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The Department by poppunkpadfoot

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So, once again, my NaNo project is my (hopefully) novel, The Department! I feel like most of you are probably familiar with it by now, but just in case you're not, I'll give a quick rundown:

When Sirius learns of Regulus's death through his position as a rookie Auror, he becomes determined to prevent what happened to his brother from happening to anyone else. Realizing that the Ministry of Magic has no mechanism by which to intervene in cases of child abuse - no laws, let alone a way to enforce them - he sets out to create an office of child welfare. Meanwhile, as part of his work with the Order of the Phoenix, Sirius is involved in a dangerous operation that forces him to get up close and personal with the life he left behind. When these two worlds unexpectedly collide, the stakes are raised and Sirius finds himself struggling against opposition, indifference, and the trauma of a past that he can't seem to escape.

Pinterest boards! (All M)
+The Department
+Sirius Black
+Regulus Black
+Remus Lupin
+James Potter

Chapter images!

yTjxJFl.png NddBKKQ.png


And, of course: +link to the existing chapters! (M)

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Hi, Kayla. I'm glad to know you will continue this story. :D

You have two big themes : Why and how Regulus died, which Sirius had to face.

: Sirius is going to create an office of child welfare. (As I know you did write a great story about Remus and his Muggle boyfriend, I believe you can do it, Kayla!)


I will keep sending cheers!

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I sincerely love your writing--I need to spend some more time reading your works! I also haven't had the chance to start really getting into the Department, yet! 

First, I come bearing encouragement: :greenstars::greenstars:YOU CAN DO IT! <3 Secondly, I come bearing love: :wub::wub: I completely adore every way I've seen you portray Sirius. I'm really excited to start reading this piece!  And lastly, a question--what was your greatest inspiration for this? It's so interesting and unique (just like the rest of your stories I've seen)! 

Happy NaNo'ing! I know you'll do great! 

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@Rumpelstiltskin omg I'm flattered! Thank you!

To be completely honest - I started writing this back in 2016 and by this point I've forgotten what initially inspired it, exactly. :$ But what I like about it is it lets me look at Regulus Black - and Sirius's relationship with/to him - with more nuance. It's something I explored a little in Breathe, and then Drown, but obviously those events take place before the two of them become estranged and before Regulus dies. I want(ed) to explore how Regulus's death would affect Sirius but I really don't remember how I got from there to "Sirius is working as an Auror and decides to create an office that deals with child abuse and neglect". Sorry I can't give you a firmer/more interesting answer bahaha.

Thanks for stopping by! :wub:

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First of all I'm a sucker for an AU, especially one that changes Sirius's fate (hopefully.) And it's so believable that he would become invested in child welfare because of his own past. 

That being said, how much of this is an AU? (Or at least as much as you're willing to share!) Is he still close friends with James, Peter and Remus?

Happy writing!

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@firewhiskey hiiii!

my tendency across all my stories is very much to build them on the foundations of what's established in canon. it's very rare that i outright change something important from the backstory of a character (although i'm not the type to obsess over dates or anything, so sometimes my timelines get wonky - for example, in breathe, sirius runs away from home a year early. oops!). what i do do is build on top of established motivations, canon events, existing relationships - etc. often, the changes that i make are things that don't directly alter canon facts about a character's past/backstory, but also don't directly alter the character's future either.

so, for example, remus and sirius are a couple in the department. that doesn't directly contradict canon - it just fills in a hole where nothing firmly established exists. sirius ran away from home for reasons relating to his sexuality - again, doesn't really contradict canon, as the reasoning we were given was very vague, along the lines of "i got sick of their nonsense".

the only place where the department really starts to veer off canon lines is.... well, sirius being an auror and the establishment of the child protection office. which i recognize is basically the whole plot of the story ahaha. but my point is that most of my stories i would say are not... NOT aus, you could definitely call them aus, but in my opinion they fit fine into established canon because they don't drastically alter the path of a character. this is different, because while i've stuck to my usual method of leaving backstory intact, i've meddled with sirius's "present" (i.e. the post-hogwarts pre-azkaban years) and future.

so this was basically a very protracted way of saying: backstory up to the department's "present" remains intact along canon lines, as usual. james plays a fairly prominent role in chapter one (M), and the whole gang makes an appearance in chapter two, with remus being most heavily featured. ^_^ regarding my plans for "future" canon events, i am comfortable revealing that


harry will be born

- won't say anything beyond that, because that would get right into spoilers territory! :ninja:

thanks for stopping by! :wub:

Edit by staff:  Added rating for a link to a mature-rated chapter.

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