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Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Oh! Does Millie half fake date Sirius!? I love fake dating tropes!!

Author's Response:

It's definitely maybe going in that direction... I love a good fake-dating trope, too!

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Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

I read and reviewed this for review tag, but I'm so glad I did! After reviewing this I'm going to binge read the rest either tonight or tomorrow. 


So at first I was a bit confused on your AU-ness, but I caught on fast enough. It's basically Hogwarts, except not in a castle. It's in a modern day university with dorms and everything. I love it! I'm fully expecting great and juicy drama to unfold!


I like your take on Sirius. I noted the contrast you've set him up to be -- who everyone thinks he is and who he actually is. Millie's surprised by how neat and clean his room is. She's surprised that there's no mens' magazines laying around. I like this Sirius. So many fanfictions portray him as extremely promiscuous. That's their interpretation, and that's fine. But I personally find the Sirius that could-have-it-all-but-doesn't more intriguing. I'm hoping you're going in that direction... but we'll see! 


I also like the dual POV. That always promises to be loads of fun! The reader can see how one character's actions are misinterpreted by the other. It's great!


And the whole spider thing was amazing. It showed off both Sirius' and Millie's personalities in an interesting way.


Overall, I really enjoyed it, and I can't wait til Sirius asks Millie out "once the rush of surviing your brush with death's passed." And I'm curious, how are you going to incorporate the war with Voldemort? How will that manifest? Or even if you'll incorporate it at all?

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoyed it - especially enough to binge read it all :P


It is a different sort of AU. I read a few college AUs and I really liked the idea, but I also wanted to include magic, so I was like, "why not?" There definitely be drama!


I love writing Sirius this way. Also, because he's a little older here, compared to other Marauders stories, I felt more comfortable exploring the nuances of his personality. I really like the duality of his image. It's a lot of fun to write. And I'm a sucker for the multiple POV, haha!


I'm not sure if I will incorporate the war with Voldemort. That was part of the pull of writing an AU - I could do anything I pleased. But we'll see where the story takes me...

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Story: Chapter: In Darkest Knight

Hi!  Here for the HC Maze event (dungeon stories) but also for more Sirius and Millie - it's been so long since I got to enjoy reading a story about these two! <3


I have to admit *hides* that I'm much more of a Marvel girl than DC, so I haven't seen/read any Batman and probably didn't get all of the references that you included in this story, but I still really enjoyed it!


Is the Langstrom potion real?  I've never heard of it before, but even if it isn't, I really liked the way that you used the discussion about the potion to dig a bit deeper into the relationship between Sirius and Millie in this piece, and then brought it through full circle as well.  


The dynamic between Millie and Sirius is so brilliant here.  Obviously that's not surprising, because you've written a whole novel about the two of them, but I really loved seeing them bickering and teasing each other while they were in the Potions class and working on the Langstrom potion.  The discussion about the name of the potion and its effects made me laugh, and then of course the disaster in the classroom - Lily and James having to deal with it instead of Slughorn because his sleeve is on fire and he's not on top of things :P 


The different points of view worked really well in this piece, as well - I loved getting their insights into the situation and especially Sirius being jealous of the fictional characters that Millie's obsessed with.  I can definitely understand why that would come up but it's kind of adorable that he's so insecure in how he feels for her, because that does a lot to show how much she actually means to him.  Their conversation about that was really great to read, as well.


And the ending really made me laugh - poor Kirk!  It's so typical that Hogwarts has students learning how to make a potion that turns one of them into a bat every year and Madam Pomfrey just keeps a remedy on hand for it :P 


I really enjoyed this, and I'm always here for more of you writing about Sirius and Millie!


Sian :)

Author's Response:

Hi Sian! I'd totally forgotten that I had a dungeon scene in this story! Thank you for reminding me! And I'm glad you're excited to read about these two again :)


Haha, I don't mind if you're a Marvel fan! Batman is such a cultural icon, so at least he's somewhat recognisable to most people. I really wrote this story to soothe my own fandom cravings - and do some fandom-ception. Despite not understanding all the references, I'm very pleased that you enjoyed yourself.


The Langstrom potion isn't real - to my knowledge. I made it up as one of those Batman references. There is a character, Professor Langstrom, in the DC mythos, who through some next-level experimentation turns himself/others into Man-Bats. One of Batman's more literal foils, but a fun one, nonetheless.


Lol, these two characters have been with me for so long, now. I'm glad that it translates into a relationship that remains interesting to read, even after all this time. I never got to write them bantering this way in the novel, so it was a lot of fun. And just these two off on an accidental adventure, which I think happens around Hogwarts all the time was great fun, too.


Thanks for the lovely review, Sian :)


xx 800

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Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 05/23/2016

For a second I thought that it was Sirius that she noticed, because his hair is beautiful and poetry could, and probably has, been written about it.

Who is this golden haired adonis? I am intrigued now. For many things... the main one is Sirius' reaction to it. Although I do really want to know who this guy is.


James definitely has stalker tendencies that he should work on... IMPROVING! BECAUSE THIS IS AMAZING STUFF! STALK AWAY JAMES! IT'S BRINGING ME JOY!

Look at James having good ideas! That boy has grown! I'm so proud! :D

This chapter is full of staring contests! I love how similar they all are without even knowing it.

Ooooh not Gilderoy, but a Scamander. :D This is good!

I love Frank!

I agree though, it's all very pineapple.

Another wonderful chapter! This story is so hilarious and I love it so much!

Author's Response: One could definitely write poetry about Sirius' hair - I myself, may or may not have... :P

We all know Sirius' reaction right? ""Why don't nice things happen to nice people?!?""

Haha! I think everyone enjoys James' stalking - with the exception of Lily and Sirius. And he's just full of them good ideas.

I also love Frank.

And pineapples. I also love pineapples.

Thanks for the lovely review!

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Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 05/04/2016

Slytherin Hot Seat (Review 5)

...Nope. Didn't manage it. You dragged me back in. It was just too pineapple to leave behind. Or maybe it is too pomegranate. I feel like this story stole me away, and I had just a taste, and now I may not be able to leave for a long while.

I have to say, as glad as I am for Millie that she got to be all happy and excited, I am decidedly not in favor of this crush. I'm very interested to see how Sirius is going to handle it, though. Also how Millie is going to handle it. Talking to him and everything. That should be an interesting experience.

The image of Lily and Millie hunkered down behind the counter, hiding from boys, with Frank chiming in in the background, was hilarious.

Favorite quotes:

""You know who is here.”

--wonderful reference

- “It means that she doesn’t hate you!”

- “I can see how that is a beacon of hope in your view, given how much Evans despises you –”

- “Then make her want to date you! Use your charms!”

- Sirius sat back in his chair, incensed. “I am not Confunding her!”

I think at that last one, I actually snickered. Loved it!


Millie was sceptical.

--spelling = skeptical

James just brushed this off. “I’m sure Lily will come around.”

“How? She hates you.”

--formatting needs a line break.

And this one might not be a CC so much--just a question. I'm not really sure how it works in AUs. But we know that Newt Scamander's son was named Rolf, and here he's Rafe. Was that intentional? Does he have a brother? Just checking to see.

Very cute chapter. I am going to *have* to tear myself away and go to sleep. But never fear! I'll be back :D


Author's Response: Haha! You are finally going to bed! Woohoo! I know I'm replying over a year later, but to me, it's as if you shall be perpetually awake until I reply. It doesn't make much sense, but there it is.

In typical Millie style, she is not going to handle this new crush well AT ALL. Stay tuned. Shenanigans are about to ensue.

Newt's grandson's name is Rolf. I have inserted Rafe as Newt's son. The dates probably don't quite match up but I don't really mind because it's an AU. I'm allowed to break a few rules :P

Thanks for the wonderful review, Penny :) Your bed is calling!

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Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 04/22/2016

I love reading Millie, she's hilarious. I'm also very excited about this new and famous crush! But at the same time I'm just over here, flailing my arms around at the screen like ""But what about Sirius!?""

I'm very curious to meet this Rafe Scamander though when the time comes. I wonder how him and Millie will meet... And I'm even more curious as to how Sirius will react when he finds out Millie has a crush on someone else... Oh boy...

I also love how James is trying to help Sirius with Millie. I mean he does have a point. Millie's only ever technically turned him down because of circumstances. So, really he does have a chance. And she finds him attractive, but of course, he doesn't really know that. I would like to see him woo her though and show her that he's a real person under all the pretense.

I also love how perfect Millie and Sirius are for each other, both never really knowing how to open up to people, especially the opposite sex it seems. I mean, Sirius is a playboy but he doesn't seem too willing to open up to women if the Marissa fiasco says anything. And Millie just doesn't know how to talk to people in general. Except for Lily.

Also, will there be Quidditch anytime soon? You say James and Millie are both on the team. I'd love to see some of this incorporated in the story!

Also, I like Frank. I'm glad the male barista finally has a name. And I love how he's completely eavesdropping and putting in his own two cents on Millie and Lily's conversation while they're hiding behind the counter.

Another wonderful chapter! Thanks so much for updating!


Author's Response: What about Sirius, indeed! But he's a big boy, I'm sure he'll be alright. More importantly though: DRAMA!

Drama, drama, drama! That's all I can say when those three lives collide.

You are very clearly Team Sirius. (I am also Team Sirius what am I saying?) James is a cutie, who just wants to see his friend happy.

Millie and Sirius are quite similar - but is it in all the wrong ways? Perhaps, perhaps...

I'm still on the fence with Quidditch. I've mentioned it a couple of times, now, but I'm not certain whether or not I want to write a Quidditch scene.

Frank is great. I also like Frank. May he cameo once more.

Thanks for the lovely review, Nix :)

Name: alicia and anne (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 05/23/2016

:O Lily made out with Potter? I thought the guy was too absorbed with finding different coloured cups!

YES! he found the cups! I'm glad that his quest was sucessful, this brings me much joy.

Hahahahaha that is the but that was coming indeed.

I don't think that Lily can get away with ignoring it happened, James is going to stick around like a bad smell.

Talking is definitely the way forwards.

Another wonderful chapter! Now to the next! :D

Author's Response: Of course Lily and James made out! Who can resist those multi-coloured cups? Thanks so much once again for continuing the epic reviewing bonanza :)

Name: Penelope Inkwell (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 05/04/2016

Hey there! Me again! Slytherin Hot Seat (Review 4),

So, I should really be going to sleep. Really! But someone had to write this super-cute Sirius/OC, and I came over here meaning to leave one single, solitary review before bed, and yet. Here we are. I've been sucked into the Sirillie vortex (Sirillie? Millius?), and I don't know when I'm gonna manage to extricate myself. It's messing with my self-control.

The primary thing I loved about this chapter was the make-out scene. Not between Lily and James, though that was good to hear about. No, I mean Millie's passionate affair with her breakfast. This is the beginning of two great love stories, and at this rate it seems possible that Jily's could be the lesser one. Millie's desire for her potatoes and bacon – we've never seen a love like this. ;)

No, but actually I was very happy to hear of this development on the Jilly front. Lily's taking it better than she might have done, all things considered.

Oh, and Millie's comment about how some people just manage to look more put together, even when they're wearing the same thing as you, is super relatable? Do you think it is yoga? What witchery is this?

“I made out with Potter.”

--I smiled so big it literally hurt my face. I knew that was coming!

If heaven existed, it would probably taste like this potato.

--I enjoy Millie's assumption that heaven is edible

No CC for this chapter. I didn't notice a thing!

Now, is my self-control going to kick in at long last? Will I finally go to sleep?

I suppose we shall see...


Author's Response: Sorrynotsorry. (Please go to sleep, though.)

My favourite ship name, courtesy of another reader, is Sillie. Sums them up pretty well, to be honest. Second favourite is Snillie, because it sounds even sillier than the first. The more adorkable the ship name, the better!

HAHAHA! ""Millie's passionate affair with her breakfast"". I love it! She is a little enamoured with syrup-drenched breakfast foods, isn't she?

I do yoga, and therefore, I can confirm that it is NOT yoga. Some other sorcery is afoot when it comes to how some people are always just so together ALL. THE. TIME.

If heaven isn't edible, I want a refund.

Thanks for the review, Penny! I hope you eventually got some sleep!

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Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 04/21/2016

AH! James and Lily made out! I'm so excited! I'm very curious to see how this will progress. And how Sirius will continue to try for Millie's acceptance.

Also, I'm glad James was able to gather all the different colored cups. Although it's kind of hilarious that he chose to wear them as a necklace. Also, this story is so very funny! I love all the little jokes and sarcasm! It's all very well done.

Thanks for posting another chapter! I can't wait to read more! I do hope you post again soon.


Author's Response: I am also excited that James and Lily made out! So is Millie! And Sirius, probably. Basically everyone is excited that they made out except Lily Evans.

I am amazed at how James' personal quest for all the multi-coloured cups has meant so much to everyone. Both James and I are honoured and humbled by the support.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Nix :)

Name: alicia and anne (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 05/23/2016

:O Go Millie! You get the number of that cute barista! :D She'll be batting them all off with sticks soon.

I would say that Millie is strange... but I would totally do the same as her and do my laundry at 1am.

OMG YES! GYM SELFIES AND INSTAGRAM! YES! I LOVE THOSE IN AU FICS! All I need is for you to feature Snapchat and I shall scream in happiness. Early morning selfies from a Mr. Black just for Millie. :P

I would wear those t-shirts too, Remus is an adorable chap!

I love Millie so much, she's so different and so wacky and I love her! She says what we all think! :D

Oh those boys and their adventures! :P

Sirius is so adorable with his crush on her, it's so sweet!

Ah Sirius was shot down instantly, poor guy haha. At least it was because she was just surprised by it.

Ahhh she's playing hard to get!

I am going to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Haha! Millie is definitely the type to literally be batting them off with sticks.

We are all a little like Millie, I think, even if we don't admit it.

I think including modern pop culture references and blending the real world a little more into the Wizarding World is one of my favourite things about writing this story. I'm glad you like it too!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing :)

Name: victoria_anne (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 05/04/2016

Lily's excellent bladder control? Sirius dating a girl called Marissa Painsley-Bumbershuffle? Instagram accounts? What's not to love about this chapter?!

The Real Witches of Salem! You are just hilarious, I am honestly so in love with this story! The characters are amazing, I especially love Lily (hey - just realized that rhymes with Millie!)

... Is gingivitis actually contagious?

Oh Merlin - the cups!! There is just way too much brilliance in this chapter for me to list all my favourite things but this story is just incredible!

Aaand I just pictured Newt Scamander having a David Attenborough voice, ha ha ha!!

God I love Sirius. Like so much. So so much.

You have astounded me once more with your writing - the characters, dialogues, descriptions, everything! This is a hilarious story and know that I am enjoying it very much indeed :)

♥ Bianca

Author's Response: Yayayay! Things to love in this chapter! Woohoo!

Aww, thank you so much! I like being hilarious *feels squishy inside*

I'm 90% sure that gingivitis is contagious and that is a little bit terrifying...

The cups are probably my favourite part!

Newt Scamander DOESN'T speak like David Attenborough? Impossible!

Sirius is great, I agree. I love him too.

Thanks so much for this fantabulous review! *hugshugshugs*

Name: Penelope Inkwell (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 05/04/2016

Hello again! I'm here nominally for the Slytherin Hot Seat (Review 3), but also just because I want to be. I'm really enjoying this story!

I'm proud of Millie for going out, even though it's not her thing. It's a good experience. Or at least that's what I told myself at most of my college parties. Hey, sometimes they were fun. And if I'd had Sirius Black talking to me, I imagine my enjoyment factor might have risen significantly.

A lot of times when I see Sirius, he's just constantly so ""cool"" and ""detached"" and ""brooding"". I like that here, he still has that reputation, but he also has this huge, awkward crush and is a total dork around Millie. And really, she can't even see it because of his reputation. It's crazy how what we've been told about people colors our interactions.

Overall, this chapter was just hilarious. I'm afraid the rest is going to be comprised almost entirely of my favorite quotes, pulled out for your viewing pleasure ;) :

She’d known that it was just the post-spider eradication high that had made him ask.

“I have excellent bladder control.” Millie didn’t know what to say to that. Congratulations? Your ancient ancestors must have some excellent DNA? May your descendants share the same good fortune?

Marissa Painsley-Bumbershuffle

--what a name!

“What?” Millie asked, taking another sip of her coffee. “Gingivitis in my teeth?”

--I really do love her dry wit

“Brooding is just rich people talk for moping,” Moony said.

There was a nature documentary about the Pacific Ocean, hosted by her favourite naturalist Newt Scamander, airing in about twenty minutes.

-- Newt! Loved that little shout-out!

“I’m a teetotaler every time I’m given alcohol from a bathtub.”


“Not if Marissa’s story is true.”

Millie shrugged again. “So what? Bad dates happen all the time. We’re in college. We’re young. We’re stupid. We make out with people who probably have gingivitis!”

--the only thing I saw in this chapter was a little formatting snag. It looks like there needs to be a blank line between ""true"" and ""Millie"".

Another highly enjoyable chapter! This is so fun!


Author's Response: Yayayay! I'm so happy that you're still enjoying the story. Woot!

I'm quite introverted myself, so I understand where both you and Millie are coming from. They can be fun, though. Part of it is just getting used to them, and learning the social norms, like any social situation. It gets easier after that. Millie's taking steps in the right direction! Of course, if I had Sirius Flipping Black talk to me, I, too, would want to spend more time at them :P

I love playing with that dichotomy in Sirius. He's actually just an average dude. He has insecurities, and hang-ups, and angst like the rest of us mere mortals, but his reputation, precedes him. He's been using it as armour for so long, that now when it's becoming cumbersome, it's suffocating it. It doesn't help that the object of his affections is actually oblivious when it comes to him.

Haha, I was giggling writing this chapter. Glad that translated well!

Thanks for the wonderful review, as always :)

Name: EnigmaticEyes16 (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 04/21/2016

Hi! I am here for the Slytherin Review Tag!

800! i'm so glad you're posting more chapters! Sirius and Millie are so cute! As always. I am squeeing hardcore right now and I don't know why! But this chapter makes me so happy!

I'm very curious about what happened with Marissa. It is starting to sound like maybe what happened wasn't completely made up but Sirius clearly cares more about Millie might think of him from what happened than about what Marissa thinks.

And I love how there are different colored cups for each party! I wonder if James will succeed in finding all of the different colors. I thought it was hilarious how he went off on his own like that since his friends wouldn't follow him.

I'm also just as happy as Sirius maybe that Lily was able to drag Millie out to the party. If only she was a little more willing to really participate in the fun. I can't wait to read the next chapter! Will be checking that out immediately!

Great chapter! Thanks again for posting!


Author's Response: Sirius and Millie are indeed so cute - I think it's the reason why I can't leave them alone.

Sirius is a right drama queen. But of course he cares about what Millie thinks of him and his actions - crushes can be horrible that way.

James is crazy. Only time will tell if he is indeed, successful on his quest.

Drinking alcohol from a bathtub is dangerous! But yes, Millie has some growing to do in the socialisation department. Or not. Who knows.

Thanks so much for the review, Nix :)

Name: AlexFan (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 05/18/2017

I'm so glad that Millie and Lily have become friends, Millie is such a hermit she needs an extroverted friend to like keep her in the loop with everyone else her age. I've always wondered how people like Lily are just so comfortable with going up to someone and making conversation like I don't have the courage to do that. Lily, what is your secret?

I'm going to need everyone to just own up to their feelings like you know it, your friend knows it, the strangers around you have probably picked up on it so like just admit your feelings. I'm so excited for when things really hit off and everyone comes to the realization that they like each other but I'm also really excited to see the build up and where it goes.

I'm just generally very excited.

Author's Response: Millie is the ultimate hermit. She really needs someone like Lily in her life, for sure. I am also not sure what Lily's secret is. Perhaps, she will tell us some day...

Owning up to feelings is for n00bs. Besides, if everyone owned up to their feelings, where on earth would we get our daily dose of drama?

Yay! Excitement! Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

Name: alicia and anne (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 05/23/2016

I remember reading the first chapter of this and getting excited, so I am here to read more! :D YAY!!

I love that this is a muggle (magic) AU, it brings me such joy!

Aw look at Lily spending her break with Millie. :D

Oh James and Lily have an electrical gaze going on. They so want each other! I can tell :P

I think that Lily and Millie are going to be the best of friends. :D

I can just imagine that James isn't descreet in the slightest, that he's the worst at trying to sneakily look at someone.

Ahhh! I think that Sirius is going to have a bit of a chase on his hands for Millie's affections, and it is going to be so fun to watch. :D I'm so excited about this.

Oh those friendly neighbour winks... I get them regularly from my neighbours... can't go five meters without receiving one. Oh Millie! :D So precious.

I love coffee shop scenes! I think they are definitely a requirement in a college AU.

Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Yay that you're back for more!

Haha, yes indeed! A muggle (magic) AU is proving to be a lot of fun.

Of course James and Lily want each other. Electric gazes mean nothing else.

Oh, Sirius is in for a bumpy ride! Sirius probably isn't going to enjoy all of it, but I hope everyone else does :P

Thanks so much for the lovely review :)

Name: Penelope Inkwell (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 05/04/2016

Hey there! Here for The Slytherin Hot Seat (Review 2)

I don't even read AU's generally, and even I know that coffee shop scene's slash au's are iconic, so I'm glad you included this. I feel like I'm really getting the whole AU experience, here ;)

Lily! Lily and Millie are going to be friends! I'm am very on board for this. Also, getting sections of Lily POV was a pleasant surprise. I think you gave her a really fun, believable voice. I do wonder why Millie doesn't seem to have any friends, but it looks like Lily is going to worm her way in there one way or another, so that's good.

Sirius is such a flirt he doesn't even realize that seeing him flirt with another girl might be a turn off for Millie *shakes head incredulously* Kids today, amiright?

And James with Lily's ""luminous beauty"". Adorable.

I wonder what the Quidditch situation is here. Intramural? Club? College level? It's fun that this is a college au where it's still a magical college. That way we still have a lot of the fun spirit of the books, but it's still something different.

CC: Minor stuff here. Both just extra commas. And as I am the superfluous comma queen, I feel ridiculous pointing it out, but I will, since I know it would probably help me if all my extra punctuation was pointed out to me more.

Lily dropped herself in the seat across from Millie, and smiled encouragingly at the girl sitting across from her, her tall paper cup, sans lid, raised back to her mouth.

--that first comma after Millie isn't needed

Their eyes met for an electrifying instant, before Lily broke their unwanted connection and returned her attention to Millie.

--no comma needed in this sentence.

This was a short scene, but a cute one. I enjoyed getting to see a bit of the Jilly dynamic, as well as some tentative steps toward a firmer friendship between Millie and Lily. Say that 5 times fast: Millie and Lily Millie and Lily Millie and Lily Millie and Lily Millie and Lily. ;)

Author's Response: A big part of why I wanted to write an AU was because of a coffee shop scene. I love cafes, and I've really wanted to write a story that uses them as a setting. Given Millie's deep love for coffee, we will be spending a lot of time here.

Lily is so tenacious! She's quite different from my OCs, and I struggled writing her POV. I'm incredibly pleased that you enjoyed her perspective! Perhaps I shall push myself to write from her point of view once more.

Sirius is incorrigible, isn't he? To be fair, however, Millie did say no. But I enjoy the accidental tension this has caused!

James Potter is forever and always adorable.

Commas are my weakness, I must admit. Thanks for the CCs!

Thanks for the wonderful review :)

Name: victoria_anne (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 04/28/2016

*comes sprinting in*


HelloooOOOooo there! I'm standing here mixing a cake as I read this. It doesn't affect the review, I just thought I'd let you know.

Hm, I would have picked Millie as being a cappuccino kind of girl, but there you go.

Ha ha I love how you have Hogwarts needing everything to sound grand!

♥ Lily! ♥

(reviewing as I read, in case you didn't know)

I will never get over how cool the idea of Hogwarts being a college like this is. You make it work so well!! Especially with the canon parts of Lily and James' relationship. I love what you've done with this!

OMG I only JUST realised their last names! Black and White! Ha ha that's awesome!! You sneaky writer, you.

Okay so I'm really loving this so far! You've written the characters extremely well (I'm having to hold back from throwing myself at Sirius, who was unfortunately wearing clothes in this chapter) but placed them in a completely different world, it's so great!

Keep up the good work, my dear :D

Love B

Author's Response: I don't think I've had anyone come sprinting in. I am a little flattered!

It only affects the review because I do not have the cake.

She probably drinks cappuccinos just to mix things up. But she's definitely a chronic black coffee drinker. I am worried for her caffeine intake.

LILY. Millie is halfway to being one of her fangirls, I swear.

Thank you for liking the idea! College AUs are usually sans-magic, but I'm enjoying including all the magic I still can.

Hahaha! I always giggle a little when I get to write their last names close together!

I always throw myself at Sirius. I have no self control. I am pleased to have another fangirl.

Thanks for the fantabulous review! *hugs*

Name: Frankie05 (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 09/23/2015

Hey. I am finally getting around to your review. I'm the worst. I'm sorry it took so long! I like this alternate universe you've set up. This chapter didn't seem like a lot was going on but I like how you switched points of view. We had Millie, Lily, and Sirius. And I think you have got their personalities down. They are just in uni. I love it.

I love the kindness Lily shows Millie- like she wants to be there for her and wants to be her friend and wants to get to know her. So that's what she is going to do. I can totally see her and James getting together and Millie and Sirius getting together. Making them friends who date friends. It's going to be so good!

I wonder what went through Millie's head watching Sirius flirt with the barista. I think this is very good. You should keep writing it because I really really enjoy reading it.

Again. So sorry it took me a while to get to this. Lots of hugs and cookies to you!

Author's Response: I'm really terrible for taking so long to reply to your review, so I guess that make us even, haha! Not much does go on except for the introduction of Lily and the rest of the Marauders. And yes! They're just in uni, having a good time.

This is how I see Lily in canon - noticing the quiet people and befriending them in a somewhat forceful way. And yayayay! The ships are already apparent. Woohoo!

Oh, I'm sure she's trying to convince herself that she doesn't care about with whom Sirius flirts - but of course, she kinda does.

Thanks for the cookies and hugs and this lovely review :)

Name: EnigmaticEyes16 (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 06/27/2015

Hello again! Honestly, if you had more of this story posted, I would probably just read all of it right here and now, but alas, this is it...

This is so great so far! I'm glad you've already brought in Lily, and she's butting herself into Millie's life. I think they'll be good friends soon enough, I love the dry humor between them. And Sirius makes another appearance, yay! I wonder if Millie stopped smiling and frowned at him because she saw him flirting with the barista and secretly wished he'd flirt with her instead... since, you know, she wants him to ask her out again. Maybe she's starting to think of him as the playboy type. I hope he changes her mind though and does try to ask her out again soon. Your Millie and Sirius are always so cute together and I wish they'd interacted a bit more in this chapter.

But anyway, great first two chapters so far! I can't wait for you to update because I would LOVE to read more.


Slytherin, House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Hahaha soon!

I want to give all the people I sort of ignored in Like a House on Fire more attention in this, which is basically everyone except Millie and Sirius :P And of course you can't get enough of Sirius! *smirks* Why do you think she frowned? Sirius is going to have a tough road ahead, partly because of the way he acts sometimes.

Thanks for the lovely review :)

Name: Pixileanin (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 06/27/2015

Preliminary fine print: House Cup 2015: Gryffindor

Woot! You updated! Let's see what's happening now...

I like this expanded AU version of a college-level Hogwarts. It kind of makes head-sense that the students there are older and more independent. Not to mention that you can do all sorts of fun things with older characters that aren't as feasible with the younger set.

As you can tell, I'm enjoying this fresh perspective.

Ah, Lily working at the coffee shop. I can totally roll with that. Especially since she's knocking herself out with an internship and normal studies on top of that. Completely overachiever there.

Ah haha, it's so fun to see Sirius all off balance like that and not liking it. But maybe he does like it. I laughed at the way Millie tried to be so indifferent about his attention, and I'm curious as to why Lily wants to push to be Millie's friend. What is up with that girl, and what is her angle? I hope it's that she wants to be Millie's friend, but that last scene had me thinking that there's something else going on.



Author's Response: Yes, I did! I should've updated another story, but eh. When inspiration strikes, one must be quick to get out what one can.

You're right. Since the characters are older, they can do things that they wouldn't be able to do if they were still Hogwarts-age. That's what I would find a bit uncomfortable about some Marauders stories set at Hogwarts. I'm like... are they seriously old enough to do that?

Usually, I've read stories where James is the barista but that doesnt make sense to me since he's so flipping rich - why would he work in hospitality where everyone is horrible to you all the time? But Lily has the perfect overachiever personality for it.

Yeah, maybe Sirius does enjoy being off-balance. I think right now he's just enjoying having a crush, and the chase that's going to come with it. He doesn't really know Millie yet, so his feelings are still rather superficial. Millie is just an odd cookie at times. And Lily... well, there's a reason why she and Millie get along so well. They're both odd cookies!

Thanks so much for this lovely review :)

Name: AlexFan (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 05/18/2017

I'm not gonna lie, I'm squealing in excitement. Your writing has improved so much since Like a House on Fire I'm shook and also very excited for what new stories you come up with.

Sirius was cute, I admit it, it was adorable that he was frightened of a spider and immediately went to Milly for help. For two people who are absolutely losing it internally at the site of the other I'm very impressed by how together they're managing to keep it. Like the other person can't even tell that they're freaking out internally.

I love this kind of Hogwarts AU sort of setting because I feel like for a lot of people you kind of get the best of both worlds in a sense like you get the university trope but you also get the Hogwarts magic and stuff.

Anyways, I'm just very excited.

Author's Response: I know! Six years is a long time!

Sirius is the best, isn't he. Being scared of spiders is somehow just icing on the cake.

This Hogwarts AU has been a lot of fun to play around with. I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

Name: nott theodore (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 04/02/2017

CTF Jailbreak Review

Hi! Oh my goodness, I really, really need to read more of your writing. I know I only read the first chapter of Like a House on Fire yesterday but this story is already amazing and I'm so glad that I got to read it.

Honestly, this is everything I could ask for from an AU story. I would love to see the Marauders (or most of the characters from HP) in college/university and this was just brilliant. I couldn't help laughing out loud at some parts - Sirius as a frat boy? :P (I mean, we don't even have fraternities here in the UK, but just the image is so hilarious.) Anyway, I loved the point of view switches and the way that we got to see the relationship building up between the two characters, and their perceptions of each other. Neither of them have any clue at this point how the other actually thinks and feels about them, which makes me smile even more about their interactions.

Millie seems to think he's kind of distant and unattainable, like Sirius will never be the sort of person who moves in her circles - and so while she probably likes being asked out by him, she doesn't think he means it. Sirius, meanwhile, is absolutely adorable with his crush on her, and not knowing what to say or do for fear of looking pathetic.

Sirius being afraid of spiders is just brilliant, though! I'm more like Millie towards them myself (probably because I haven't ever come across any as dangerous as Acromantula) but his reaction was adorable - running to her for help when he's only dressed in a towel :P It made him vulnerable but was also kind of hilarious, and it worked really nicely as a way to get the two of them to spend time together.

Since this is AU, I'm really hoping that the rest of this story is all happy and fluffy and I get to keep smiling. Sirius/OC stories are so often sad because of the way we know that everything ends for them, so I'm hoping that there's more fluff and happiness here!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Haha! Yesss! Read more of my stuff, because I love hearing from you!

This AU is everything I want to see in an AU story, too! What ARE the odds? It's fun writing my favourite troublemakers making trouble in college. Plus, I get to draw on my short American college experience, which is always fun!

It's fun playing with Sirius' image, here. Everyone thinks he's this super cool dude who has to be admired from afar, Millie included, and Sirius is here like ""pls be friends with me"".

I'm Australian, so I have the proper respect for spiders. Writing Sirius' reactions to spiders is great fun.

Yes! You will get to keep smiling! I am not a fan of angst, so that's one more reason to write a Marauders' AU because NO ONE HAS TO DIE.

Thanks for reviewing, Sian :)

Name: Pixileanin (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 04/02/2017

Hi there! I'm here to check out your multiverse version of the cool story I read a while back. Firstly, I'm pleased that Millie is focused on maintaining her excellent GPA and finishing her degree, instead of ""other things"". I tend to enjoy the more mature characters to rabid teens. So I'm very interested in how things will play out between the two characters in this new setting. So far, it's fun. She knows of Sirius Black, but she's just been too busy with important things to care about anything regarding him. Good on her. Now he'll have to work harder. :P

Ah, but the initial attraction is set up well. Millie doesn't want to care, but there are these niggling things about Sirius that are already getting under her skin. I like how you don't make them hit us in the face, that they're subtle, but unmistakably present, and very hard for her to ignore. I love that Sirius is neat and tidy. That would be a big turn on for me as well. :)

""Hells bells, was he fifteen?""

lol. It's nice to see Sirius unbalanced. I don't know why I get this insane pleasure from that, but I do. And the way he keeps talking, like hanging out would somehow translate into a date, but Millie blessedly doesn't fall for it so quickly. Good on her. Your snappy dialogue is always a pleasure to read, you know? The quickness in which the scenes move, and the way the sparks fly around the screen... nice opening chapter!


Author's Response: Rabid teens! Hahaha! To be honest, Millie was like this in her teen years, too, but I didn't write about it all that much. And I'm pleased to see that you're still pro Sirius!

Those first inklings of attraction are always so subtle, aren't they? And neat and tidy Sirius just makes him more perfect, tbh.

Unbalanced Sirius is the best Sirius, in my opinion. Thanks for the lovely review, Pix! :)

Name: Dirigible_Plums (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 08/02/2016

Hiii. I know it's technically not our birthday anymore in your timezone, but it is in mine so this birthday review is completely on time. :P

While I love love love the Marauders, I actually don't read Sirius/OC fics that much (apparently I gravitate towards Jily), but the fact that this is a college au attracted me straight away because I love au fics. Like so much. And since I love the Marauders too, this is a v. attractive fic.

(Warning: I will probably use the word 'love' a lot because apparently I love everything.)

The fact that Sirius is scared of spiders is actually glorious. I can empathise with him a lot - I mean, I suppose small stationary spiders are okay, but I'd rather just not. Therefore, his immediate reaction to practically break Millie's door down is completely understandable, half-naked or not.

I suppose his crush on Millie doesn't hurt either ;)

I loved seeing their different inner monologues and how they viewed each other. It's interesting to see how they automatically assumed they looked more ridiculous than they were actually being perceived. Like Millie saw Sirius as everyone sort of sees him, as ""unattainable"" while he felt deranged (lol). She feels like they're not on the same level, he's completely into her. Interesting stuff.

Speaking of which, Sirius is such a guy. Checking out a girl's butt while she's helping you out? SHAME ON YOU, BLACK.

But no, this was an excellent first chapter and I really enjoyed reading this. Hope you had a great birthday!!

Plums xo

Author's Response: The birthday buddy bonds transcends such paltry things as time zones.

Sirius/OC fics are often quite sad, so I also gravitate more towards Jily. But they sure are fun to write! I'm new to AU, so we'll see how this little experiment goes.

(I am glad that you love everything.)

Spiders are scary! I live in Australia, so I completely understand this fear. Even little ones can be terrifying.

The half-naked thing is a bonus, really :P

Crossed signals are such fun to write, especially when there's crushes involved. It livens up any scene.

Thanks so much for the lovely birthday review, Plums! I was totally not expecting it, so it was a wonderful surprise :)

Name: TheEmotionalTeaspoon (Anonymous) · Date: 02 Oct 2018 11:08 PM · [Report This]
Story: Chapter: Like a Multiverse on Fire

Transferred from offsite at request of the author

Originally left on 05/10/2016

I think pineapple. (is that good? I hope that's good, I like pineapple.)

I've been meaning to read this for a while, and thanks to hot seat I finally got my bum over here, and I'm so glad I did. This chapter was loads of fun!

“Forget about the hanging out part – just the date. Would you like to go out on a date? With me?” Sirius felt like banging his head against a wall. Who the f*ck would she have thought he meant? Nearly Headless Nick? - Oh my goodness, I definitely giggled at this part, among others.

I think this is a wonderful first chapter, I just love how you write Sirius; he's so fun and sweet! I can't wait to see how the relationship develops; I think this is just the perfect feel good story. And what a treat that you opened with a shirtless Sirius, I mean, could I really ask for more?

At first the Hogwarts college concept was a bit jarring, as I'm very British and I kept catching references to GPA's and getting confused for a moment, but after a few paragraphs I was totally on board! I think this could be a really carefree, fun way to put a fresh new take on things!

Great job, I love your writing style and I'm really excited for this!

-Kate xx

Author's Response: I think pineapple is often the right response, in any given situation. It is good. I also like pineapple.

I'm so pleased to have made you giggle! That is the aim. Giggling is definitely a pineapple sort of trait.

Yay! I LOVELOVELOVE writing feel-good stories. Another pineapple trait unlocked! As is a shirtless Sirius Black.

I am not American either, so I understand where you're coming from. I'm pleased that it does get easier though as the story goes on.

Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Kate :)

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