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Oh boy, a rare pair thread; this is where I'm going to live now, haha, I rarely ship canon actually....I think I have one canon ship and half of it is dead, rip and have a lot of rarer pairings that I need to yell about.

Let me start with my biggest one, the first I fell in love with way before I even started reading fanfiction, let alone writing it, and that is now taking up all of my fic-writing time: Remus Lupin/Lily Evans, aka Remily. I just think they're absolutely perfect for each others; she's always described as kind-hearted, intelligent, and outgoing, and I feel as though that's the perfect partner for Remus, who's kind as well but much more reserved, who feels as though he doesn't deserve love or kindness towards him because he is a 'monster' in his own mind. She would draw him out and get him to open up, and I think they would compliment and temper each other quite nicely.

Another that I have, I honestly don't know how I started shipping it but I did, is Draco/Ron. It was initially a kind of crack-ish comment made between myself and a friend, when trying to figure out ships for an au I'm writing with Pansmione (another rarer fave), but then I started thinking....and started shipping seriously. 

In the Remily au I'm working on (and dying over, rip me), a background ship I've got is Marlene McKinnon/Severus Snape, which I'm...weirdly drawn to--despite her not having much characterisation in the novels, as she's...you know, dead.

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