Pairings: Hugo Weasley/OC (HP)


Set Fire to Our Homes by frombluetored

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As Albus and Scorpius begin their life together, Albus discovers that married life is every bit as wonderful and difficult as he always anticipated it would be. Life is better now that they're free from the looming threat of a Dark Arts resurgence, but Albus quickly realizes that there are plenty of other threats, too, like aggravating bosses and unexpected bouts of baby fever. Meanwhile, officials within the Ministry unearth a rapidly-worsening problem: for reasons unknown, the frequency of Squib births has quietly and suddenly quadrupled, leading to serious concerns over what might be prohibiting wizards and witches from passing on their magical genes-- and what that might mean for the coming generations of Wizardkind. While James and his new Ministry department struggle to deal with the societal impacts of an unprecedented amount of Squib children, Lily and Albus find their jobs--and their lives--intersecting in an unexpected way.

Snapshots by ShadowRose

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They say a picture’s worth a thousand words.

But when the pictures are all you have left, they’re worth far more than that.

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