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Justice League DCU

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I saw Justice League last night! :bliss:

Overall, I liked it. One thing that really surprised me (more in my reaction than the event) was 


I flat out cried 2.5 times in the intro. I got a little teared up with the superman is gone sad/emo part, one other thing kind of got to me but


The Roose Bolton/terrorist moment followed by the attempted mass shooting with Wonder Woman saving everyone just hit me so hard. I've never been sensitive to violence but with mass shooting after mass shooting it just really got to me. 

I thought Flash was great and I loved his awkward comedy. My husband was kind of meh about the comedy in the movie. 

Re: batman


I feel like Ben Aflec's version of Batman is so depressed and willing to sacrifice himself, like he wants to die. :( I get where that's coming from -- Batman has been through/seen a lot and just seems like the tired old hero. 

I'm probably going to see this again and will have more thoughts. 

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