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We are a multi-fandom/original fiction community with roots in the Harry Potter fandom community. We strive to maintain a strong focus on author feedback and inclusive writing. Here on the forums, you can join a house and participate in House Cup events, participate in writing challenges, play games, and much more!

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      I found my old HPFF account and might continue some of them...
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      muse finding tips anyone? 😰 struggling this week.
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    • wildest dreams

      wildest dreams

      poetry going up on the archives yay! starting to put some older ones up while i'm in the process of planning my original fiction ❤️ 
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      Unwritten Curse  »  adorably cute

      OMG. Your review. I'm dying. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. 
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      I’ve got an entire weekend off and besides having my nephews here, I’m going to hopefully do some writing! 🤞🏻
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      Thanks to everyone's super helpful tips and advice in the reviews on my stories, I'm going to be making some edits over the next few days. I really appreciate it...maybe I should get a beta. Does anyone know where I might find one of those?
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    • TreacleTart

      TreacleTart  »  800 words of heaven

      Hey! So I know you don't have a Holiday wish list, but since you've been so awesome at responding to so many other wish lists, I wanted to drop off a little something for you. Hope you like it! 

      Tether (M)
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    • MegGonagall


      I just completely re-did and rearranged my About Me with the AMAZING new Header/Dividers my wonderful Wifey, @Rumpelstiltskin made for me! Thank you again, love!! I absolutely adore it! ❤️❤️ 
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      Haven't been on here in ages, but finally started writing again! 🎉 But now I need someone to create a graphic for me.
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    • victoria_anne


      Okay, friends, indulge me... I think it's time for a site-wide HTTYD viewing party 🐉 with extras, maybe? I'll come up with something to celebrate the new movie if people are interested 😋 Maybe even a book read-along? 🤔📚
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    • wildest dreams
      wildest dreams' writer's journal Hey guys! I figured I'd start this as my first poem has been posted on the archive now and my second poem is on it's way to getting validated! I also thought I'd tell you guys more about the original fiction I'm planning right now and a little bit about my background as a writer for any of you/most of you who haven't read anything I've written before! This is also probably going to serve a little bit (at least for this post) as a place for me to officially write down some plans for the start of my OF because I have plans but not plans so far! Oh, and I ramble a lot so there's that! important links Author page+ Shadowplay Writing Gallery+ background information So, if any of you are super ancient and possibly remember from 2011 (?) I started on HPFF writing fanfiction, I wrote some dramione, some cute one shots, I was super into next generation, tragedy and poetic ramblings (some things don't change) from there and friends I made there I found RP and I have been rping with the same group of girls since 2012! A lot of my writing you'll find comes from RP, I like to use RP to create these characters and flesh them out and usually I get good ideas for more plot based stories based on the characters that I write every single day with my friends! In fact, most of the writing you'll see that's original fiction will have been birthed originally from RP! At the moment I run a supernatural creatures site, and you'll see why that's important later! I also write a fair amount of poetry, some of it based on my own life and feelings, and some of it based on RP characters and for some reason I only write poetry at 3am when I can't sleep so it's very rarely got any structure to it, but it's not all bad for 3am emotions! That's pretty much it! I've been writing since I can remember really, but I've been posting it on the internet since I was fifteen and don't have plans to stop any time soon! current projects/posted work Insecure. - So this is the first poem I chose to put on the archive! I wrote it about a year ago, and it's based on a character I write who deals with very intense anxiety and as the title suggests she deals with a lot of insecurity! It's not got a massive amount of structure to it, but it's a lot about how sometimes when you're in love you can spend more time being afraid that it'll go away or not believing that it's real than enjoying the love itself.  The Talk After The Heartbreak - This is currently being validated but it'll be up pretty soon! And can be read on my shadowplay gallery if you're curious. This is a poem I wrote based on an ongoing RP plot where two characters broke up because they felt lonely in their relationship, and haven't quite realized they're still deeply in love. This is based around a plot point where a year after they break up she impulsively invites him to her friend's wedding, and he actually shows up, and they talk, and it's difficult because really they just want to be together but they're too stubborn to talk about anything real and admit they were wrong in the first place.  This is also the first time I attempted to use a rhyming scheme but at 3am and even after some well intentioned editing it's still a little rusty, but there's nothing like a bit of practice! Title Coming Soon! - So this is the original fiction I've been talking so much about! It's based around a character I write called Valencia, she was recruited as a child to be a hunter of supernatural creatures, and this is about how she grows up in a system learning to hate and fight what she doesn't understand until she loses faith in those who trained her. She runs away, and has to struggle with unpacking her beliefs and fighting what she perceives as a great evil, all while not knowing who to trust.  Other Work - So if you'll notice I've posted a link to my shadowplay gallery! if you want to get an idea of my style and some stuff that I don't think I'll post on the archive (there's poems that aren't as good or are more personal/rp stuff/some challenge writing) then feel free to check that out and have a read!   
    • potionspartner
      Demented is in the queue!
    • northbound24
      Create a writers journal so I can interact more with you lovely people
    • MadiMalfoy
      Woohoo finals are done!!!!   New list for over the winter holidays!  List for 12/15/18 - 1/5/19 HPFT/Fic Things: Finish chapter 4 of FTaCB Update About Me with the gorgeous dividers and gifts I've received   Write chapter 22 of LMM Blog post - life update Book review blog post?  Give all the gifts Scrivener for OF Real Life Things: Travel home safely! Enjoy extended family xmas this weekend Read papers for the research group I want to join Christmas baking with my mom Christmas shopping for siblings Finish Doctor Who
    • bahneebee
      Hi! I remember you from over at TDA and it would be so amazing if you could make a banner for my new story? I do see that you consider yourself "rusty" with banners, but I have the utmost faith in you 😊 But if you truly don't want to I will totally understand. Story and Author Name, including link: House Guest by BBHP [https://hpfanfictalk.com/archive/viewstory.php?sid=2506] (M) Graphic type/dimensions: Normal banner size, whatever that is...? 🤔 Sites you intend to use the graphic on: HPFT archive What you'd like on the graphic: The title; maybe my penname, just in the corner or something if it fits; characters Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy (although I don't have a preference if the images are of the actual actors or not, as long as they have the same basic characteristics); mood is generally light, but I'd prefer no pinks or reds if possible?; Other than that, your imagination can take over. I'm pretty sure you've made a graphic for me before and I absolutely looooved it. 
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