a few from each category are shown at a time. If you select "Categories" in the top right and select a category, you'll be able to view the full list of available emoticons for that category. Emoticons can also be inserted using BBCode if you know an emoticon's name or text-emoticon equivalent. Some examples are below: >:( = :D = O.o = :$ = B| = ¬ ¬ = ^_^ = o.O = xD = :| = :o = :ph34r: = 9_9 = :( = -_- = :) = :P = :/ = :S = ;) = :x = Images Inserting an image is easy. Use the “Insert Other Media Button”! Because of our attachment settings, you’ll always want to use an Image from URL. That will bring up a pop-up where you can type in the URL. Please re-host your graphics and those gifted to you by other members on a separate site, keeping in mind the rules associated with graphics and the restrictions of re-hosting sites. Should you need to adjust the size or alignment of the image, or give it a title, double-click it once it has been inserted and you can make that change. Images can also be inserted using BBCode: [img=insert URL here] WARNING: At present our site does not support re-sizing, aligning, or titling images in BBCode. If you are using a relatively small image (300x200 for example) this may be fine for your purposes, but larger, higher resolution images will need to be inserted using the interface and re-sized as described above. Polling While we don’t encourage people to run too wild with polls, our site does have the functionality to support them. Once you’ve written and formatted your post on the content tab, you will then click the poll tab, taking you to a screen asking you to title your poll. Once you’ve done so, and clicked the “Add Question” button, you’ll see this: As you can see there are many options, all of which bear consideration. First, by default, there is only one question and only two possible answers. To add a question, simply click the “Add Question” button again. To add more possible answers, click the “Add Choice” button under the appropriate question. Want users to be able to select multiple answers, check the box for “Multiple Choice Question”. When you are setting up a poll, we do ask that you abide by three rules. First, set a deadline. This can be accomplished by checking the box to “Automatically Close Poll on Specific Date” and completing the date and time information that appears below. Second, do NOT check the box “Make Voter Names Public” – we want votes succeeding on their merits. Finally – and this cannot be underscored enough – do NOT, under ANY circumstances, adjust the vote totals to the right of each possible choice. Failure to abide by these rules can result in consequences, with special emphasis on vote manipulation. Almost Done… So…you’ve done it all. It’s beautiful. You’re ready to share it with the world. Well, there’s one last step that we at least recommend. Click the preview button: Our new interface will allow you to see how the post should appear on a standard computer screen, a tablet, and a mobile device. When you’re finished previewing, click the small “x” at the top right to return to the original window and click either “Submit Topic” or “Submit Reply” as appropriate. Thanks for joining our community! Happy posting! how to, faq, knowledge base
  7. toomanycurls

    Joining the Archive

    Guests can read, rate, review, and rate stories on our archive without joining it. However, if you would like to post your own stories, have your reviews linked to a specific account, or start to compile a favorites list, you'll need to sign up for an account. To join the archive, just fill out the form +here. If you bump into any problems, please email admin@archive.hpfanfictalk.com - an admin will assist you. how to, faq, knowledge base
  8. toomanycurls

    Glossary of Common Terms

    There are several terms and acronyms which are often used either in the fanfiction world in general or on HPFT specifically. If you're not familiar with them, it can be confusing and intimidating to see so many people tossing them around. If there's a term missing you think should be included, contact a staffer so we can add it to this list. Beta/Beta Reader - much like an editor, a person who reads and helps make corrections to your story along the lines of grammar, punctuation, characterization, and/or plot. Camp NaNo - See NaNoWriMo. CC - Constructive criticism, often used in reference to reviews. CR - Common Room. On HPFT, these are the Gryffindor Tower, Hufflepuff Basement, Ravenclaw Tower, and Slytherin Dungeon. They are areas modeled after the common rooms in the Harry Potter books, where you can interact with your housemates. DL;DR - Don't like? Don't read. EWC - ending word count, usually for a rat race. FF - Fanfiction. Fiction based on a fandom, such as Harry Potter. Flame - A review that is abusive in content HC - House Cup. An on-going competition held on HPFT, inspired by the House Cup in the Harry Potter books. JulNo - See NaNoWriMo. Krazies Kafe - An area set up on HPFT every November so those participating in NaNo can share things related to their writing, encourage each other, get help with their novel, and share their progress. Marriage Law Fics - Stories in which two characters are forced to marry due to a law (typically due to decline in population) NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month. Often abbreviated to NaNo. Every November, people try to write a 50,000 word novel. There are other events during the year, such as Camp NaNo in the spring and JulNo in July. The official site is here: http://nanowrimo.org/ OC - Original Character. A character that is your own, rather than from a fandom. OF - Original Fiction. Fiction that is not based on any fandom but is your own original work. OTP - One True Pairing. Your favorite pairing/ship. Pre-writtens - Stories you've already written and posted. Many challenges don't allow pre-writtens because the challenge issuer wants participants to write something brand new. Rat Race - Writing races people have, often during NaNo, to motivate themselves to write. They will post starting and ending word counts. (to) Ship - Relationship. Used as both a noun and verb to describe a relationship between characters. Squee - The high pitched noise you involuntarily make when something is sooooo goood! SWC - starting word count, usually for a rat race. TPTB - The powers that be, aka those in charge how to, faq, knowledge base
  9. TidalDragon


    Whether you're brand new to forums period or coming to us from another one, finding your way around is always at least a little bit of a learning experience. The staff blog houses entries that function as FAQ articles. They are tagged for archive or forum, with a "faq" prefix (so if you click on it, it will bring up all of them at once). We also have links to each one listed below. Archive Joining the Archive Certified Author Status Forum Glossary of Common Terms Posting 101 Member Groups & Ranks All About Activity Streams Status Updates If you have any recommendations for features or issues you've discovered that you think should be added to the FAQ, please post them in our Site Suggestions and Feedback thread!