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Hey there! I’m Isobel and I’ve been writing for a few years now, although I have more WIPs than completed fics. Whoops. :$

I’ve decided to attempt something new this year, which is focusing on a specific story or storyverse each month. I’m hoping this method will help me tackle my 500-ish WIPs :P and eventually result in an author’s page that I can be proud of. For February, a few other authors and I decided to band together for FebNo, which is basically NaNoWriMo without a word count and focusing more on sitting down and getting words out. A week in, and while I’ve procrastinated a lot, I’m really happy to have made progress with February’s novel, which is:



When Alice Miller’s little sister Blue becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation, Alice is convinced that it’s all a mistake and sets out to unravel a web of secrets and lies. However, when the truth involves a decades-old kidnapping, betrayals of love, old schoolgirl rivalries, and a mystery surrounding Alice herself, proving Blue’s innocence may be harder than she first thought.

The story is set in three timelines: Alice, in 1975, with her best friends Frank and Katherine, scrambling as she tries to prove Blue’s innocence, and prove that their mother didn’t kidnap Alice when she was four; Katherine, in 1996, now one of the Healers looking after the Longbottoms, confronted by one of the Aurors involved in the 1975 investigation; and Adele, in 1940, living in the mystery that everyone wants to unfold. There are secrets about secrets, lies and mistruths, a lot of Strong Independent Women, and nobody really knows what’s going on. I’ve been very experimental with this novel, since it’s told in a mix of first and third person, is in three timelines, and every chapter starts with a document of some sort, from Ministry interviews to missing person appeals to detention records, and so far the experiment is going well. There are 34 chapters outlined, and I can’t wait to start posting Where The Wind Takes Me on HPFT (which will be when I have a few solid chapters written instead of snippets of multiple chapters).

Also, because I’m slowly bringing my stories over from other sites onto HPFT (a process that’s slow because I’m editing the stories and bringing them up to current standard before posting), and February is Black History Month, I picked a story featuring Roxanne Weasley, which I just reread and am super excited about rewriting/editing!



She came into the world not kicking and screaming, but with a shower of sparks, surrounded by Roman candles and Catherine wheels. Born eighteen months after her brother, she was never destined for a mundane existence like most.

Her world is polychromatic, dangerous, and impossible.

(Summary likely to change. Title is from the book by Philip Pullman.)

This story was written in a hurry (for a House Cup) and the original plot didn’t work with the site’s rules, so the second chapter ended up something very different to what I originally envisaged. I’ve been meaning to go back and revisit the story, and now feels like the perfect time.

So these two stories are what I’ll be focusing on in February (no, Muse, we are not writing Albus, so stop clicking on his document) and the jury’s still out on what to focus on in March... maybe I could post the details here and make a Twitter poll?

Anyway, if you’ve read this far, thank you for stopping by! And don’t hesistate to leave a comment, even if it’s just to say hi — or to yell at me for procrastinating. That would actually be really helpful. :thumbsup:

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For those who don’t know, I keep a spreadsheet of all my characters and their faceclaims. Obviously, this doesn’t include every minor background character, but generally if I’ve written the character as an MC or part of an ensemble cast, or have a solid plan / strong desire to write them, they’re on the spreadsheet.

Last night I was procrastinating FebNo updating some of my faceclaims, and accidentally zoomed out of the spreadsheet. What suddenly became noticeable was the vast amount of green on the spreadsheet... it seemed like there were a lot of Slytherins.

The Ravenclaw in me doesn’t surface often, but as someone who tries to highlight Hufflepuffs in my stories (since they tend to be underrepresented in fanfic), so many Slytherins caught my attention, and I decided to count up exactly how many characters I had from each House.

45 characters are in :gryffindor:

27 characters are in :hufflepuff:

25 characters are in :ravenclaw:

67 characters are in :slytherin:

and 16 are yet to be Sorted.

Of the non-Hogwarts population, there are 6 characters who attended Beauxbatons, 2 characters who attended Durmstrang, 11 non-magical characters, and 13 demons/monsters (this includes vampires).

And here’s a pie chart for those who prefer visual information:


I noticed when adding up the characters that the Weasleys and the Marauders account for a lot of the Gryffindors, and most of my Slytherins are composed of the Black family, and characters that appear in my baby novel, The Skull Beneath the Skin (which won a FROGS omg!!!) which skew the results slightly. Also, I try to write diverse characters from different backgrounds and with their own personalities, so I was expecting the Houses to be more evened out (or even skewed towards Hufflepuffs).

Sooooo round two, featuring exclusively OCs! (I’m not including the OCs I created for the missing students in Harry’s year, since those had to be pigeonholed into the gaps, so the results would be inaccurate. Nor will I be including canon characters who we don’t know the Houses of, because for example, Alice Longbottom’s house is unknown, but she was a good person, an Auror, one of the Order, people sang her praises — it’s unlikely for her to be in Slytherin, despite her ambitions, so again, the results would be inaccurate as my choice of house would be influenced by existing canon knowledge.)

8 characters are in :gryffindor:

11 characters are in :hufflepuff:

7 characters are in :ravenclaw:

24 characters are in :slytherin:

and 11 are yet to be Sorted.

Of the non-Hogwarts population, there are 6 characters who attended Beauxbatons, 2 characters who attended Durmstrang, 7 non-magical characters, and 13 demons/monsters (this includes vampires).

And! Another pie chart!


...I honestly did not expect this many Slytherins. :o I can’t even attribute this to The Skull Beneath the Skin, because I was too lazy to create random people looked up names and created characters based on a single name shouted in a battle, in order to remain as close to canon as possible, so there are barely any ‘proper’ OCs outside of Posy’s family. The large proportion of demons/monsters is simple to explain, though — there are very few in canon, and I have a vampire novel, so the majority of those 13 are our bitey friends. :thumbsup:

Conclusion: my author’s page should be titled ‘An Ode to Slytherins’. :P On a more serious note, this was actually really interesting to work out! And a super good way to procrastinate. I’m totally up for discussing this further if anyone is vaguely interested in the slightest?


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