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Crimson Quill

Lavender Brown/Oliver Wood

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So I recently saw a graphic on tumblr for this couple and it's honestly one that I've never considered before but the more that I thought about it that makes sense to me. As some of you know Lavender is one of my favourite characters (well, basically my favourite ha ha) so Lavender to me is a very dramatic, sassy and headstrong. Oliver is shown to be very blunt so I think he would be great to balance out Lavender, he would be able to call her out on her issues and give her reality checks. Lavender would be awesome at getting Oliver out of his comfort zone and trying new things, I think they would be a bit of power struggle between them but I think they would be what each other needed.

I was really attached to Lavender/Parvati is weird to suddenly found another pairing that I can really ship too, my head canon is Lavender is bi (she is in Parisian Scars) so I can see my version of Lavender being with both. I'm hoping to post something from these two as there doesn't seem to be how there at the moment, apart something rather 'interesting' involving a clown on Ao3. *scrubs eyes*

So what do you guys think? could you see them together?


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