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      Announcing... Teams Gorgon and Griffin!   12/14/2017

      Your third and final snowball fight is just just over a day away, and your special team common rooms are now open in the Courtyard! For this fight, Hufflepuff and Slytherin will form team Gorgon, while Gryffindor and Ravenclaw will form team Griffin! The official topics in your common rooms will unlock tomorrow, but you're very welcome to use the space now to decide on a strategy, ask the staff for clarification on any rules, and just get to know each other if you don't already.

Cluedo! Postmortem

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Hello HPFanficTalk Fam! :waving:

Last weekend we rallied together to solve the tragic muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurder of Tasha!  :avadakedavra:


We had many clues which included:

Murder Scenes:

5mmEpr1.jpg jeG2gvN.jpg F3WN8LR.jpgEHle7pA.jpg gprOZ7E.jpg iUlvBQJ.jpgeLzfzYm.png aAQzXQl.jpg yhqEXhj.jpg



J48ACaz.png 8ZMUCzb.png q5FodLc.pngEOWEFuK.png ETbBrnh.png AuRGNRK.pngGG0oo3E.png


qV5Aj7L.jpg alO01Nw.jpg LDzMVRn.jpg Md7ubpY.png dUs41u6.jpg XiBNa2t.jpg QzkXV8H.jpg

:o Wow!! That was quite a lot of clues to go through!


In Round One,  :hufflepuff: correctly sleuthed that toomanycurls used a 1st Year's Botched Potion to off Tasha in the Quidditch Pitch! 

In Round Two,  :slytherin: correctly determined that Veritaserum27 offed Tasha with a 1st Year's Botched Potion in the Library. 

In Round Three,  :ravenclaw: correctly deduced that TidalDragon used a Crystal Ball to slay Tasha in Greenhouse Three! 

In Round Four,  :slytherin: correctly suspected that paulatheprokaryote blasted Tasha with a Wand in the Hufflepuff Common Room. 


With so much murrrrrrrder and intrigue -- where did each house land for this event?? 


 :wandinair:  The Results: 


 First place:  :slytherincrest:  with 200 points!

Second place:  :hufflepuffcrest:  with 150 points!

Third place:  :ravenclawcrest:  with 100 points!

Fourth place:  :gryffindorcrest:  with 50 points!


Places were determined by the number of correct guesses, the number of total clues eliminated per game, and the number of points found on the archives. 

Well done, everyone, thanks for helping us crack this case wide open!:clapping:

And a very special thanks to clevernotbrilliant for making those beautiful playing cards, and to toomanycurls for making the check-off sheets that were provided for each house to use. :thankyou:

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