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Secret Cupid Explanation & Sign-Up Thread

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:wub: Secret Cupid Gift Exchange! :wub: 


Hi all! :waving: 

Welcome to our Valentine event - Secret Cupid! As you probably are all familiar with the concept of Secret Santa, the nature of this event shouldn’t be much of a surprise to you. But still, here’s an explanation of how this will all go down!

For this event, you can sign-up during the first week of February. To make this an even bigger surprise, however, this will be done in such a way that; aside from Staffers, nobody actually knows who joins, as the sign-up posts will be made invisible. So if you post and do not see your form or any other posts - don’t fret! We can assure you that they will be there. :thumbsup: 

After this week, the sign-ups will close, and you will be assigned to someone else. As soon as your Valentine partner is assigned to you, you will have two weeks to send in a minimum of three (3) gifts. (Partners will not be revealed until the end of the month though, so staff will accept gifts after the deadline if you still wanted to send something in but did not have the time to do so.) You can always make/send more than three if you want to spread more love this Valentines day!! <3

*NOTE: All Gift Delivery will be done through the Staffer that sends you paring, so as to remain anonymous. 

-- We’d also like to note that, due to the nature of this event, no House Points will be given for this event. We want all of you to just have fun; relax and enjoy yourselves this month. You've earned a break! :sunbathing: 


At then end of the month, there will be a topic in which you may all leave guess as to who your Secret Valentine was, with the big reveal happening on March 1st! To summarize all of this for you, we have put together the following timeline:


  • Feb. 1st 12:00am GMT - Secret Cupid Sign-ups open.
  • Feb. 7th 11:59pm GMT - Topic locks and Sign-ups Close.
  • Feb. 11th - Pairings/Match-ups are announced!
  • Feb. 25th 12am GMT - All Minimum Required gifts MUST be delivered. 
  • Feb 27th - Guessing Topic opened 
  • March 1st - Partners will be revealed! 



If you would like to sign up for Secret Cupid, please use the following form:


  • Username: 
  • Link to HPFT Author Page(s)/Writing Journal: 
  • Likes/Dislikes: (if there are any sorts of stories that you prefer to read or prefer not to read, please mention them here.)
  • Type of Gifts you you would like to RECEIVE: (use this space to give your Gifter ideas on what you want for Valentine's Day; e.g. Reviews, WJ Questions, PicSpams/Graphics, etc...)
  • Type of Gifts you you would like to GIVE: (please tell us what gifts you are able to leave for your partner; e.g. reviews, PicSpams/Graphics, WJ Questions, etc... here)
  • Other: (Are there any fandoms aside from HP that you like? Is there anything else about yourself that you would like the Staff and/or your Gifter to know?)



We hope that you all enjoy this event!! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! :hearteyes:

edit: your replies to this will not show up to members so that it's a fun surprise who is signing up. ^_^

Edited by Renacerá
Changed lock time to 11:59pm on 2/7 and fixed formatting on the form.

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