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Which Skins Do You Use?

which skins do you use?  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Archives

    • Autumn Days
    • Fruity
    • Night Sky
    • Sommerbrise
    • SurpriseMe
  2. 2. Forums

    • Dark Ember
    • IPS Original
    • Burning Bright

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Posted (edited)

With the wonderful addition of new forum skins, I wanted to know what people used for this skins, so I decided to make a poll. (I like collecting unofficial data, I guess.) So pick your favorite skin for both the archives and the forums, and comment below why!

As for me, I use Fruity for the archives, because I like the green, and I use Burning Bright for the forums because I like reading black text on white (and also because the orange/black color scheme is so cool).

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I use Night Sky and Dark Ember. I prefer the light on dark as it's easier to look at. It's also sort of a dyslexia thing? For me, at least, I find it easier to read things on a non white/light background. Mixing up words is a bit less frequent with a darker background haha. ^_^ Other than that, I love the orange and black color scheme so much too. It's sooo good.

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800 words of heaven

On the archives, I use Sommerbrise. It really takes advantage of the widescreen view, which can be a little annoying sometimes :P But the colour scheme is just wonderful. The colours are so bright and fun, yet soothing at the same time. I sometimes just open the archives to look at those colours.

On the forums, I'm using Burning Bright. I tried Dark Ember and was surprised to learn that I find white on black writing incredibly annoying. I'm really enjoying this particular shade of orange, too. It's not too much at all, which I was worried about when the theme was first released.

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I've always had Night Sky enabled on the archives, and it looks weird to me to change it to anything else.  As for the forums, at first I thought I liked Burning Bright a little better, but after one full day of Dark Ember, I'm hooked.

My favorite things about the new skins:

  1. The ticker tape!
  2. How lovely our icon stands out at the top!
  3. Clicking on the icon to get back to the hope page!
  4. The flash of orange as you hover over each subforum!
  5. And my absolute favorite part is how amazingly colorful the usernames look at the bottom of the page against the dark background!!
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