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Tom Riddle/OC

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Title: Hero

Author: victoria_anne

Link(s): Hero on HPFF (M)

Length / Completed: 13 chapters/complete

Pairing(s): Other Pairing

Genre(s): Horror/Dark, Mystery, Romance

Summary: Fifth year is not what Hero Blishwick expected it to be.


As she navigates the stormy waters of OWL year, friendships are broken, mysteries aren't hard to come by, the line between good and bad blurs and Tom Riddle becomes her anchor. But new loves can be dangerous.

And not all monsters have terrible faces.

Reasons for recommending: Creepy, ominous Tom Riddle. Check. Naive, troubled Hero Blishwick. Check. Social pressure and isolation. Check. Recipe for disaster. Check. This story keeps you on the edge of your seat. The developing relationship between Hero and Tom is enough to make your skin crawl and you keep hoping that maybe Hero will figure it out.

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Title: Crimson Darkness

Author: Fainpathe

Link(s): +M

Length / Completed: 26 chappies, completed

Pairing(s): Tom/Maura

Genre(s): Horror/Dark, Drama, Romance


Maura, a dispassionate Slytherin, is attracting unwanted attention from a guy named Tom Riddle. She soon discovers that resisting his charms is impossible, but when things start to get dangerous, she realises that she is in for a lot more than she bargained for.

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Title: Carina

Author: @dirigibleplums

Link(s): M

Length / Completed: 6866 words / complete

Pairing(s): Tom Riddle/OC

Genre(s): Angst, Dark/Horror, Drama, Romance

Summary: She was his possession; she was his obsession. / Carina. / This is not a love story.

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