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Sorting Ceremony

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That was to be expected. Jen smiled and went to join her new housemates at the table.

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Not really sure where to go from here, soI am going to pick one without hopefully writing an excerpt. I'll go with the friendly, compassionate people that go in the catchall.  Hufflepuff, please and thsnk you. 

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Oh my. Oh dear. This was it.


They had all been shoved into boats when arriving at the station in Hogsmeade, and then proceeded to cross the lake, four people to a boat at a time. She was thankful she hadn't fallen! Because that would have been seriously embarrassing, and the thought of the cold she would have caused shivers to go down her spine. Not in the first week. There was NO way. Luckily, her boat made it safely across the large lake, and they were all shuffled into the castle warm embrace. This was a good thing because, as it was September, there was a bit of bite to the air and it made her uncomfortable, as she was used to slightly warmer weather.


Once inside the hall, they were all lined up in alphabetical order. This took some time, as there was quite a few eleven-year-olds here. And so many different nationalities! Was there not schools in their country? Or was Hogwarts just a central hub? Either way, it made things interesting. She listened to the chatter of the students, and a sort of calm found her anxious nerves. There was really nothing to be anxious or nervous about. They were all just about to be shoved into a room, stood before the entire school, each of their names called out, and a hat was to be put upon their head. This hat was said to be old and wise, sewn way before the days of the Great War. It had seen a lot of hardship. She respected this hat. Her mother taught her this.


Ah yes, home. A familiar place. But, she had begun getting restless in the past few years and her mother almost sighed with relief when the owl came with her letter. "Overzealous girls need to learn discipline." Her mother had said. Her father? Even she didn't know the answer to that question. At least, to his where abouts. She knew she had one. She got a letter from him once a month. A very long, newsy kind of letter, and always at the very end was a few galleons said 'to be used wisely' and the note of he loved her. Ah yes. Her father. A good man. Though, she could barely remember what he looked like, it's been so long that she's seen him. All was good though. She had a happy family. And it was only about to get better.


They were lined up at the front of the Great Hall, she could almost smell the nervousness. Her nose crinkled, or was it that group that had actually fallen into the lake? She casted a side glance at them, yet still smiled. She was in, naturally, a pleasant mood. And not even the stench of lake water could bring down her high spirits. She could feel the eyes of the older students behind her, giving them each a mental grade. Yes. They were only eleven. But just you wait. When she was older, and had a few years of training, she would show any that dare to oppose her. She was not to be underestimated. She showed this bit of proud fact by standing up straight, chin up, and determined smile on her lips. She was ready for anything that this school threw at her.


Names had began to be called. She was somewhere down a long line of people. As being a Hunter, put her near the middle of the alphabet. But they seemed to be pros at this whole sorting situation, having done it for many, many, many years, names were gone though quickly. The only pause was when the hat was set upon the head of a slightly difficult person to sort. Which was alright. Rose was more interested in watching it move anyways. And then...


"Hunter, Rose!"


Aw man. She hadn't been paying attention to where they were in the alphabet. Her eyes widened as she stared at the teacher who called her name. Many students had begun to stare at her as suddenly nerves hit, full force. She swallowed, smiled, putting her chin back up, proudly, and made her way forward through the crowd of students, danced up the steps, twirled around, a cute little smile upon her lips and the had was put over her head, and she stared at the inside. She giggled mentally.


"Hello Mr. Sorting Hat, sir. How has your evening been?" she thought, with another giggle.


Oh, look at you, aren't you springy? Lots of energy, yes... a willing to learn! I think you'll do well in...


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Zayne topples into the Great Hall. She's just a little late to say the least. However, she knew the secret to the kitchens, thanks to her trusty older brother. She just had to go and grab some tasty treats to get her through the long sorting. She had visions of fainting from hunger during the song, so it seemed, at the time, to be the best option to avoid a scene. Clearly, it wasn't her best idea, but with a thumbs up sign to the professors she slides onto the waiting stool.


The musty old hat is put upon her head. It barely sits for a moment, perhaps it smelt the pastries on her mouth and knew just what to do, and shouted out "HUFFLEPUFF!"



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My first time at Hogwarts was one of great terror. I looked up at the castle and thought of so many ways I could possibly get lost or injured in a building that large. I was accustomed to my cozy home and the castle was a far cry away. We took the boat with Hagrid to the castle and the rest is honestly a blur. The next thing I knew I was sitting on the stool with the Sorting Hat covering my eyes and crossing my fingers that I wouldn’t be placed in Slytherin. I wish someone had let me know that most of my early time at Hogwarts would be so memorable and come so quickly that I would soon lose the details to the feelings of excitement.

    The Sorting Hat was brown and musty, warm from the people who had sat on the stool before me, Wellick not exactly being a name early on in the alphabet. I could hear the hat muttering in my mind before it sat up straighter on my head and bellowed out “GRYFFINDOR!” I stood up off the stool with shaking hands and legs and let the hat be taken away from me before I found a seat with a boy with the same dirty blonde hair as me who introduced himself as Wesley and another with dark hair and a cheeky grin who was named Ethan.

    “Hi, I’m Caden,” I said, extending my hand. Little did I know that the three of us would soon become the best pranksters Hogwarts had seen in decades.

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Elena stepped forward with confidence. She could see the twitch the Sorting Hat already had in anticipation, it knew before she even made it to the stool.


She sat and smiled and felt the familiar hum of magic as the sorting hat neared her head. Before it even reached its destination, The sorting hat yelled:




There was a thundering applause from the Slytherin Table and Elena made her way across the great hall and took her place amongst the greatest Witches and Wizards of all time.


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Ravenclaw... but I don't remember the exact words, I was in kind of a shock

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The deputy headmaster looked down at his scroll for the next name; the Sorting ceremony was about half done.  Every year an entire class of students left the school, and an entire new class came to replace them.  Thus, despite the weight of centuries' tradition, the character of the school inexorably evolved over time.




A woman with gray hair and a face wrinkled by experience walked up to the stool with measured paces, sat down, and placed the hat upright on her head.


"Excuse me, madam.  This Sorting process is intended only for new students, not new staff members."


If she was surprised to hear the Hat speaking only in her mind, not aloud to the entire Hall, she did not betray that fact.


"The deputy headmaster called for Victoria.  No one else with that name has come forward.  I'm the only one."


"May I call you Vicki?" the Hat asked.


"You may.  Most people do."


"And what do the rest of them call you?"




"You go back rather a long way," the Hat observed.


"Back to WWII."


"You mean the Second Wizarding War?"


"No, the other WWII."


The Hat was silent, thinking this over.  The woman waited patiently.


"When I Sort eleven-year-olds, I look for potential, qualities to be developed.  But in you I don't see only possibilities, but rather deeds also.  A lot of development has already taken place."


"I should hope so."


"Are you acquainted with the qualities of the Houses?" the Hat asked.  "Hufflepuff is the House of the loyal and caring."


"I spent my career taking care of people."


"Then there's Ravenclaw, the House of --"


"They always said, 'If you want to know something, ask Vicki.' "


"I see you've heard of Ravenclaw.  Gryffindor teaches students to be brave..."


"Brave and reckless?  Well, there was that incident in Mexico.  I spent weeks in the hospital and rehab.  The story went out that I had been cliff-diving.  Not exactly, but close enough."


"That must have been when you were young," the Hat remarked.


"No, it wasn't that long ago."


"Maybe Slytherin..."


"I wouldn't call myself cunning or Dark, but I hate to lose.  I'm always trying to suss out the advantages, figure out how to make my group win."


"Do they win?"




The Sorting Hat gave a sigh.


"Then it's not a matter of putting you in the House that you need, but in the House that needs you."


"You do that sometimes?" she asked.


"Occasionally, not often.  I did it in 1997, that terrible year, with the kid from Skye."




"It's a long story.  Come up to the headmistress's office sometime when you're not busy and I'll tell it to you.  I put him in Gryffindor."


"What about me?"


"Those were different times.  Today it's...SLYTHERIN!"


She took off the hat and stood up.  There were stares from the faces at the Slytherin table, but not cheers.


Slytherin appeared to her to be a smaller House than the others.  Why?  And what did they need from Grandma?



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I'm a Gryffindor, according to Pottermore. While I appreciate I'm not sneaky enough to be in Slytherin, I really didn't expect that - maybe it's the directness.

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Okay, a little affraid, are we not...? Well, better not put you in Griffindor then.


Oh, so you don't have high expectations for yourself... Slytherin excluded.


Hardworking, loyal? Depends on how we define it...?? Typical


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Taylor's name was called out by the astute and prim looking witch. Slowly, with an air of pride she made her way up to the podium and gracefully seated herself on the stool. In the next moment, the sorting hat was placed on Taylor's head.


Before she could even process the feel of the ancient and worn material the internal conversation began.


"hmmmmm," mused the sorting hat. "Taylor, may I be so bold as to call you by your given name."


"You may," Taylor responded coolly.


The hat chuckled. "Very well Taylor, I see that despite your heritage that you are proud, ambitious and skilled with getting your own way."


"My mother says I am overly manipulative," Taylor replied, hoping this would just be over with soon. "I tell her that I learned how to blackmail from her collection of books."


"And a bookworm too, hmm, curious."


"Why is that Curious?"


"Asked like a Ravenclaw," the hat muttered.


"I might like to read, and have a penchant for asking thought inspiring questions, but i'm really no braniac. The key to success isn't to know everything, but to have the right connections and just enough knowledge and skill to impress them.


"Spoken like a true Slytherin," The hat decided. Taylor was unable to reply. The hat soon announced out loud where she would eb sorted. 'Better be SLYTHERIN!"

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ah, gosh, the time in between which i registered and am making this post has been a long time. i'm fairly sure i chose ravenclaw? 

well, better be Ravenclaw. 

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Lee was one of the last students standing when her name was finally called. Originally, she had thought of that as a benefit. But now after seeing where the rest of the kids she had met on the train were sorted, she was feeling like maybe it was a curse to be sorted second to last.

She knew were she belonged. Where she was meant to be. But as confident as she was feeling only moments before... with all these eyes on her back, she could feel the flutter of nervous wings in her stomach. She sat on the wobbly stool, tilting to one side and furrowing her eyebrows as the Sorting Hat was placed on top of her braids. It nearly swallowed her whole head leaving her blind to the waiting curious students before her. She almost preferred that.

The Hat was silent for a moment before coughing, dust flew from it's mouth and it mumbled, "hmmm, tricky, tricky, tricky..."

"Tricky? No..."

"Yes, very tricky little head you have on you. Fiercely brave with a habit of getting yourself into trouble..."

Lee made a face, this was very true. She was almost always getting herself into trouble.

"Although, this bravery comes from an interesting place. You do not throw caution into the wind, no, no, no... you are clever and thoughtful. Precise about your rule breaking. Meaningful... and bit bossy too, eh?"

"Hey, take that back! I'm not-"

"Bossy, yes, but loyal to the people you are close to. Almost too loyal, if I say so myself..."

Lee opened her mouth to defend herself. Of course she was loyal to the people she loved! So what if her loyalty sometimes got her stuck in between a rock and a hard place? She loved supporting those who were special to her, not matter what!

The Hat stopped her before she could speak, "shhh... let me think, yes, I know where I'll put you..."

There was a very, very long pause.

Lee's heart was in her stomach, she swallowed and looked over at the table she longed to sit at.

Her parents sat there.

Her sister sat there.

And now, her new best friend sat there, giving her a hopeful smile.

The Hat bellowed, "SLYTHERIN!"

Lee jumped off the chair with a yelp of glee and bounded over to the Slytherin table, sliding into her seat and into her new home.

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If she was being perfectly honest, the hat was somewhat heavy. And smelly. And dusty. Really dusty.

Eva subtly poked her nose in an attempt to stave off the impending sneeze, but it got the best of her anyway. Loudly and violently, of course, as her sneezes generally were. She sniffed quietly, trying to will her nose into behaving. A few seconds later, it occurred to her that no one in the massive Great Hall had bothered even an acknowledgment of her glorious, loud-spoken sneeze, so she whispered quietly to herself, "Bless you."

She felt much more at ease after that.

All of a sudden, the hat, which had been content to sit quietly and watch Eva make a complete fool of herself, apparently, decided to grace her with its presence by invading the most basic of her human rights: privacy.

Ah, said the Sorting Hat. So this is your mind. How quaint.

Eva wasn't quite sure how to respond, both figuratively and literally. There was the question of what in the world to say after an insult such as that, and there was the matter of the method of reply. Was she supposed to say things out loud? Was she just supposed to...think really hard? The Sorting Hat clearly abused its mind-reading privileges with no qualms whatsoever, so as long as she firmly thought her thoughts, the hat should be able to pick them up.

Not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, observed the hat, in what was rather mean-spirited fashion in Eva's opinion. Allow me to teach a brief life lesson before we get on with the real Sorting. When you call someone 'smelly' and 'dusty,' they will not be well disposed towards you.

She supposed that made a decent sort of sense, though she felt it was patently unfair for the Sorting Hat to insult the state of her intelligence in retaliation.

But despite the judgment directed towards animate inanimate objects, there's a fair mind in there. Somewhere. And I see you treat your younger sisters like they're little angels, though empirical observation clearly states they are anything but. Fine. This Sorting Hat does not lie. For you, it will be...


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I'm used to being called up first but sitting under a dingy cap—

"Dingy, am I?" The Sorting Hat flapped. "Flapped!" Okay... The Sorting Hat exclaimed.

Anyway, sitting under a talking hat for a prolonged period of time was new. I'm not very patient.

"I'd soon put you in Ravenclaw if I were petty," he grumbled, clearly offended. "Well, yes I am, indeed. I'll have you know, I am most perceptive than any other old talking hat you've ever worn."

I wanted to tell him, he's the only talking hat I've ever worn. I could compare him to nothing else.

"True as that may be," his sass rippled through each word. "I know that behind your impatience is anxiousness for what's to come. Where will you be sorted, you wonder. You've seen yourself in a lion's shoes before. You dare not return there, yet you also fear of being complacent in a bright friendly yellow atmosphere. Still, nothing compares to being sorted with your oldest sister. Oh, how you'd hate to gaze at your shining sister in depths of the shadows. Then what about Slytherin, I say? You've got just the right cheek for it."

Uh, look, Mr. Sorting Hat... I know I've been a bit careless with my thoughts but to be fair, I never actually said them aloud. Though Slytherin wouldn't be all that bad, really. I'm sure I'll see my brother there.

I felt the hat wrinkle in movement, contemplating for the last time—maybe.

"There's nothing to fear," he replied, hopefully accepting my apology. "I know just where you'll feel at home."

"Definitely HUFFLEPUFF!"


(ps. Sassy Sorting Hat needs Sassy Harry.)

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(On Thy phone)

The hat took a couple of seconds to mull it over. Hufflepuff or Gryffindor? She truly did have enough qualities to do well in both. The old hat took a deep breath before shouting, "GRYFFINDOR!"

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The process wasn't as exciting as she thought it would be. In fact, Jodie was rather bored by whole thing. "Look Hat, if we could just get it over and done with? You and I both know where I belong." The Hat continued to sit silently on her head, and for a moment she wondered if it was broken. Hopefully she wouldn't be blamed if it was.

"Hmm." Nope, not broken then. "You've got a right bit of a mouth on you haven't you?" Was the Hat always this snarky? "Well, I do know where to put you, not that I appreciate being told that. Not too much courage, but you are known for rash decisions. A fair bit of wit, but no desire to learn. Definitely not a Hufflepuff."

Jodie groaned. "Get on with it, or I'll just announce it myself." The Hat grumbled a bit before declaring to the room: "SLYTHERIN!"


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