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COUNTDOWN DAY 4: Nano Playlists

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There are a lot of people in the world who need music when they’re writing, and within that group of people there are people that have specific playlists that reflect certain moods they need to be in when writing (be it happy or sad) or just listen to numbers which really reflects the character they’re writing with.
And as we’re a curious bunch of people - feel free to post the music you listen to below! Who knows, you might get inspired by other people’s music…

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Okay I'll go! :D I will always, always have music playing when I'm writing. I have two playlists, one with words and one without (depends how I'm feeling or what type of scene I'm writing.) All this music inspires me when writing Wren (they make me think of forests, royalty, war, and other elements in the story) but mostly the instrumental ones are just songs I love to death :P 

Lyrical (is that the right term?):

  • East - Sleeping At Last
  • In the Woods Somewhere - Hozier
  • Kings and Queens and Vagabonds - Ellem
  • Mars - Sleeping At Last
  • A Million on My Soul - Alexiane
  • New World Coming - Benjamin Wallfisch
  • Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons
  • Something Wild - Lindsey Stirling 
  • War: Pt. II - Former Vandal


  • Amity - Joseph Trapnese
  • Blackheart - Two Steps from Hell
  • Descendants of Truth - Imagine Music
  • Fade - Jorge Mendez
  • He Began to Dream - Maggie Stiefvater 
  • A Hero Will Rise - Future World Music
  • Made of Stardust - Epic Soul Factory
  • Magnificent Journey - Sound Adventures
  • Prophecy - Adrian von Ziegler
  • Soul Inside - Antonio Pinto
  • Tenuous Winners/Returning Home - James Newton Howard
  • The Truth - Audiomachine  
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Pandora is a godsend and for the past several years NaNo starts as it will this year with Halloween Party Radio.  This will last me a week at least.

From there I pick the music that pleases the Dragon muse the most and that typically is either my AC/DC rock station, or I'll switch over to my YouTube Asian Pop playlist, sometimes the Dragon demands Darker and that is what Skillet station is for.

As an aside, I will occasionally write with the song Acapella by Karmin playing on loop.  The steady beat just helps to keep the fingers moving sometimes.


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