HEY Y'ALL! I'm Paula     I'm one of those people with at least half a dozen projects going on at once (none of which I'll ever complete if I keep going at this rate). In this place I'll be aiming to collect some of my writing ideas that have only been formed to a few sentences, share dialogue snippets I've yet to add in, and really hammer out the details of my OF. Right now three projects are going to be the focal point of my energy.   Rose & Co. Apothecary This is my original fic about small town, southern US witchcraft. The main character, Cassia Greenwich, comes from a long line green witches (ah! see what I did there?) and is a 19 year old thrust into the mystery of disappearing town folk. Along the way we meet Bia Basevi, Thomas Sullivan, and Daniel Blackwell who help Cass investigate the disappearances. Bia is the resident librarian, taking over after her father sunk into a deep depression at the loss of her mother. Daniel and Thomas are government agents (with an unnamed organization thus far, suggestions welcome) sent to investigate the disappearances. Their organization is like a magical MIB. They aren't of the magical variety, but they are well aware of it. Magic is fairly subdued in my story because it's very energetically draining. Definitely not many Harry Potter style duels.   Major arc: -investigating the disappearances of town people   Minor arcs: -Grandma Rose/Theodosia (Rose was in love with Theodosia, Theodosia had thought Rose had her eye on husband, drama ensues, makeup a few years before Rose's death and the ~truth~ was exposed) -Bia's feelings for both Daniel and Cass being fleshed out -Eventual maybe Thomas/Cass -Cass's interest in going to college -Daniel's desire to get a postgrad degree in biosecurity (where his true interests are) -Thomas's struggle with nepotism and his own role in it (his father is high up in the gov) -The Cass's father conundrum (and the magical age of 23) -Bia facing and coping with(but not overcoming) her anxiety disorder -Searching animal shelters for a good familiar -Baby Kat   Survival of the Fittest (M) The Goblin Registry Act left the wizarding world in a state of destruction and despair. The oppressed have become the oppressors. As far as Riya Gosavi is concerned, today is a fine day for a revolution. (Albus/OC in post-apocalyptic chaos)   Hogwarts Textbooks These will be usable for anyone that's interested. They are heavily canon with a bit of my own creativity and a surprising amount of science.   -The Encyclopedia of Bat Eyes (nearly finished) -From Egg to Inferno: a Dragon-Keeper's Guide -Handbook of Hippogriff Psychology -Basic Hexes for the Busy and Vexed -Saucy Tricks for Tricky Sorts -Omens, Oracles & the Goat by Bathilda Bagshot   Questions, aesthetics, gifs, nudges about how it's coming along, requested textbooks, etc are all welcome. <3 Thanks for popping in!