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Ooh, I love music! I have such a wide variety of tastes too, like I like some country, some pop, some old school rock, some indie....it's kind of just a mash of everything tbh.

Has anyone heard of Troye Sivan (I sure hope so). I watched him when he was still a Youtuber and I'm just so PROUD of my baby he's doing so well. I love his song Heaven (which he released the day of the Presidential Inauguration in America which... hehe) but all his songs are so good, and the music videos are just gorgeous. Dodie Clark is another Youtuber that I watch, but she has a couple EPs released, and she's just amazing, I love all her songs.

Onto others- Panic! at the Disco is one of my all time favorites! I went to see them live last March, and it was one of the greatest times of my life. I also saw Halsey live this past November and just- be still my heart, I'm actually in love with her. "Bad at Love" is so popular, but it's still one of my favorites, but "100 Letters" and "Alone" are both up there too for Halsey.

Hailee Steinfeld is actually my wife and I love her so much, and "Most Girls" is like my anthem. Same with "New Rules" by Dua Lipa- some good messages in both of those, haha. 

I've recently discovered the song "Phoenix" by Olivia Holt, who was a Disney star when I was little? And she can actually sing, and it's amazing, I love that song. 

I'm also of course obsessed with all things musical theatre and Disney! Umm, Falsettos anyone? Fun Fact: I actually know Anthony Rosenthal from that show, and he is my smol son. But yeah! My guilty pleasure right now is actually the Descendants (1 & 2) soundtracks (and movies, ngl). Dove Cameron is great, and I just love the songs in the movies!


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My favourite is Enrique Iglesias since i was 13-14 🙂😘 almost 17 years since i fell in love her voice and her songs are amazing..especially old ones...

I like Backstreet Boys too 😍 

And the 90's is the best music choice 🙂


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I listen to all types of music. Recently I've been into Disco. I think it's because that's what my trainer plays on a loop. Do I consider it the best exercise music? No. But she does and I won't knock her for that. Haha!

Can someone please settle an ongoing debate I've been having with my mother: 

Can you or can you not understand Ozzy Osbourne when he sings?

I say I can't understand him when he speaks but I can understand him clearly in all of his songs. I'm right, right?! My mom says no one can understand anything he says or any of his songs. 

She's totally wrong. 



Someone please stick up for me here. Haha! 

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Lady Ausra
On 8/3/2018 at 7:39 PM, Deeds said:

Can you or can you not understand Ozzy Osbourne when he sings?

A bit late to answering this question here, but as someone who has occasionally listened to him, most of the time I can understand him pretty clearly.

As for my music tastes, they're. . . I think eclectic is a nice word for it.

I listen to a lot of musicals (Namely, Newsies, West Side Story, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Hamilton), plenty of classical stuff (Lots of Wagner and Copland), some more recent orchestral pieces (Thomas Bergersen and Audiomachine, along with Hidden Citizens), and a ton of film scores (I seriously have every single Harry Potter movie's full soundtrack).  There's also things on my playlists that other people probably have heard of, like Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, and Queen.

Also, I have Despacito, and a few Taylor Swift songs, but I like to pretend I don't unless I can dance to it by myself where no one can see. :wub:

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