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2019-2018 House Cup Schedule Outline

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This topic is to provide an OVERVIEW/OUTLINE of the intended schedule.  It makes no promise of precise dates, and it is subject to change if necessary.

Length and Structure:  Just like last year, the 2018-2019 House Cup will run from September 2018 to August 2019.  The year has been broken up into four (northern hemisphere) seasons:  fall/autumn (September, October, November), winter (December, January, February), spring (March, April, May), and summer (June, July, August).

Monthly/Regular Items:  Various monthly/regular items, such as Story of the Month, Forum Head Student, and Archive Head Student, will occur.

Writing Events:  This year, rather than a short-duration staff writing challenge in the spring, we are replacing it with a 6-month collaboration. Prefects still will hold a couple of challenges, so be sure to keep an eye out for those! They are worth more points than member challenges. We've listed them as tentative on this schedule because we are giving them the opportunity to replace a couple with small events instead, or to make a judgement call if things seem too busy around the site.

Fall/Autumn Quarter

  • September
    • Prefect will hold the house cup opening event beginning in mid-September.
    • Fall/autumn prefect writing challenge (tentative).
  • October
    • Haunted House activity
  • November
    • NaNoWriMo. Cafe will be open.
    • No HC event.

Winter Quarter

  • December
    • Gift exchange event
    • Winter prefect writing challenge (tentative).
    • Collab begins.
  • January
    • Review event in preparation for FROGS
  • February
    • FROGS (must wrap up by end of February)

Spring Quarter

  • March
    • Spring prefect writing challenge (tentative).
  • April
    • Camp NaNo. Cafe will be open.
    • No HC event.
  • May
    • No HC event.

Summer Quarter

  • June
    • Forum anniversary/birthday will be recognized somehow (no points/HC event).
    • Collab ends.
    • Summer prefect writing challenge (tentative and may be skipped due to the summer being busy already).
    • 6 week window for holding the house cup finale opens in mid-June (it may or may not begin this early...depends on what we plan).
  • July
    • House cup finale
  • August
    • Staff wrap up compiling points for this year and plan for next year.
    • No HC event.
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Alexis Black

That's quite an ambitious schedule! :yay: Hopefully, staff and prefects are up for it! 

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Crimson Quill

This is so exciting!

Can't wait for Winter Quarter especially! ❄️☃️

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