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Ghost stories...

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As our incredibly wonderful and talented prefects have pointed out, it's October, which has amazing festivals all around the world. (Check out their blog +here). One such spooktacular celebration is Halloween (or Hallowe'en, depending on where you're from). And that means... GHOSTS!




Have you ever encountered any paranormal activities in your life? Any supernatural manifestations? An inexplicable occurrence?

Whether you're a believer, a skeptic, or something else entirely, I'd love for you to share your ghost stories (or ghostly stories)!


I'll go first.


I lived in a haunted house.

It was my third year of uni, and I lived with my three best friends in an adorable cottage-like house at the corner of the street. The exterior was brick and a rounded door. Inside, we had the most 70s shade of pea-green carpeting imaginable with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a narrow kitchen, and a back porch. We had a basement for laundry. It was mostly blocked off with a wiry wall to make sure that we couldn't throw any raves (psh, like that ever stopped us). But there was this... secret room that was locked. Upstairs, there was another secret room, which we believed to be the attic.

Once all of us were moved it, we naturally found ways to unlocked both rooms. The basement's secret room was definitely a 1970s den, complete with psychedelic curtain and shelves with disregarded junk (broken bits of metal what-nots, science goggles, you name it). The upstairs secret room was definitely the attic, whose floorboards didn't look the most stable. Nevertheless, we now had access to all corners of the house.

And whatever was in the house had access to all of us.

At first, we thought that maybe the attic door was loose; that's why it opened on its own accord. We thought the footsteps we heard coming up the basement steps and pacing in the kitchen was just sounds an old house makes. We thought that one of us left the back door unlocked.

One night, I was asleep atop of my lofted bed. I woke up to the feeling of something standing at the foot of my bed. My instincts told me to keep my eyes closed, which I did. But I felt whatever was on my bed slink (on two feet) towards my head. As it neared my face, I felt it step over my head and jump off the bed. I imaged it landing on my roommate's bed, which was lofted in an 'L shape' below mine. The next morning, I mentioned to her what had happened. She said, "I felt something land on my bed, sending a whoosh through my sheets that you only get when you actually lift up the sheets and pull them back down. Except nothing moved."

A while later, another friend of us stayed over. She had medium-like tendencies, so none of us said anything to her because we wanted to see if she noticed anything. The next morning, without any prompting, she said, "Did you guys know that you have a spirit of a woman living here?" She launched into a story of when she was trying to sleep on our couch, she heard someone walk up the stairs from the basement, pace in the kitchen, linger in the threshold of the living room (where she was sleeping) before going into my room. She didn't see anything, but she knew deep down that it was a woman.

Time passed. More opened doors. More unlocked doors. More pacing. That eerie feeling that you're being watched when you're alone. A knock on the front door--and no one there. 

My second roommate saw her first. A woman in a long, white nightdress with long, dark hair going into the bathroom.

I saw her second. It was 6:30am in December, so it was still dark when I turned on the light in the kitchen. Standing behind me in the window's reflection was a woman in a long, white nightdress with long, dark hair. I turned around--no one was there. I glanced back into the window's reflection. I was alone again.

My third roommate saw... something. It was a dark being, taking up the entire doorway to our back door. She thought it was an intruder, so she got the other roommate (who first saw the ghost's form), who came back with a baseball bat... but no one was there! The creepy part was that the back door was open... and the screen door was locked. If someone had been there, they would have needed to get through the locked screen door, and since it was raining (as it always does), then there would have been wet footprints. But again, nothing.

That year, things broke: all fire detectors, the carbon monoxide detector, our fridge, our water heater, our air filter.

One time, we were arguing about the attic door opening. We jumped on the floor to make sure it wasn't our footsteps that opened it. Then, as we continued our argument (everyone standing firmly on the ground), the door opened on its own.

My third roommate researched the house. It belonged to a woman named Reba, who left our uni the house after she died. For the latter half of the year, the ghost was referred to as Reba. I didn't call it Reba in case it wasn't Reba and I would piss it off

Nowadays, when we talk about our third year of uni, the four of us sit in amazement and sputter profanity. We lived in a haunted house. For an entire year. And survived.

Now, everyone calls her Reba.



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can i say how much i love this idea

I have a spooky story even though I fall on the side of a skeptic.


When my husband and his brother were children, they’d often wake up to see a person hovering above my husband as he slept. The person was more of a suggestion of a person rather than a material being and had glowing eyes. Both boys would have paralysis and couldn’t scream or run until well after the apparition had dematerialized. As my husband grew older and the apparition stopped showing up, he convinced himself it was all an overactive imagination, despite the fact that his brother never stopped believing he was haunted by some demon or ghost thing. Over a decade later, my husband and I are living together. I acquired some old junk from a friend into the stuff including some tarot cards that were her mother’s, an old ring, and some weird clay creature things her grandmother used to make. She didn’t want to throw them away but she said she couldn’t stand to be around them anymore (her family had a big falling out). I didn’t think much of it and put them in a desk drawer in my office until she was ready to face them again. That weekend I was in bed when I suddenly woke from a dream and couldn’t move. There was this huge black cloud that looked vaguely like a man floating right above my husband while he slept. I tried to scream or grab him or call the police, but I couldn’t move. I watched as it turned and looked at me, cocking its head at an unnatural angle. It continued just hovering above him for what felt like ever before disappearing before my eyes. I woke my husband up sobbing and he tried to comfort me, but he was obviously shaken as well. The following week my mom was visiting and we were all in the kitchen around a crockpot of cheese dip when out of nowhere the Keurig carousel on the other side of the room gave a couple fast spins. My mom freaked out while my husband and I tried to find some way to rationalize it. She drove us an hour to a shop that had sage, sweetgrass, and cedar. She wouldn’t let us step back into the house until she deemed the whole place was cleansed. After questioning, she found my friend’s stuff, wrapped it all up in a box, and took it home with her for safe keeping in the barn. Things have been pretty quiet since! Occasionally the dogs stare into empty corners and bark at nothing or things fall out of nowhere, but it was nothing like it was before. I can comfortably blame the floating monster man to sleep paralysis and weird dreams since I did know about the man prior to that night, but I don't have anything for the Keurig stand and we were all right there. 


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Awesome topic and festive for the season.

I'm a believer, I think that beyond the shadow of a doubt there are unexplained paranormal things out there.


When I was a kid, my brother and I attended a Christian school summer program. I wouldn't consider it a summer camp per say as it was all teachers and wasn't broken into age groups or anything, it was basically like summer day care for kids up to twelve years old. I don't remember exactly how old I was but I was at least 9. My brother who is three years my junior actually attended the school for pre-school. I had a few different experiences and heard other's stories while there.

One occasion all of us kids were in the gymnasium playing. My friend and I were sitting on gymnastic maps talking and not really doing anything remotely related to gymnastics. The custodian had literally just got off a ladder from changing a light bulb of fixture. When he was gone, minutes later the same light dimmed down to nothing. We both looked at each other and thought that seemed rather strange as it had been working fine when the custodian left. Then my friend heard a disembodied voice calling her name.

The same day and in the same place something quite odd happened. There was this huge, and very heavy toy box for the playground outside. I remember distinctly that this box took and adult and another older kid to carry outside. Yet with nobody near it moved across the hall to the stage door and blocked the door. one of the teachers had gone on stage to lay down due to a severe headache, and when she tried pulling and pushing on the door it wouldn't budge. She had to jump off the stage and we moved the box back to where it was.

There was a room upstairs in the school that always gave me an uncomfortable feeling. I had been sent up there a couple of times to change into my swimsuit when they put out sprinklers or pools and stuff. Despite the room being bright with a lot of natural light I always felt like something was watching me, and that it wasn't something nice. I never saw anything but I left the room shaken every time. A couple of summers later, I wasn't at the school anymore but I had a dream about that room.

My brother shared an experience he had from when he was attending preschool there. despite being young he still remembers this and swears it was real. He and another kid had been asked to go into the crawl space beneath the stage to retrieve the big parachute for a game they were going to play. Both of them witnessed in the darkness hundred of glowing, red eyes all around them when they went in. My brother says they went running out without the parachute and refused to go back in.

Years later... I was in a high school theatre class and I had an awesome teacher who often did interesting exercising. One day we were discussing ghost stories. I shared with the class about this school. At this point I wasn't sure how much of it was real or if a lot of it had just been kids playing pranks and an over reactive imagination. A part of believed it was real enough o share it. Another guy in my class backed up my story. While he never attended the school or been inside it, His grandparents lived across the street. He said that late at night it the lights in the school would flicker on and off all of the time. Somehow, I think that there are too many different accounts of things that happened there for it not to be haunted. Of course we'll never really know as it's private property and I doubt they will allow an paranormal investigation to take place.


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@PaulaTheProkaryote: Paula, that story is so freaky! Your poor husband! And you for witnessing that!  I'm glad you cleansed your house after your Keurig stand was moved. And stored those spooky artifacts somewhere else.

One of my roommates cleansed our haunted house several times that year, but she couldn't access all corners, so we think that's why Reba lingered.

Thanks for sharing! Keep us updated if anything else happens, but hopefully there will be no more floating entities above your husband. Ever. 


@Amortentia1992: That school definitely seems haunted! Don't ignore those feelings... Especially since you found someone else who was able to help validate your experiences. Thank you so much for sharing!

Your story actually reminds me of two other places where I've gotten strange feelings.


1. Babysitting

One family I used to babysit for lived in an old house from the 1880s. Upstairs, there was this bedroom with essentially an attached room that could be like a walk-in closet, which also was the top of the butler's stairs, which led into the downstairs kitchen. This family had this second room converted into a laundry room. Whenever I had to go through that room (playing hide and seek or some other games), my blood would run cold and my stomach would twist in knots. I never lingered for long in that room.

This summer, when I was catching up with the mom, she mentioned that someone had been killed in that room, and that's why she made it into a laundry room, so no one would ever make it into a bedroom. 


2. Wedding Weekend

A couple months ago, a friend of mine got married. She and her bridesmaids stayed at a local B and B. If you imagine a Victorian house, ornately decorated by a history-loving grandmother to fit the era of origin, you need to add about a dozen more dolls to every room of the house, and that's what this B and B was. When we toured it to see it's unique decor, my other friend and I got a bad vibe on the stairwell. It was like something didn't want us there.

And then when we were in the downstairs from parlor, I couldn't stay in the room. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck, and my stomach twisted in knots. I especially got a bad vibe from the old piano. As soon as I left the room, I left lighter, though when we were in the sitting room, which was attached to this front parlor, I felt watched.

I haven't heard any confirmation that this B and B is haunted. But I did find out that back in the day, two physicians owned the house and practiced from there, which means that people definitely died there.



Keep sharing your ghost(ly) stories, HPFT! :)


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