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What do you admire about other Hogwarts houses besides your own?

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I was thinking about it this morning. So. I'll start.

I'm a Ravenclaw, and after that I would be, in order, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Gryffindor. So I'll be going from the one I'm closest with to the house I identify with the least.

Hufflepuff: Being hard working. When I enjoy something my family says I'll move mountains for it, but if I don't I have to force myself to get things done. I'm not someone who likes hard work unless it's fun. I'll take short cuts. Which can be good because it lets me find new ways to do things, but it'd be great to have that Hufflepuff trait to sit down and get things done. 

I also admire the sense of fairness. Morals are something I stand very strongly on for myself, which might be what makes it my second house. Even a Hufflepuff friend of mine who's a self proclaimed jerk who doesn't like people still has a very strong sense of what's right. 

Slytherin: Ambition. I really admire the drive a lot of my Slytherin friends have towards getting what they want. Like I said, I can get into stuff I want to do, but when it gets tedious or no longer enjoyable I go through burnout. I don't have the mental stamina. Watching you guys go after things is really inspiring.

You also tend to stick with those you feel close to. A lot of slytherins I know in my life tend to be ride or die when it comes to sticking with their own, even for those who don't really see themselves sticking themselves out for most others. 

Gryffindor: Putting aside fear. I'm a whimp. I'm not brave. I freeze up. I'm scared of a lot of things and sometimes it really ruins things for me. People who can just DO things always shock me. I overthink too much and can never seem to just take the jump when I need to. Like. Guys. It's amazing to see you guys just get out there. I don't know how you do it. 

Even for those like Neville who aren't particularly outgoing, you get to it when it counts. And I think that's absolutely amazing.

What about you guys? What do you guys admire about the other houses?


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I'm Slytherin - next would be Ravenclaw for the ability to learn and hold wisdom. Then Hufflepuff as I like things to be just and I am loyal, then Gryffindor because I am brave in situations I never thought I would be brave in, but may not be brave in other situations and may stay silent or turn away from the situation.

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Hmmm, I'm a Ravenclaw, next would be Slytherin, Hufflepuff then Gryffindor.

love my Claw side and have many of Claw traits - love for books, knowledge and scholastic mindset, I can be focused on one thing to the point of obsession, having a strong artistic side. I can be, also, quirky and eccentric at times.  

Slytherin - well, for starters - I'm living with one But I do admire their drive to achieve. Their strength in taking a rational side and business-like side to the next level. They are loyal,  extremely so when they chose or deem you worthy of it. They are also smart... well, most of them. 

Hufflepuff - they are persistent, loyal and openminded. The least judgemental of all. And they are fierce, they won't start the fight but they are far from defenceless.

Gryffindor -  uhhh, this is a tough one, mainly because I have a hard time getting along with people who are "Gryffindor" type. I admire their bravery tho, even if I think that that bravery should be accompanied by planning more than reacting. Still, they are supportive and most likely to stand by you even when you falling through the ceiling or into abys. So yeah, reckless bravery is something to be admired - whether you like it or not. 


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