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November Story of the Month Voting

November SotM Voting!   

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Please choose one [as always, please don't vote for yourself]!

    • Pretty Little Thing by Dojh167
    • All Hallow's Eve by MadiMalfoy
    • A Woman's Place by Chemical_Pixie
    • The Life and Lies of Albus Potter by esmeraude
    • To Boil Telephone Porridge by teh tarik

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­čŹéRemember to Vote!­čŹé
Voting closes on 10/21/18 at 11:59 PM GMT

Vote for which story you think deserves recognition as November's Story of the Month! \O/

The Nominees:­čŽâ

Title: Pretty Little Thing
Author: @Dojh167
Link to Story: here+
Warnings [if applicable]: N/A
Reason for Nomination: There aren't enough stories about queer women. And there are even fewer┬ástories about toxic relationships between queer women. This story is both. It's an incredibly beautiful, well-written one-shot with a depth of emotion and a realism of characterization that I think is uncommon. I'm always happy to see happy queer people, but I also think it's important to show the range of experience in queer relationshipsÔÇöif we get that in straight relationships, why wouldn't we get it in queer ones too? So this story gives us a breadth of experience. And Sam writes so well and really leans into Rolanda's emotions and her growth as a person. I love this story.

Title: All Hallow's Eve
Author: @MadiMalfoy
Link: +click
Warnings: Is freaking precious -- oh, and some violence
Reason for Nomination: Madi wrote me this beautiful little spooky fic that features a mighty protectress of kitties of the forest (especially those who are abandoned/being harmed by evil humans). This fierce huntress is named Chanceaux, a Kneazle, and she lays down the perfect tradition to become a Halloween Legend! And Crookshanks is in this, too! \O/ This story is freaking precious and you need to go read it right now because I can't even.

Title: A Woman's Place
Author: @Chemical_Pixie
Link to Story [& rating if Mature]: [m]
Warnings [if applicable]: consent issues, domestic abuse, derogatory language, hate speech, substance abuse, violence, sexual content
Reason for Nomination:
i can't say enough good things about this story. it's a series of one-shots about each female member of the first order of the phoenix, and it deals with some pretty heavy (but pretty important) stuff. with each woman's story, abby explores significant issues facing women in a patriarchal society. it's a wonderfully written indictment of some of the biggest examples of inequality and sexism in that era (many of which are still around today) and examines the full spectrum of misogyny: the more obvious things that come to mind, and the ones that maybe aren't so obvious but still exemplify that internalized viewpoint. brilliant social commentary + fantastic characters + a hint of hope at the end ... what else could you ask for, really?

Title: The Life and Lies of Albus Potter
Author: @esmeraude
Link to Story [& rating if Mature
] : The Life and Lies of Albus Potter (T)
Warnings [if applicable] : none
Reason for Nomination: So I've been yelling at Isobel about this fic for
months, because it's just SO GOOD. She manages to craft a large cast of distinct, lovable characters and I'm invested in all their storylines -- and they do all have storylines! -- and it all flows so well. Obviously, given the era, the vast majority of the characters are OCs, but they already feel like I've known them forever. Read this fic, it's SO good. :wub: 

Title´╗┐: To Boil Telephone Porridge
Author´╗┐: @teh tarik
Link to Story [& rating if Mature] : Link+ (M)
Warnings [if applicable
] : derogatory language, hate speech, sexual content, violence
Reason for Nomination´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐:´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐
nicole has written a story that's at the same time a story about LGBTQA problems in malaysia and a story about the deteriorated relationship between mother and son and the (very) slow way in which they're both trying to fix it. I thought it was exceptionally well written and the way the malaysian culture and language were incorporated in the story gave it such a real feel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it even though it's not a fluffy piece and deals with hard topics, the ending is still hopeful!

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