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Katie Bell/Alicia Spinnet

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Title: Skewed Toward Truth
Author: Muggle Maybe
Link(s): HPFT (M)
Length / Completed: one shot 2139 words
Genre(s): Fluff, Romance
Summary: Three times Alicia kissed a boy, and one time she didn't.

Reasons for recommending: (optional) This story does an excellent job of showing who Alicia is as a person and how that builds into her developing relationship with Katie. This story is very heartfelt and a great read.

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Title: My First Date(s)
Author: @Dojh167
Link(s): HPFT
Length / Completed: 2928 words / complete
Genre(s): Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Summary: Katie Bell is learning that you can’t meet your perfect match on your first try. Not always.
Reasons for recommending: I'm in love with this pairing, and Sam does a brilliant job of it - and of showing how deeply, incredibly awkward dating is in general. Seriously, this is a story that literally everyone who should read - it's witty, engaging, and ends on basically the most adorable possible note. :wub:

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