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Unwritten Curse

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Unwritten Curse

Howdy, friends! Gina here. :)

In an effort to get more involved in HPFT and read more of your wonderful stories, I am opening up a new review thread! Hooray! Please read the rules and other information below before requesting, or I reserve the right to skip your request. Thanks!


  1. Only stories posted on HPFT, please.
  2. I will have two slots open at a time. When I am done with a review, I will post an update with how many slots are available.
  3. I will read only one chapter per request. You are free to come back and request again for multi-chaptered fics.
  4. HP fanfiction and original fiction ONLY. Any genre, era, pairing, etc.

Reviewing Styles:

  1. Like a Reader: This is my default review style. Basically, I read your story purely for enjoyment sake, and my review consists of everything I love about the chapter and the story. I will gush about things that hit me as a reader, and leave your story with lots of love and support. Because the world is hard, you know? And sometimes you just need a little sunshine.
  2. Like a Writer: If you want me to review in this style, please let me know. I am BY NO MEANS nit-picky, but I can leave constructive criticism. In this review mode, I will also tell you the things that I loved, but it will come with a dose of feedback regarding what I think could be added or revised. I am an English teacher, so offering constructive feedback is part of the territory, and I have gotten rather good at offering said feedback without coming across as mean and scary. ;)

Extra Information:

  1. My turnaround time for reviews will be between 1-5 days. If it has been longer than that, feel free to poke me via PM.
  2. If, for whatever reason, the subject material of your story is a no-go for me (this happens VERY rarely), I will let you know via PM.
  3. Please respond to my reviews. I LOVE hearing from you.
[b]Story and Author Name, including link:[/b]
[b]Warnings and Advisories:[/b]
[b]Areas of Concern:[/b]



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adorably cute
Posted (edited)

Jumping on this because your reviews always make me smile :D!!! 

[b]Story and Author Name, including link:[/b] Home by adorably cute Link Here! (M) (I think you just finished chapter 3? Chapter 4 link is here (M))
[b]Warnings and Advisories:[/b] sexual content, substance abuse
[b]Genre[/b] drama, humor, romance
[b]Length:[/b] 40,641 total. chapter 4 is 2940 words
[b]Summary:[/b] Home was a rather relative word for the girl who bounced between countries to divorced parents (who continue to do so, going for 
the record there, Mom?), but perhaps, as Carson Wood is coming to find, the word can mean more than just a house with furniture inside.
Or of family, friendship, finding love, and a bit of Quidditch.
[b]Ships:[/b] James II/OC, Fred/OC, Louis/OC, OC/OC
[b]Areas of Concern:[/b] flow, anything that hits you. I love your default review style so whatever you've got to say is great!
Edited by LadyL8
Unrated mature link

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Posted (edited)

Story and Author Name, including link: War Stories by forever_dreaming (M)

Warnings and Advisories: Spoilers, Violence

Genre Genfic 

Length: 2 chapters, 7150 words total

Summary:  In the end, war heroes are, too, only humans.

Ships: They aren’t a major focus of the story. 

Areas of Concern: Honestly, I love hearing what people think about these stories. The two chapters in this story are not explicitly connected, though there are some common themes uniting them. Mostly, I want to know about characterization, purple prose, and the general emotional impact. I’m considering rewriting these stories, so if you have any suggestions/inputs on that front, that would be great. You can pick the chapter you want to read; the first chapter is about Neville and the second chapter is about Cho. Thanks in advance <3

Edited by forever_dreaming

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Unwritten Curse

All done, my dears. Thanks for your patience. :hug:



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hii! :3

Story and Author Name, including link: you again
Warnings and Advisories: justawillowtree
Genre angst, general, romance
Length: 16,992


Some people need only a single second chance at life to realign themselves with who they wish to be. Others require many more second chances.

This is a tale of the latter.

Ships: teddy/victoire
Areas of Concern: just want to know your thoughts! :wub: thank you!!

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Story and Author Name, including linkWar Stories by forever_dreaming (M)

Warnings and Advisories: Spoilers, Violence

Genre: Genfic 

Length: 2nd chapter is 3763 words 

Summary:  In the end, war heroes are, too, only humans. // Chapter summary: “You were once a delicate China doll, but now you’re cracked and broken.”

Ships: N/A

Areas of Concern: Your first review basically killed me, so I’m back! <3 I wanted to know what you think of this as its own entity and in relation to the first chapter, “courage”. The second chapter is wildly different from the first but I’m always interested in the connections people make. CC is always appreciated :) 

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