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December Story of the Month Nominations

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:santabanana:December Story of the Month Nominations:santabanana:


How it works:


This thread is for you to nominate your favorite stories to be recognized as the HPFT Story of the Month.  Seconding isn't necessary as all stories will move on to the voting round.

Mid-month, a Prefect will post a voting poll with the stories that received the most votes. Don't worry about having to rush. You'll have about 10 days to read the stories and vote for your favorite!

We will announce the winner on the first of the month. The winner will receive a cool prize!


Please post your nominations in this thread using the following format:


  • Title:
  • Author:
  • Link to Story [+Rating if Mature]:
  • Warnings [if applicable]:
  • Why do you think this Story deserves to be Nominated?:



Rules for nomination:


1. All stories that have been nominated must have been updated sometime since July 2016.

2. Stories can be any genre, character type, fandom, or length.

3. No NC-17 rated stories.

4. Any story nominated must follow site guidelines.

5. Stories can be posted on HPFT, AO3, FF.net, or HPFF.

6. You may only nominate one story.

7. Stories do not have to be complete to be nominated. WIPs are acceptable.

8. While there are lots of lovely authors out there, we'd like to focus specifically on the ones who belong to HPFT, so try to double check that the person you nominate has an account here.


Nominations will close on December 16, 2017 at 11:59pm GMT



Please note: the winning story for November will be announced as soon as possible, sorry for the wait! 




Previous Months' Winners:

September '16 - The Harder They Fall by Victoria_Anne

October '16 - How Hogwarts Scarred Me For Life (by Enid McElderry) by beyond the rain

December '16 - Gravel on the Ground: From the Ashes by 1917farmgirl

January '17 - Liar by Felpata Lupin

March '17- Periphery by firewhiskey_ginger

April '17 - Absolution by Rhaenyra

May '17- In This Darkness by Quill2Parchment

July '17-Voldemort and the Impromptu Holiday by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap & Nights like These by Banshee

August '17-The Wild Princess by Victoria_Anne & Skewed Toward Truth by MuggleMaybe

September '17- Traitorous Heart by Penelope_Inkwell

October '17- Beyond Repair by MuggleMaybe

November '17 - Once Upon the Marauders by Flaming Quilltips

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Title: a garden of weeds
Author: ailhsa23
Link to Story: here+ [Mature]
Warnings: sexual content, suicide
Why do you think this Story deserves to be Nominated? The writing is absolutely stunning. As I was reading, I kept stopping to reread certain sentences just because it was that good. Also, the voice of her main character is so well-defined and consistent, and all the characters are all imperfect and human and incredibly well-written. I'm going to keep promoting this wherever I go, haha. It's honestly such a masterpiece.

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Title: When I Go Out With You
Author: @Dojh167
Link: +Click [Mature]
Warnings: Sexual content
Reason:  Amazingly funny and unique characterization that is simply on point; wonderfully different plotline; so much "outside-the-box-ness" that the box simply does not exist. Hannah Abbot has simply never been so interesting and you must read it. 

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Title: Icarus

Author: @Stella Blue

Link: +Click (Mature)

Warnings: Eating Disorders, Hate Speech, Sexual Content, Violence, Substance Abuse

Reason: This story is simply perfect. Kristin’s alternate version of the Wizarding World is so masterfully created; she has twisted the world that we love into something recognizable but distinctly different, which is so heartbreaking, and has seamlessly woven in sci-fi elements that make this story even more of a delight to read. She writes with the perfect balance of melancholy and humor; I’ve been alternating between laughing and crying haha. The main character, Lily, is compelling and relatable and lovable. My favorite part of this fic is how it really delves into the question of “What if?”, the nostalgia and the melancholy associated with this question, something that I think is a really universally relatable idea. So yeah. Read it! It’s wonderful, one of the best I’ve read on the archives ❤️

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