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Posted (edited)
8 minutes ago, facingthenorthwind said:


I didn't even realize it until like late last night, and I was one of the ones giving them the damn clues, lmfao!!! :roflol:



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22 hours ago, Dojh167 said:

@Alopex Can we get double check that #9 doesn't have a typo? That it is in fact supposed to be "dog," not "dogs"

I think that it is a typo but will ask the staffer in question!

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The results for scavenger hunt 3 are in. The hunt itself was worth 488 points for card-finding, plus 39 more points for fact-matching. Then there was the usual order-of-completion bonus for card-finding (for houses that didn't complete, we then looked at percentage completed).

1st Place: Hufflepuff earned 488 points for finding 39/39 cards, 39 points for matching 39/39 facts, and 100 points for finishing finding the cards first, for a total of 627 points.

2nd Place: Gryffindor earned 488 points for finding 39/39 cards, 23 points for matching 23/39 facts, and 75 points for finishing finding the cards second, for a total of 586 points.

3rd Place: Slytherin earned 473 points for finding 38/39 cards, 19 points for matching 19/39 facts, and 50 points for order-of-finish, for a total of 542 points.

4th Place: Ravenclaw earned 449 points for finding 36/39 cards, 23 points for matching 23/39 facts, and 25 points for order-of-finish, for a total of 497 points.

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It occurs to me, by the way, that you all may be interested in the answers to the facts. :P Sorry for bad formatting.

Also, I am unlocking this topic again in case anyone wants to discuss/complain/etc. :P

abhorsen.    I am the plan.
abhorsen.    I don't like liars who steal nail polish and then pass out when you slap them a little bit on the back of the head.
abhorsen.    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
Alopex    The object I'd most like to interact with from the HP books is the Marauder's Map.
Alopex    I can make my throat puff out like a frog.
Alopex    I have still never watched the "Goblet of Fire" film.
Ineke    A pet that is owned either by myself or my parents, is named after a Harry Potter character
Ineke    I have two cats
Ineke    If I had been born a boy, my name would've been Bart
LadyL8    Loves to read crime/mystery novels
LadyL8    Have never gone ice skating, but would love to do it next winter
LadyL8    Used to work at a pet shop
Levana    I am a huge LOTR fan, and even created my own recipe for Lembas bread.
Levana    I live on baked potatoes .
Levana    I love video games; my two (2) favorites are Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect.
Paulatheprokaryote    I have a decent sized insect collection.
Paulatheprokaryote    My dream is to run an animal rescue when I retire.
Paulatheprokaryote    I’m obsessed with greenhouses.
Renacerá    Enjoys star-crossed romances and essentially all LGBTQ+ pairings
Renacerá    Works professionally with books
Renacerá    Loves cats, tolerates dog
RoxiMalfoy    The very first fanfic I ever wrote was a Lord of the Rings story, and it was all hand-written on over 600 pages of notebook paper.
RoxiMalfoy    I went to see my favorite band play live in concert 19 times before they tragically broke up back in 2013. 😢
RoxiMalfoy    I started singing/performing locally when I was 8 years old, and I'm currently one of the lead singers in the worship band at my church.
TidalDragon    Intermittent tabletop gamer
TidalDragon    Knocked out running into a tree
TidalDragon    Former amusement park employee
toomanycurls    Likes to write happy endings.
toomanycurls    Has four (4) tattoos.
toomanycurls    Has toured a chocolate factory.
Unwritten Curse    Studied abroad in Northern Ireland.
Unwritten Curse    Learned to play the bass guitar at age 16.
Unwritten Curse    Stayed at a monastery for a weekend and wrote a series of prose poetry about the experience.
Veritaserum27    I've met Khaled Hosseini.
Veritaserum27    I love sushi.
Veritaserum27    I don't have any tattoos.
victoria_anne    I own five different copies of my favourite book
victoria_anne    My favourite music artist is Tori Amos
victoria_anne    My biggest dream is becoming a published author

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I would like to point out that I stand corrected by whichever Puff uncovered my After Edmund obsession, lol!! 😅  They DID finally announce their breakup to the public in early 2015. But the last time I saw them in concert was in September of 2013, and I might have based my fact analysis around that. I pretty much knew after the last time I saw them tho that they wouldn't be together much longer, due to everything that was going on with some of the members IRL. 😟 

I apologize if mixup on the dates/years confused anybody... However, all you really had to do was take one look thru all of my photo albums on Facebook to see that I had traveled and seen this band play in concert WELL OVER 14-15 times, lmao!!! 😂😂 The exact total of 19 may not have been mentioned anywhere, but it was totally not a hard fact to guess at all, Imo. Mad props to whoever figured out it was the band After Edmund tho!!! 😋

Also, it was a music-related clue, and I'm a musician. I go to concerts all the time, so... 🤷‍♀️  Word to @Unwritten Curse for throwing in that bass guitar fact tho and making everything think that I could play an instrument, haha!! 🤣 All I do is sing, y'all. I just wish that I could play an instrument. 

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