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  1. Hello hello hello! So lately I’ve been super into the Soulmate AU Trope™ in my fanfic reading so here I am looking for more by hosting a challenge all about it! Challenge Name: The Soulmate AU and Random Prompt Challenge Challenge Deadline: May 7th 2018 Accepted Fandoms: Harry Potter, The 100, BBC Merlin, Doctor Who Accepted Ratings: Anything up to and including Mature (no explicit please) Accepted Sites: HPFF, HPFT, AO3, FFNet Challenge Details: This is a little twist on a typical random prompt challenge by adding in the Soulmate AU trope we all know and love. Basically, you pick two numbers between 1 and 15 and get a “Soulmate Prompt” and a “Random Prompt” to fit your story into. The soulmate prompts are how the characters “know” they are soulmates. The random prompts are a variety of dialogue pieces, settings, or characterizations. Example: Soulmate prompt - matching marks over the heart Random prompt - Person A is a doctor trying to save Person B’s life Prompts can be switched 3 times each (so total of 6 possible prompt pairings). **If you struggle with the random prompt fitting with the soulmate prompt, you may suggest a new random prompt for me to consider allowing instead, but only after you’ve switched at least twice.** Multiple people can do the same prompts and same prompt pairings, as long as they have different character pairings. Rules: No pre-written entries. Can be combined with other challenges. Must follow all sites rules & guidelines. Must have "for MadiMalfoy’s Soulmate AU and Random Prompt Challenge" somewhere in the summary or story notes. Multiple entries are allowed. Multi-chapter stories are allowed - minimum of 2 chapters posted/validated by deadline. Any era/genre/character pairings allowed. Prizes: I’m bad™ at graphics, so reviews are the name of the game instead! Entries: Everyone gets their entry piece reviewed! (If it's a multichap, the last relevant chapter will have the review on it) 1st place: 5 reviews on other pieces of their choosing + favorite entry + promotion on my signature for 3 months 2nd place: 4 reviews on other pieces of their choosing + favorite entry + promotion on my signature for 2 months 3rd place: 3 reviews on other pieces of their choosing + favorite entry + promotion on my signature for 1 month I know this seems like a very complicated challenge, so if anyone has questions, please ask!!