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Found 9 results

  1. MAGIC - Round 3

    The third and final round of MAGIC is set to commence Saturday (before 5 p.m. GMT). As with round 2, please start a thread in your common room ASAP so we can deliver your cards to you. If you wish to purchase additional cards, you may do so any time between now and the end of the round. Just let us know. This round will work the same way as the previous two, so I imagine you've all got the hang of it by now. If not, the rules are posted here. Please also don't forget that when you MAGIC, if you are using an off-site spreadsheet or document to track your answers, you need to screenshot it at that time just so we can confirm you MAGICed at the time you said. The special patterns for this round are:
  2. Welcome to the opening event of the2017-2018 House Cup! We are going to be playing a game called MAGIC. No, not Magic The Gathering. MAGIC is HPFT's version of BINGO! Event Overview: This game will run all month and will have three rounds. The first week will be for task submissions. The next three weeks will each have a round (though we don't expect rounds to take a full week). For each round, your house will be provided with two MAGIC cards to play, although you may purchase additional cards if you wish. The goal of the game is to get the coverall/blackout (fill all your squares), but each round will also have four additional special MAGIC patterns. Schedule: September 2-8 Task Submission September 9-15 Round 1 September 16-21 Round 2 September 22-29 Round 3 Points: Each task submission will be worth 1 point. Special MAGICs will be worth 40 points, and the coverall/blackout will be worth 75. Additional cards cost 20 points each. Rules/How to Play: Staff will act as the caller, posting numbers and their associated tasks in a public call thread. In your common rooms, you will work with your house mates to complete the tasks. Please keep some form of organized list so staff can easily check once you MAGIC. If you get one of the special patterns or the coverall/blackout, post that you have MAGICed in the call thread. Because the special patterns are intended to help spread the points out a bit among houses, you may only call one special pattern (other than the coverall/blackout) per card you play. You must have successfully completed all the tasks in order to MAGIC (the special ones and the coverall/blackout). Rounds end once a house has gotten the coverall/blackout. If the same number/task appears on more than one of your boards, you only need to do it once but can check it off everywhere it appears. You are not required to play all your boards if you prefer to just concentrate on one.
  3. MAGIC - Round 2

    Don't have a heart attack, anyone. We do have a break, as Round 2 does not begin until Saturday the 16th (by 5 p.m. GMT the latest). Going into this round, we have some important changes/reminders/information to share. In order to avoid confusion with the cards, we are going to deliver them directly to your common rooms. Please start a round 2 thread in your CR before Saturday so we can deliver the cards to it. Because the special patterns were meant to spread points among houses (we thought the spacing out of tasks would allow houses to work at a fairly similar pace, but that's not how round 1 went), we have decided that only one special pattern may be claimed per card (not counting the blackout/coverall). This has been edited into the rules thread. The more organized your list (I know it's hard with multiple cards and task types), the more easily staff can check it. When you MAGIC (special pattern or blackout/coverall), please indicate which card (linking to a list where it's obvious is fine...we just want to know which of your cards to check). Gameplay - I think you've all figured this out by now, but if not: Reminder of Lengths (same as first round): This round's special patterns have the theme of magical objects! They are as follows:
  4. The Four Seasons

    This Blog Entry is for MAGIC Winter It may not be everyone's favorite season, however there are some things that are charming about the coldest time of the year. There's nothing more peaceful than the first snowfall. When everything is blanketed in a thick layer of puffy white, and everything seems to quiet down. The untouched snow almost sparkles, and brings back memories of snowball fights, snow days home from school, hot chocolate, red noses and sleigh riding. No matter how old you are, that first snowfall of the year instantly makes you feel younger. It's almost magical. Spring The season of rebirth and new beginnings. When the snow starts to melt, and the ground begins to thaw, you know spring is on its way. It's a beautiful season, with flowers beginning to bloom, trees budding, animals coming out of hibernation, and the days becoming longer. There's something hopeful about spring, which makes you feel like making plans to travel the world. You feel your spirit and soul begin to bloom alongside of the greenery around you. Summer Almost everyone’s favorite season, and it's easy to see why. Summer is about long nights, bonfires, cookouts, lounging by the pool, and swimming in the ocean. You feel alive during the summer, like you could conquer the world. Road trips, long conversations with friends, camping and hiking. It's all about fun and adventure. Autumn The most beautiful season, which rivals summer as a favorite. Personally autumn is my favorite season of all. There's nothing better than cozying up in a oversized sweater, sipping on a pumpkin spiced latte, while driving around the mountains looking at the colorful leaves. Hayrides, apple picking, haunted houses, Halloween, cider and just everything autumn; there's nothing better. It's when I feel the most at peace and the happiest version of myself.
  5. MAGIC - Round 1

    Hello, HPFT Houses! Welcome to round 1 of MAGIC. Before the calls begin (in the next 12 to 15 hours), we first have information and items to give out. We had many task submissions! The totals for that are: Hufflepuff - 207 Gryffindor - 139 Slytherin - 115 Ravenclaw - 3 So we're going to give out cards in that order (not that it matters much...they are all randomly generated, and we're pulling them off the "stack" one at a time to give out ). If you wish to purchase additional cards, they will cost 20 house points each. You may purchase them at any time between now and when someone wins the round. Hufflepuff cards Gryffindor cards Slytherin cards Ravenclaw cards The special MAGIC patterns for Round 1! There are four patterns--this time representing the first letter of each house. How this will work: As a reminder, the rules/overview thread is here. If you have any questions, please post them in that thread (you may also use it to say, "Hey, we asked a question in our CR discussion thread when a staffer can check it out!" if you wish your question to remain private). A question about a specific task can be posted in this thread if you prefer. Staff will call out numbers/tasks in this thread You will work as a house in your common rooms to complete any tasks that come up on your cards If you complete one of the special patterns or the blackout/coverall, post in this thread to shout "MAGIC!" A staff member will check your completed tasks as soon as someone is available Game play will continue (unless it's the blackout/coverall), but as long as you shouted MAGIC and everything is in order, you will receive the points If you are using a google sheet or doc to track your answers, please screenshot your tasks when you MAGIC as proof you had everything completed Lengths: You all favored lengthy writing tasks, such as writing whole stories. We're not going to be as mean as that, so we have some guidelines regarding lengths of various things. Reviews should be 1000 characters minimum (including spaces) Exceptions: very short pieces such as drabbles or poems should have reviews equal to half the piece's character count) Posts on the forum should be 1000 characters where possible. This includes blog entries. Topics where it's hard to add much (not much discussion happening) should be a robust 5-sentence paragraph Topics or tasks such as status updates, posting a list of questions, participating in a game, etc. obviously don't need to be 1000 characters long Writing tasks should also be 1000 characters. If it says "write about" or "write a story" it is not necessary to write more than 1000 characters--though you may if you wish. If you choose to submit to the queue, it does not need to be validated before it counts You are not required to submit to the queue if you believe there is a more appropriate place to post your piece. If you aren't sure at all where to put it, making sure to post it in your common room will suffice.
  6. MAGIC Round 1

    Round 1 of MAGIC will begin on September 9 and will conclude whenever a house MAGICs or on September 15, whichever comes first.
  7. Before we can play MAGIC, we need to make a list of tasks so we can populate the game boards with them! That's where you come in. You have until September 8 to use this form to submit your suggested tasks. We need a minimum of 15 tasks in each category! Fifteen tasks will be chosen at random from each category prior to each round (for a total of 75 tasks, of which each board will contain 25), and these tasks will then be associated with numbers on the board. Task 1 will be M1, task 16 will be A16, task 31 will be G31, task 46 will be I46, task 61 will be C61, etc. The categories are: reviewing, writing, posting, games/quizzes/trivia, and social media. Examples of tasks (yes, you can steal any of these): Leave a review for a member of each of the other three houses Review a Marauder's Era story Write a drabble about a subject of your choice Write a Sorting Hat poem Leave 3 questions in someone's writer's journal Post a blog entry Write a backstory for a shopkeeper in Diagon Alley Get a 100% on this Sporcle quiz Correctly answer the following trivia questions {include your list, obviously } Create an aesthetic that can be posted on HPFT's Instagram (use Pixlr or a graphic editing program of your choice) Reblog 2 of HPFT's Tumblr posts Staff will check the submissions for duplicates (you will still get points even if someone else submitted the same task idea, but it will only appear in our task pool once) and for suitability. Anything that seems too difficult or vague, we will edit. As a general rule, anything you write (reviews, stories/drabbles, poems, backstories, headcanons, blog entries) should be 1000 characters in length (including spaces). Posts should be a substantial paragraph (a minimum of 5 robust sentences). Some examples of exceptions include: reviewing something shorter than 1000 characters, making status updates, leaving questions or story recommendations, certain types of poems (such as haikus). Please keep the length guidelines in mind when submitting your tasks to keep your tasks reasonable. Remember also that you are going to have to be doing three rounds of these tasks--so do not make them more difficult than you yourself can handle! This is supposed to be fun, not completely overwhelming.
  8. MAGIC Round 3

    The 3rd and final round of MAGIC will begin on September 23 and will conclude whenever a house MAGICs or on September 29, whichever comes first.
  9. MAGIC Round 2

    Round 2 of MAGIC will begin on September 16 and will conclude whenever a house MAGICs or on September 22, whichever comes first.