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Name: javu (Signed) · Date: 27 Nov 2018 04:48 PM · [Report This]
Story:Movement Chapter: Twist

This story is sweet. Bittersweet. It's such a precious moment. Remus is back when he had been away for a month. They're together and the baby is growing fine. Tonks feels the baby kick and squirm for the first time. The war surrounds them, as does the darkness and hopelessness that it brings. But this child -- this child is life and hope all wrapped up in her womb. It's a reminder that life goes on. Where Voldemort is death, this child is life. And it's life that they created together. 


The tragic part, which isn't in your story, but we all know, is that Remus and Tonks die, leaving Teddy behind as an orphan. I'm glad that you showed this moment between the three of them. It's a moment of joy and happiness, one that Voldemort can't touch. 


I'm happy for Remus especially. He probably never thought that he would find love, much less get married, much less have children. But he has all three :) In my opinion, it's one of the saddest thing in the series - that Remus and Tonks die before seeing and properly knowing Teddy. 


I don't know if you planned it this way, but you said that the moonlight silouetted Tonk's frame. Moon = Remus ?? 


Alwynse for RvG November - Go GOLD!

Name: Chemical_Pixie (Signed) · Date: 07 Oct 2018 04:03 PM · [Report This]
Story:Movement Chapter: Twist

Kaitlin! Here for RvG but also to read some more of your wonderful writing!


This is the Remus and Tonks fluff that I need in my day. They're one of my favorite couples, and everything about this piece is amazing! I get the coziest of feelings reading this one shot.


You do a good job balancing Tonks' excitement at motherhood--but also her worry. There's so much happening in the world with the rise of Voldemort and the War... and you weave her joy and concern so seamlessly into a coherent piece. Absolutely fantastic! 


I have never been pregnant, so I don't know what it's like to be kicked from the inside. But your description makes it easy to envision. I was so thrilled for her to experience this moment, and my heart practically melted when Tonk calls Remus over to her. His reaction is a little heartbreaking, given their life circumstances, but it's clear in that moment that he loves her, cares for her, and intends to stay, even before his words at the end (his words make everything sweeter, though).


Even though we all know what happens to them in a few short months, I am happy that they get to share this time together, that for this little moment, they feel safe and happy and loved. Well done!

Name: manno-malfoy (Signed) · Date: 17 Dec 2017 04:16 PM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Movement Chapter: Twist

Nope. I'm not crying or sobbing in front of my screen right now. Not at all. 


Remus and Tonks are in my top three favourite ships, but I honestly have a hard time reading or writing about them because it's so heartbreaking. At the beginning when I started reading this, I was thinking about how I'd tell you that I'm so happy that you wrote such a happy and cute story about these two for a change. But then you had to end it with promises that we know will not be kept and yeah. Now I'm sad. 


I loved seeing Remus happy and excited about this baby, know his intial qualms with the entire situation. He's not just accepting this but revelling in it and it makes my little shipper heart flutter with joy. 


The conflicted feelings you've caused me aside,  I really did enjoy reading this (as I usually do with your work, but even more so because these two are my babies so I love you so much more for it).

Name: nott theodore (Signed) · Date: 14 May 2017 03:50 PM · [Report This]
Story:Movement Chapter: Twist



It's been way too long since I read any of your stories, and since I'm not in the mood to have my heart torn out of my chest and stamped on tonight, I thought I'd try this one.  You write Remus and Tonks so well and I haven't read anything about them in ages.  Thank you for not breaking my heart with this <3


I loved the sense of peacefulness and calm at the start of this story.  It felt like one of those rare snatched moments that Tonks must wish for during this hard-fought war, and it's made even sweeter by the fact that Remus is finally back beside her.  The line about her sleeping easier now that he's there again was so sweet.


You captured Tonks' fears for her baby so well.  I'm not surprised by that because you're a wonderful writer and I'm sure you've drawn on your own experiences to write this, but I thought you portrayed Tonks so well in this moment, and really communicated her fears so they were understandable to a reader like me, who hasn't been in this position.


I can't imagine having to worry about bringing a baby into a world torn apart by war on top of everything else that you worry about when you're having a child.  It just shows how incredibly strong Tonks is, especially since she got through that time without Remus by her side, as well.


The first moment that baby Teddy moved was so wonderful.  I think you could have really exaggerated something like that and written very dramatically about it, but it was understated and subtle and I think it had even more impact because of that.  The wonder of the baby moving for the first time came through really well and you captured the magic of that moment beautifully.


I know I said that I didn't want my heart to be broken, but it still makes me a bit sad reading Remus's promise to Tonks and the baby and knowing that in a few months he won't be there to keep it - that he'll have done his best for them by fighting and sacrificing his life.  And poor Teddy.  *sobs*  LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE, ROSE.  I'M CRYING AT A HAPPY STORY, NOW!


This was so lovely and beautiful, though.  You portrayed the relationship between them so well and it read wonderfully, like a little oasis of calm and magic in the midst of all the horror of the fighting that's going on around them.  I'm so happy that they had this, at least <3


Sian :)

Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 14 May 2017 08:59 AM · [Report This]
Story:Movement Chapter: Twist

Short and sweet. The most perfect way to describe this. I didn't even think about the fact I know what happens to them in the future, because this story is just so perfect I didn't want to ruin it. I love missing moments like these, where we knew what was happening between Remus and Tonks but saw hardly any of it. I love that the baby moved on the night Remus was home, and that he got to feel it. I love that they were truly happy for a time.

Rose is very lucky to have you as a friend!

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