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Story: Chapter: The Night of His Life

oh... this is completed. More please! I mean the sequel! Since I couldn't find a good Harry/Hermione ship story these days in the other sites. 

I like how you described about Hermione's beauty from Harry's POV and how he had crush since he rescued her from the Troll. The development between them is written naturally, I wish I could write like you (I need to write chapter 2 about the ship for the coming story challenge on the forums).

I am curious to know what happened to the relationship between Hermione and Krum. It's quite interesting to imagine how Hermione could feel relaxed with Harry more than Ron or Krum since J.K.Rowling mentioned that they would be the ideal pair. Please stop by the thread on the forums to discuss the ship sometimes.


Ravenclaw B&B review battle, team blue!



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Story: Chapter: The Night of His Life

What lighthearted fun! This glimpse makes us think of the "what ifs" of relationships that do and do not happen. (I always though Hermione and Harry were a better couple than she and the redhead, anyways.)

I do wonder how Hermione feels about Harry. It's obvious that he has a bit of a crush on her, but her actions could be interpreted either way: a mutual crush or just enjoying the romantic moment. 

Either way it's the magical moment that slipped by, never to be acted upon, but oh how it opens the door to a reader's imagination.

Author's Response:

Hey Barbara! :) 


That is EXACTLY why I wrote this piece! It's the "what if" for Hermione was focused around Harry instead of Ron? I also just wanted to write about the Triwizard Tournament with a slightly different point of view and the Yule Ball was my first attempt at that! Harry and Hermione just have SUCH a good relationship, both as friends and basically siblings, but also there's romantic potential there too. Hermione's crush on Harry in the first couple of books, anyone? I really wanted this to stay more open-ended and up for interpretation as to Hermione's true feelings for Harry as I had (have?) ambitions to continue this into more of the tasks and such during their fourth year. Thanks so much for the kind words and stopping by! :) 

~MadiMalfoy x

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Story: Chapter: The Night of His Life

Oooo, that was really sweet and cute!

I'm guessing she had a couple of words with a brainless dolt called Ron before Harry found her. That boy can crush without even engaging his brain.

I really hope there is more of this to come. I think I picked a fantastic option for the first story I have read on this site.

It's also quite well written. I enjoyed it profusely, but please don't leave me hanging with that ending. They at least need to talk again the next day.

Author's Response:

Hey, thanks for stopping by, and for making this the first story you read on HPFT, I feel very blessed! :) 

I really enjoyed writing this little scene for them -- Harry and Hermione really just connect on a different level and I wanted to show that side of their relationship, especially when things with Ron were so fraught for Hermione. I hope to one day continue this little series with Harry and Hermione, and your review has made me feel inspired again for this series, so thank you! 

~MadiMalfoy x

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