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MadiMalfoy's Reviews

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Hello everyone! I'm back again with a multi-fandom review thread ^_^ Please read my guidelines carefully so I don't have to skip you. 

Things I will read:

Fandom: Original Fiction, Harry Potter, The 100, Merlin, Doctor Who, Marvel, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, The Maze Runner, Star Trek, How to Train Your Dragon, and others I may have forgotten (just PM if you think you have something else that I might be familiar with)

Ships: HP: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Harry/Hermione, rare pairs | The 100: Bellamy/Clarke, Clarke/Lexa, Octavia/Lincoln, Raven/Wick 

Genres/Eras: All


Things I will NOT read:

ShipsHermione/Snape, Hermione/Tom Riddle, Hermione/Ron, student/teacher, 

Themes: teen pregnancy, underage/non-consensual activity (if there's mention, that's fine)


I will have 2 slots open at a time as I am a busy graduate student, and my turn-around time is two-three weeks, so please PM if it's been longer than that. You may request up to 2 chapters at a time for a short story/novella/novel/etc but it may take a bit longer. 



Story Name, Author, and Link: 

Warnings and Advisories:





Areas of Concern:


Edited by MadiMalfoy

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adorably cute

Madi! Jumping in on this like I said I would! 😁

Story Name, Author, and Link: The Week of Unknown Pranks (m)

Warnings and Advisories: language,I guess? 

Genre: humor, AU

Ships: none besides friendship 😜 (I'll see myself out)

Length: 3986 words



James and Sirius are baffled when someone else starts pranking Snivellus. Lily is still trying to feel her way around the office. Albus tries to score an invite to the Semi-Annual Chair Races.

Or, the Marauders The Office AU I've previously discussed

Areas of Concern: flow is a big area I'm concerned with for this because there are a lot of breaks within it. otherwise, I'd love to just hear your thoughts! ♥️

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Hello Madi, I have finally made it here, lol!! 😉 

Story & Author Name: Doing the Right Thing by RoxiMalfoy
Warnings & Advisories: None
Genres: AU, Dark/Horror
Length: One-Shot, 1,500 Words
Ships: N/A
Summary: Mother had always said that I was different. She believed that I was capable of doing the right thing. Whatever that meant...
Areas of Concern: Feel free to point out whatever sticks out to you in this, I'm really not picky at all. This is the prequel one-shot to my Novel Love, Not War. It actually takes place about three months or so before the events of the main story begin... I would love to hear your thoughts on this, Madi!!! If you like it, I'd be happy to come back and request some reviews on the main story as well!! ☺️ 

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One slot open! Deana I'll get to yours tomorrow :) 


1. RoxiMalfoy


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Story Name, Author, and Link: The Shopping List (T), by esmeraude

Warnings and Advisories: None

Genre: Fluff, Humour

Ships: None

Length: 933 words



The shopping list pinned to the kitchen door of Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, reveals far more about the Potter children than their parents would like you to know.

Areas of Concern: So, this idea came to me while answering reviews and I'm feeling nervous about it because it's a bit of an unconventional one-shot :$ I was limited on formatting -- is the story easy to read? Can you tell each of the kids' characterisations through what they write? How realistic are the sibling relationships? I ended the fic where it ended because it felt like the story needed to be short -- but does it feel like a natural ending? What popped out to you as great and what was terrible? Thank you ^_^

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