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The Concept of Wizarding Army

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so apparently instead of writing those 500 words i set myself up as a goal for today (current word count is 0/500, shame on me! xozGjF.gif) i decided to start a topic i thought would be interesting...well, it's interesting to me, at least.

when i was writing No Mercy. (M) + i wrote about hit wizards and how i imagined their role in the wizarding world - it's next gen because first, i wrote about one of the characters from my novel (The Art of Being Nonchalant), and second, because in canon we see the Ministry utterly failing at actually managing to deal with dangerous wizards so i'd like to think that in the future they might do better?

after i got some interesting&great reviews for No Mercy. and explaining a bit my headcanon it got me thinking - do you see wizards having their own army? or forming it from aurors and/or hit wizards? with full license to use Unforgivable Curses...in case another dark wizard/witch rose up and they didn't have a teenager to save the world? (maybe not an army but like, proper police-equivalent, not just a few aurors who investigate and hit wizards whose number we don't know but they were obviously too few to fight against Voldy and Death Eaters - and seriously, the Death Eaters are also not that great in number so idk)

because i found it alarming that the wizarding world we see in canon managed to fall so easily under Voldemort :shrugs: the Ministry of Magic basically twiddling their thumbs and the world having to rely on a few members of the Order of the Phoenix and some teenagers seem...really weird? obviously, if the story was different, there'd be no HP so i don't really have an issue with that, but i had a lot of fun imagining how a potential hit wizard black ops mission could go in the future and if the Ministry learned anything from past mistakes :hmm: 

so what are your thoughts on that? i can obviously see the problem with making the Unforgiveables okay, and we see in canon that Voldy was ultimately defeated with the power of love...but if we set aside that fact and there's no The Boy Who Lived to save the world with the power of love, what then?

maybe this is a broader question that touches on real world stuff - can you keep a peace without the use of deadly force, but i don't claim to know the answer to that :shrugs: i'd like to say yes, but i'm not sure :I

in my own story, deadly force and lots of violence are used, by both sides - and one of the things i liked when i was writing is that in the end, you kind of see that there don't seem to be real good guys or real heroes...that everything is basically shades of moral gray areas :shrugs: it's not an optimistic world view

i know that the Unforgivables were made legal in the First Wizarding War for aurors but they weren't actually an army-like entity? i think? at least from what we know how few aurors there are...

have you written a story dealing with something like what i'm talking about? what's your headcanon? are you writing a first wizarding war story featuring the order of the phoenix? how do you depict the order? is there a structure? is only dumbledore the leader? how do they operate? so many questions...

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This is a great topic!

I am planning a series where Voldemort takes power on Halloween 1981 instead of being defeated. In this scenario there was no prophesied Chosen One and after attempting to hold the Ministry along with a good horde of its employees when it comes under direct attack, they're forced to flee. Within going into the whole mechanics of how they get there, basically the main story opens in May 1998. The witches and wizards have assembled a resistance (which I have currently only named "The Resistance" 😫), but I envision both having armies, with ranks (condensed), leadership hierarchies, and everything (though obviously the "new" Ministry side's final authority is Voldemort who is).

Voldemort makes sure Hogwarts is run as it was in DH and, like many countries, they have a rule where each person performs compulsory military service, with the better folks becoming career military (by either choice or "persuasion") and the elite becoming part of special tactical units ("Dragoons" - not because they resemble actual dragoons, but because I like the word 😛) or actual Death Eaters. Compulsory service eliminates the reverence for service itself and decreases overall skill in the ranks, but also dramatically inflates its numbers - exacerbating a pre-existing advantage. 

The Resistance army is segmented into two (2) currently poorly and perhaps arguably oppositely named divisions. The "Resistance Security Force" is its offensive and far more highly-skilled side which conducts raids for food/supplies and skirmishes with the opposition in the process or to try and liberate people (there are slums, occupied towns, prison camps, etc.). The RSF also has its own special tactical units (basically two (2) elite squads of RSF members) currently lamely titled "Special Operations Teams".  The "Resistance Defense Force" is its defensive side which basically provides core protection in the event that the Resistance HQ (for lack of a better term ATM) is breached and guards territorial lines that both sides (because of charms) are only vaguely aware of and remain slightly amorphous. They also enforce the laws of the Resistance - though such laws are rarely broken. Perhaps ironically, there is a lot more military pageantry involved with the Resistance, but their membership is also highly revered as it correlates to the highest levels of skill in combat magic and requires them to have previously been selected for an completed a two-year intensive training program the even make either division. Over their decades they've built up a solid number of families and a few canon families have more children (either because they were left alive/capable or because its an AU and they didn't not exist in the series... ;)) and thus have more members than might otherwise be expected, but they definitely aim to make up for in skill what they'll never have in numbers.

The Resistance actually does have a firm rule against the Unforgivables in my story, notwithstanding the previous Ministry decision, but they are perfectly fine killing with other spells. Some of the unwritten rules and policies the Resistance employs (often more societal than military-specific, though some are) definitely blur that line of pure good further.


As far as the large scale question: can you have peace without maintaining a deadly force? The idealist in me likes to say yes. But in reality I'm afraid the concept just runs against nature. For the most part, nature demands instincts and abilities toward survival and the willingness to use them. Layering human nature on top of that - greed, hate, intolerance, selfishness, etc. (which some may disagree, but I think sadly is part of human nature or at least human nurture) - I think there will always be conflict that isn't about survival that people are willing to kill for, even on a disgustingly grand scale. Our history proves it. And so we continue to rest our peace of the idea that the most powerful enemies (in some cases frenemies if we're honest - like the U.S. and China are hugely important trade partners to each other, but in other very important ways - including militarily - totally at odds) are indeed powerful because they possess not only great resources, but they possess the greatest ability to kill and destroy others who might stand against them. We live life in a world of cataclysmic weapons under the shadow - brought somewhat to the fore at present - of mutually-assured destruction.

And that took a darker turn than I originally expected. So...dark, real-world stuff in a spoiler tag.

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