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Fic Night Video Archive

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With many a Fic Night in the books, we have decided to create this area to make it easier for everyone to catch up on the fun. Below you'll find not only a list of our winners, but also links to the broadcasts featuring live reading, analysis, and - when possible - Q&A with the author about the story and their other works.

Be sure to check out the other features on the HPFT YouTube Channel!

November 2017

Story: Inevitable (M) by clevernotbrilliant/clairevergreen
Stream: Fic Night #10

September 2017

Story: Secret Keeper by poppunkpadfoot
Stream: Fic Night #9

August 2017

Story: Morningstar (M) by toomanycurls
Stream: Fic Night #8

July 2017

Story: The Unusual Tale of Shirley the Squib and Brian the Boggart by Felpata_Lupin
Stream: Fic Night #7

JuneĀ 2017

Story #1: Unapologetic by victoria_anne
Story #2: Your World and Mine (M) by lovegood27
Stream: Fic Night #6 (Double-Feature)

Mid October 2016

Story: Put a Ring on It! (M) by AlexisBlack
Stream: Fic Night #5

Early October 2016

Story: The Prince and the Pirate by banshee
Stream: Fic Night #4

Mid August 2016

Story: In Every Stitch by LooneyLizzie
Stream: Fic Night #3

Early August 2016

Story: Ignotia (M) by Aphoride
Stream: Fic Night #2

July 2016

Story: Slytherin Career Day (M) by CambAngst
Stream: Fic Night #1

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