To all whom these presents may come: greetings! Having completed the successful transition of the forums, we are looking to clean up some areas of the site and one (1) that sprung immediately to mind is this one (1). Though it is a nice repository of information on recently-run challenges - and of course the information hosts would need to judge, review, or track entries - the goal is to keep this section more current. With that in mind, the plan will be to remove topics in the holding area when the challenge deadline has passed by ninety (90) days or more - or when results are posted to the Hall of Fame - whichever comes sooner. Please make sure to preserve any information you'd like to save about your challenge within that time-frame so it is not lost to the void. Thank you, as always, for hosting such diverse and incredible challenges! We look forward to the continued vitality of the Challenge Section and the inspiration it gives to all our members to step outside their comfort zones, develop their skills, or write their favorite [insert character/era/genre/ship/other here]!