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How to Set Four Seasons (a calendar) in Your Story

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I read Mayumi Tsuruoka's new book review and learned that Celts had their own unique calendar. November 1 is their New Year and Halloween (they call Samhain) October 31 is New Year's Eve for them. And   Lúnasa (August 1) is the day to celebrate the best summer season and the harvest time, which implies the end of summer is coming and dark winter coming soon.  

 Then I remembered the conversation with Ysh about  the Hindu Diwali Festival and Samhain. Both of them occur about the same time.


We wake up at 3am gather together for some religious proceedings and then 6am burst the first cracker! Traditional Hindu households like mine light lamps all around the house to symbolize enlightenment, happiness and brightness in one's life. It is called the 'festival of lights'. Fireworks came much later because they're so much fun! (information from Ysh about the Hindu Diwali Festival )



According to the source I learned about Samhain, Halloween days celebrates the lights of summer and the darkness of winter. The common theme between Diwali and Samhain is lights and fire, right? (My answer to Ysh ^)


I'll try to put Druidic perspectives around these seasons in my story. They set big Bonfire on the hills. Please share the other calendars about your country's unique events or seasons like Halloween or Christmas, New Year's Eve (like Scottish Hogmanay) or anything you feel like to share with us.

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