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Challenge Name: The "Anything But a Love Triangle" Love Triangle Challenge

Challenge Creator: clevernotbrilliant

Short Challenge Description: Write a story using a love triangle in a new and fun way.

Fandom(s) Included: Any including OF

Challenge Winners

First place: Goodbye, Jus by Felpata_Lupin

Second place: B-Movie Scream Queen [M] by Rumpelstiltskin

Third place: Between a Hurricane and the Sea [M] by manno-malfoy

Honorable Mention: Inconsistent Geometry by ImaRavenclaw

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Challenge Name: The Soulmate AU and Random Prompt Challenge
Challenge Creator: MadiMalfoy
Short Challenge Description: The Soulmate AU trope (in various forms) & a random prompt (dialogue/setting/characterization) combined to make a story about a soulmate pair. 
Fandom(s) Included: Harry Potter, The 100, BBC Merlin, Doctor Who
Challenge Winners
First place: Coffee and Curse Breakers (M) by @Pixileanin
Second place: Ice Baby (T) by @dirigibleplums
Third place: you again (T) by @just.a.willow.tree

This was such a hard decision, guys!! You all put in such phenomenal stories I literally spent over an hour trying to decide! I'll be posting a blog later with everyone's info and descriptions of the winners and remind you all of prizes. :) Thanks to all of you for participating!!

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Posted (edited)

Challenge Name: Angst Alone Challenge.

Challenge Creator: Margaret.

Short Challenge Description: A character alone reflecting on some form of angst.

Fandoms Included: Harry Potter.

Challenge Winners:

1st place: Hollow (Mature) by Chelts-rhj

2nd place: Ninety-Two Seconds in Catetonia (Mature) by MuggleMaybe.

3rd place: Purgatory (Mature) by Theia.

Edited by Margaret

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Crimson Quill

Challenge Name: New Beginnings  

Challenge Creator: CrimsonQuill

Short Challenge Description: Write a story with the theme of 'new beginnings' 

Fandoms Included: Harry Potter / OF

So I just wanted to thank everyone who put in entries and I really loved reading them! It's always so difficult to judge these but the results are in! 

Challenge Winners:

1st place:   In Quick Succession (m) by @victoria_anne

2nd place: My Little Princess by @StarFeather

3rd place: A Hallowed Occasion  by @melian

I will be creating a blog post soon with more information about these stories and some beautiful graphics by @just.a.willow.tree


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More details are in my blog post, but here are the winners!

Challenge Name: The Love, _____ Challenge

Challenge Creator: just.a.willow.tree

Short Challenge Description: Participants were challenged to write a story featuring a queer couple and a happy ending, with majority fluff and minimum angst!

Fandom(s) Included: HP, OF, Simon-verse, etc.

Challenge Winners:

Third Place: Marigolds by @Unwritten Curse

Second Place: Summer Rains by @VaguelyCreativeName

First Place: Of Bookshelves and Baby Carriers by @poppunkpadfoot

Thank you so much to everyone who entered; it was a true joy reading all of your entries. 🤗

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beyond the rain

Challenge Name: Rule of Three Challenge
Challenge Creator: beyond the rain
Short Challenge Description: write one shots using only the three characters provided. 
Fandom(s) Included: HP 
Challenge Winners
First place: Soft Around the Edges(T) by Pixileanin
Second place: Goodbye, Jus(A) by Felpata_Lupin
Third place: The Spark(A) by Fawkesylady 


@Pixileanin @Felpata_Lupin @FawkesyLady congrats - and apologies this is so late! 



Edited by beyond the rain
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