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Title: The Strongest Souls

Author: 1917farmgirl

Link(s): here (15+)

Length / Completed: seven chapters/18745 words so far and it's a WIP

Main Character(s): Mal, Wash, Zoe, Kaylee, Simon, River, Inara, Shepherd, Jayne, Seamus Harper, and Dylan Hunt

Main Pairing(s): Malcolm Reynolds/Inara SerraKaylee Frye/Simon Tam

Genre(s): sci-fi, crossover, action adventure


An almost crash landing on a strange planet brings some unplanned guests to Serenity. But when Serenity refuses to get up and going again, and their new friends' pasts start catching up, Mal wonders exactly how much trouble he's bought himself and his crew. Full crew fic, set mid-series. Unconventional crossover with Andromeda.


Other Identifying Details (if applicable): It's a crossover with Andromeda but if you haven't seen Andromeda, don't worry (I haven't either) it's all explained in the story.

Reasons for recommending: (optional) Do you love firefly? Of course you do. Do you cry every time you remember that it was cancelled? Of course you do. Cry no more. Jill keeps the show alive and I mean straight from the show. When you read her story it will feel like her dialogue is straight from the script writers themselves. She keeps the action humming, but doesn't forget to keep developing our beloved characters. It's definitely worth the read.

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Title: Orbiting Home

Author: Janix88

Link(s): here (15+ maybe M) on FF.net

Length / Completed: Completed 24 chapters 40,044 words

Main Character(s): Mal, Wash, Zoe, Kaylee, Simon, River, Inara, Shepherd, Jayne, Rose Tyler and The Doctor

Main Pairing(s): Rose/Doctor and I believe Malcolm Reynolds/Inara Serra Kaylee Frye/Simon Tam (forgive me it has been some time since I read this!)

Genre(s): sci-fi, crossover, mystery adventure


Rose has been searching for the Doctor for years, but when she buys passage on the Serenity, she finds there's more at stake than a missing Time Lord... Sequel to A Twist in Time.

Other Identifying Details (if applicable): It's a crossover with Doctor Who.  You may want some familiarity with Doctor Who but I don't think it is a must.  While it is a Sequel, it is not a must read.  The only thing you miss is why Rose is once again The Bad Wolf and immortal (the one detail that takes a bit to pick up on.)

Reasons for recommending: Did certain things in the Firefly movie make you cry? Yeah me too.  This story isn't exactly a fix it but this story picks up after the show and before the BDM.  WIth Rose and the Doctor being present for the events of the BDM - they are game changers.  So seeing how things could have played differently is a great reason to read this.  Other things I love about this story is it grips you right off and keeps you reading, something I did not expect from a fic on FF.net.  Also, the dialogue sounds as if it is direct from the mouth of the characters and is in short perfect.

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