hello and welcome to my humble cave of anguish  ROSE & CO. APOTHECARY     Rose & Co. is a story that has taken on many, many forms. I've written, deleted, scribbled, and cried. It's a southern gothic OF murder? mystery. Calla Greenwich (once called Cassia and Cass but heck if i can commit to something as crucial as a name) comes from a long line of Green Witches and has become the owner of Rose & Co. Apothecary after her grandmother, Rose, dies suddenly. The town rules it an accident, but Calla is certain that her grandmother's death has something to do with all of the disappearances in town. She's on the case with her best friend/ex-girlfriend, Bia, when strangers from a shadowy government organization that specializes in the supernatural come to town to investigate the missing people. She and her mother are on the top of the list when all evidence points to the occult. Will Calla clear her name and solve the mystery? No one knows because I haven't written the ending yet.  MEET THE CHARACTERS: Calla Greenwich – faceclaim: still looking, but I'm going with this++ unsplash photo until I find the One  Always in the forest, imposter syndrome, codependent personality type, falls in love too easily, punch first ask questions later. Bia Clark – Nose in a book, idealist, wants to make it big in a creative field, is a teacher, skeptical of all things love related. Thomas Sullivan Doesn't know what he wants to do even though he's got a career, scowls a lot, gets lost in his own head too much, struggles with working for the government knowing just how corrupt it is,  just wants to find peace. Daniel Hayes Logical to a fault, wants to go back to school but it's hard to justify that when he has a whole career, picks up hobbies like some people pick up spare change, very family oriented.  Matty Bishop Greenwich Med student, wants to save absolutely everyone, broken family so he joined the Greenwichs, deserves a happily ever after and HE WILL GET ONE.  Claudia Greenwich Ag professor, loves her farm, just wants to live a simple life, ace, a natural nurturer of both humans and plants alike. Rose Greenwich Struggles with depression, wants nothing but the best for the people she loves, matriarch, best cook this side of the Mississipp. pinterest (M)+  A SPECTRAL AFFAIR A Spectral Affair is another OF that has very little plot. Clare Winfield teaches anthropology at a local community college. She's particularly well-versed in death mythology and funeral rituals across cultures. Clare's finally paid off most of her student loans and can afford a nice, fixer-upper in the middle of the countryside. The only issue is that the house is starting to become a safety hazard. Lightbulbs shatter overhead, wires spark randomly, her entire kitchen keeps going up in smoke, and stairs become very slippery out of nowhere. Dez and Adi, Clare's best friends, are convinced that she's being haunted. After weeks of debate, Clare finally gives in and Adi call SpookyPasta. SpookyPasta is a group of ghost hunters on Youtube and are the closest thing to experts in the field. After Clare meets Dev Mehta, leader of SpookyPasta, ghosts aren't the only specters haunting Clare's dreams.  MEET THE CHARACTERS: Clare Winfield Being haunted but doesn't believe it, literal ray of sunshine, teaches anthropology at the community college.   Adi Geller The friend that convinces Clare at last to just let them check things out, school psychologist, has many soapboxes, brewer of the tea and coffee, the only one actually funny. Dev Mehta Leader of SpookyPasta, resident super dork, enthusiastic love interest of a reluctant Clare. Charlie Underwood The only girl in SpookyPasta, fast friends with Clare, aspirations to leave the group and go back to college, doesn't want to disappoint her friends though, excellent baker. Potential love interest for Adi.   Nic Damon Also in SpookyPasta, convinced that demonic spirits like him way more than the others, thinks he's way cooler than he is, his job is to give the Office stare at the camera every so often, madly in love with Alden.  Alden Whitaker The actual rational one in SpookyPasta (although everyone else thinks it's them), hardcore intellectual type, is a lawyer when they aren't filming, sweater and glasses boy. Bee Cooper Adi's not-quite-girlfriend-but-they're-like-talking who is next level annoying and Clare spends a good amount of time trying to hook Adi up with Charlie until Adi hems her up about it. Bee is overbearing and confrontational about minor things. She has twice as many soapboxes as Adi, but all of hers are ridiculous and toxic things.   Dez Lawson Teaches history at the community college with Clare, crazy supportive, doing a ton of emotional labor in all of his relationships, single dad after a messy divorce, everyone is at least half in love with him but he's focused on keeping his daughter happy and stable.  pinterest (M)+  MOUTH TO MOUTH FINALLY, fanfiction! Lily Evans gets a summer job as a lifeguard at a waterpark. She's excited for a relaxing summer of sunburns and whistleblowing. What she gets is a summer of Marauders taking over her work place. Don't worry, James Potter definitely knows mouth-to-mouth.