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Glory to... well, you, actually :P

Come here to recommend a story you reviewed in the Snowball Fight. 

Any round, any house, by any person; snowball or block, already recommended elsewhere or not - the only qualification is that you must have reviewed it in the Snowball Fight. 

Please post your recommendations in the usual format: 

[b]Main Characters:[/b]
[b]Reasons for Recommending:[/b]


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I'll try to come back with more specific recommendations, but. Um.


Why did nobody tell me how good the poets of hpft are?

Seriously, there's not a single bad poem on hpft (seriously I've almost read all of them now)

If you haven't read them, you're missing out.

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Title: a garden of weeds
Author: ailhsa23
Link: here+
Length/Completed: 7015 words, completed
Era: n/a (original fiction)
Main Characters: OC
Genre(s): angst, drama
Summary: "we were not made to flourish."
Reasons for Recommending: i don't even know how to describe it, but her writing is unbelievably breathtaking. i don't think i breathed for a moment while reading this, and even after having thought about it for around half an hour, writing the review, there are still so many parts of it that strike me. i just really love this, and i think it's a great piece for everyone to read.

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OK, so I've read sooo many good things recently, I will definitely be back! Just starting out with this one though... 

Title: Forgettable Me
Author: @WriteYourHeartOut
Link(s): +Click
Length/Completed: 759/Yes
Era: Second Wizarding War Era
Main Characters: Original Character, Sirius Black
Genre(s): Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

You were Sirius. 
And me?
You probably don't even remember my name. For I was closer a number on a list or a notch in your bedpost than I ever was a name to you. 

A small confession from a forgettable fangirl. The unrequited love of just another number. Because some of us don't know how to let go... 

 Reasons for Recommending: This is such a tragic story and a perfect representation of unrequited love. What stuns me most is its simplicity; without any bells and whistles, the pure emotion in this shines and really captures the reader—which makes the tragicness of this love story even more heartbreaking. I highly recommend it! 

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