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I blame Rose she started it in the Slytherin common room and I decided to bring it out here for everyone. 


Food, it's what keeps us going and fuels our lives.  For some it is just a necessity of life for others it is a passion from cooking it to eating it.  While I enjoy cooking and baking for myself and could talk loads about amazing home made dishes I want to hear about amazing eateries!  What are some of the best places to eat where you live?  What's the best dish?  Share details share pictures tell stories!  Just be sure to be careful not to reveal too much of where you live eg I live right next door to this place.


So lets have fun and drool over amazing eats!

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Though I'm not sure you guys can watch this video (12+)

You can enjoy Bullet Train Sushi at Genki-zushi or Uobei in Japan.  :D


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I am a human vacuum and will eat basically anything (except zucchinis, they are evil, or anything intensely spicy). In the town my mother lives in (my hometown) there's not much since it's small, but there is a cafe that I particularly like that makes a mean cheesecake (and I dislike cheesecake for the most part, so it's kind of a miracle that I eat it).


Besides that, in the town next to mine there's quite a few little restaurants I love. My favourite vegetarian place unfortunately recently closed down there so T.T sadness. However there's an awesome bar/grill place that I adore, hands down my favourite restaurant.


In my dad's city, there's a lot, since it's very large. I see him less often because of the travel time between the two places and the fact that I can't escape school in my last years or else it won't look good on applications to uni, but I do collect business cards of places that I like, and there's an awesome authentic Vietnamese + a few other Asian foods restaurant right by my house that has amazing bubble tea.



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For me, the atmosphere can play a lot on how the food will taste like. In some cases, what it looks like on the outside doesn't mean it'll taste good BUT the two I'm about to share is honestly great tasting food and sweet-feeling cafes.

In a city close to where I live, I've found some really cute eclectically designed cafes. I've been to one where it's a vintage shop/flower shop/English-ish cafe. It's quaint and pretty magical. Since it's a flower shop, the shop uses fresh flowers for tea and other herbs. They make their own mix and the tables are all a mix-match of things you'd find at an antique shop. The chairs were lovely too. They have sandwiches, salads, and afternoon tea. xD They also have an assortment of desserts. Yum.

(It's also a good setting for a romance story... just saying.)

DS1Mszbm.jpg teBmDrBm.jpg kFp1Bigm.jpg


Another one I've been to serves cutely designed drinks. I've yet to eat a meal there but I love how they serve the food.

19Fp2Hlm.jpg CtIJbKvm.jpg

GXisKcWm.png GwK1Vuom.jpg


The only thing I find completely sad about either place is that they're too far for me to always go to them. :( lol

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