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FROGS Category Suggestions

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Hello, friends! :D  Now that the snowball fight is done and the staff are getting ready to finalize our rules and categories for the FROGS, we wanted to give everyone the chance to give input on any specific categories they'd really like to see, particularly categories that deviate from some of the more standard genre/era/etc ones. We won't automatically include every suggestion, but we'll definitely consider them as we make our final decisions. ^_^

If you'd like to make suggestions, please do so by Friday (December 22).

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Most Original
Best Fluff
Best Rare Pair
Best Friends to Lovers
Best Love/Hate Relationships
Best Slow Build/Slow Burn
Best Questioning Identity

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Crimson Quill

Best Friendship 

Best Line/Quote

Best Trope/Use of a Trope


Seconding for Sam's suggestions of 'Most Original' 'Best Fluff' 'Best Rare Pair' 


Edited by Crimson Quill

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We could do something like a Hook, Line, Sinker? The Best Hook would be the story with the best summary (or the opening line) the Best Line would be the story with the best first line (or any other specific line—this one’s similar to best quote) and Best Sinker would be the story with the best closing line. 

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  1. Most realistic portrayal of mental illness/physical illness/disability.
  2. Best portrayal of a non-English speaking country/character from a non-English speaking country (since the site is in English, any portrayal of non-English speaking countries indicate either that the writer is not writing about their own culture or that they are not writing in their first language, with a few exceptions as in when the writer is bilingual or has lived abroad for a long time, and either accurately portraying another country or writing in a language other than your own is impressive).
  3. Most success in making readers cry/Best Tearjerker.
  4. Most unexpected twist/ending.
  5. Best use of language.
  6. Best imagery.
  7. Best portrayal of family relationships - parent/child, siblings.
  8. Death with most impact.
  9. Best historical story.
  10. Best original fiction.
  11. Best crossover.
  12. Best worldbuilding.
  13. Best development of an aspect of canon - ugh, that's badly explained. I mean things like stories that build on something that is only mentioned in passing, like showing people training to be Healers or exactly what caused the Founders to fall out or how a potion was created.
  14. Best inclusion of magic/superpowers.
  15. Best series.
  16. Best OC.
  17. Best portrayal of a child character.
  18. Best portrayal of an elderly person.
  19. Best villain redemption.
  20. Best alternative character portrayal.
  21. Most frightening villain.
  22. Creepiest/most frightening horror.
  23. Best creation of tension/suspense.
  24. Best unreliable narrator.
  25. Best creation of a 1st person narrator's voice.
  26. Best non-linear.
Edited by Margaret
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The four things I would like to see are:

1. Genre specific categories (eg. comedy, romance, angst, dark, etal)

2. Best Original Fiction (excluding poetry and dabbles)

3. Best Other Fandom

4. For poetry and dabbles to be separate categories

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^ Imma second scooter on seeing genre categories - romance, angst, dark/horror, fluff would be good. 

I'd also love: 

  1. Best Villain
  2. Best Series
  3. Best Short Story/Novella (if we're doing medium/types of story, I think I'd be nice to include something for those stories which aren't one-shots or novels, yk?) 
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Crimson Quill
21 hours ago, Margaret said:
  1. Best portrayal of family relationships - parent/child, siblings.

I'm also going to second this too because I think it's really important to recognise other relationships (family/friendship) not just those romantic relationships. it's a talent to be able to create realistic/believable relationships between your characters and  platonic relationships are underappreciated and deserve love too. We have some talented writers who do this so well!

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A few more possibilities:

  1. Best challenge winner.
  2. Best setting.
  3. Best professor.
  4. Best portrayal of the classes/exams/academic side of Hogwarts.
  5. Best underrated story - say of those with no reviews for stories under five chapters and less than one review for every three chapters for longer stories or something like that.
  6. Best fanfiction for a fandom other than Harry Potter.
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