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A trip to Ollivanders

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...and finally, a busted light bulb and an irked apprentice later... 

Vine wood, 13 and 3/4'' inch, Unicorn hair core, and quite bendy flexibility. 

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Lee decided that she wanted to choose her wand by herself, banishing her father to wander the street while she had her 'moment', as she had been referring to it.

Ollivander, who at first was a little putt off by her loud voice and all too fast talking, seemed to warm up to the girl fast. Her tenacity and fierce confidence was a little bit inspiring to him as she breezed through wand after wand declaring left and right that they just weren't, perfect. She was convinced that when she touched the wand, her wand, she would feel it. It would be like all the puzzle pieces finally falling into place.

She was right.

She walked past a particularly high stack of boxes and there it was, a tingling in her cheeks. Something in her told her to look up.. and at the top of the stack, teetering off the edge, was a dark purple box that called to her. When she got a closer look at it she could see gold leafing that was flaking off the sides, the box must have been beautiful when it was new.

Ollivander opened it for her, peeling back the ribbons on the inside to reveal her future. He plucked it out careful only touching it with his finger tips and placed it into her hands like a treasure.

This was it, this was her wand...


Rowan Wood

Phoenix Feather Core

12 & 3/4 inches

Surprisingly Swishy Flexibility


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Apparently one did not window shop when searching for the perfect wand. Just as Eva was pressing her nose to the glass window and preparing to mentally sift through the wands on display, the shop's owner, a Mr. Ollivander, suddenly appeared on the other side of the window glass and stared disapprovingly. Then he began shaking his head slowly.

As someone who was generally terrified of scary figures of authority (for instance, literally anyone taller than her), Eva quickly shuffled into the shop. It was dark and lit with a dim golden glow, though Eva couldn't quite tell what exactly where the light came from. Shelves upon shelves were shoved together and squeezed apart, and the wands displayed on them were at the same general level of orderliness.

"Young lady, the wand cannot choose the witch if the witch is standing with a barrier in between herself and the wand," said Mr. Ollivander, in that horrid tone wise citizens of this Earth always adopted when handing out important pieces of information.

"Yes, sir!" barked Eva.

Mr. Ollivander stared at her for a moment, and the image of him with his wild, curly white hair and eyes made big by glasses and surprise nearly made Eva snort. Nearly. She had self control, of course. She kept the snort at bay.

"Anyway, how does this work?" she asked.

Thirty minutes later, she regretted the decision to ever look at Ollivander's wand shop. What did it matter that wands were a required item that all witches needed to go to witching school? This process was so long and tedious and getting longer and tedious-er to the point where Eva honestly wouldn't mind a wand exploding in her face for a change. Pick out a seemingly random wand, touch it (rather, attempt to touch it; Ollivander yanked it away the moment it touched her index finger), and watch as the pile of failed wands grew. That was the process.

And it was so dull, so when her wand finally came to her, and when she could feel the magic coursing from the wood into her fingertips and up her arm, and when she waved it and things happened, she barely noticed.

"Aha," said Ollivander triumphantly. "A brittle redwood wand with a phoenix feather core. Ten inches. This shall suit you nicely, I believe. Phoenix feathers are extremely versatile when it comes to types of magic easily performed, and the redwood matches your sensible temperament nicely. Good luck, young lady."

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Being muggles my parents did not want to go to Diagon Alley with me. In fact, they didn't even want me to go! It's not like they paid very much attention to me, so it was easy to leave without them noticing. I think they may have been a little afraid of me and my 'powers', which is why they stayed away from me. Anyway, after I got my books and the most adorable smushed faced cat, the only thing I had left to do is get my wand. It was an...interesting experience to say the least. Mr. Ollivander looked shocked to see my parents had not come with me, but quickly hid it with a smile. We tried many different wands but none seemed right. After about two hours I was ready to give up and accept there was no wand for me, but Mr. Ollivander would have none of that. Another kid came in so Mr. Ollivander had me go to the back and see if I saw one I liked while he helped the kid that came in. Usually it doesn't take more than a few minuets to find a wand, but for some reason with me it took a while. Walking in the back I saw hundreds of wands, but there was one my eyes kept being drawn to. The box said Sycamore wood,Dragon heartstring core. I went to pick it up just as Mr. Ollivander came to the back. 

"So, dear, find anything you like?" He asked me with a wide smile. 

"Yes, sir." I told him and picked up the box I had seen. 

"Aw, yes yes, very good. Sycamore wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 ½" and Reasonably Supple flexibility. Very good choice" He took the box from me and opened it. Taking the wand out and handing it to me. "Alright, lets see if this is the one." 

As soon as I had the wand in my hand I knew it was the right one. I gave it a swish and suddenly the box was out of Mr. Ollivander's hand! 

"It seems you have found your wand, Miss de la Rosa." Mr. Ollivander told me. He then took the wand and placed it back in the box, then held the box for me to take. "Take good care of it dear." 

" I will sir." I said. 

And with that I was off. 

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I'd write out a scene, but for some reason, I can't understand Mr Ollivander, so I'll just say it.

Mine is hawthorn, 10/12 inches long with a unicorn hair core and hard flexibility. If I ever do or say anything contradictory, here's my excuse.

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