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Name: TreacleTart (Signed) · Date: 18 Jan 2019 05:32 AM · [Report This]
Story:Perfect Chapter: It was the first of a lot of things...

Hey there! 


I'm here to leave you a review for both the Gryffindor Red vs Gold review battle and because you graciously allowed Rumpels to write a fanfic of this work! This little review is to say thank you for inadvertently participating in my challenge.


I always really enjoy reading stories about original characters because it's so interesting to see what people imagine. Saleena seems like a very complex character. As Sirius mentions, she's pretty, smart, and she challenges him. Add to that her royal bloodline and you sure have a perfect woman. I do wish that there was maybe a bit of a fault or something because she almost seems too perfect.


That being said, I get that that perfect image is coming from Sirius. He's seeing her through the rose colored glasses of love, so everything about her seems to be incredible.


I thought her meeting James was very cute. It's nice that she wants to make a good impression on him. I mean he is one of the most important people in Sirius' life. It's cute that Sirius is equally as nervous. James seems like a nice guy though, so I imagine he would've always tried to be friendly to her.


Wow. Who knew Sirius was such a romantic? That is quite the date set up! I loved how you included all of the info about how everyone gave him suggestions on the date. It was a team effort.


It was good that Saleena was upfront with him about what she could and couldn't give him. I think he was seeing everything in sort of a fantasy world and he needed to be brought back down to reality. I know things are complex, but I hope they work them out!


Good work!



Name: Nix (Signed) · Date: 06 Jan 2019 06:37 PM · [Report This]
Story:Perfect Chapter: It was the first of a lot of things...

Deanaaa! Hi! This is my very late gift for your wishlist! I thought this story was super cute. I'm really glad to know more about Sirius' and Saleena's relationship, because I know I was very curious about it when reading Love Not War, so I'm really glad you wrote this one-shot.

I think those two are so freaking adorable together and perfect for each other. But it does suck that Saleena has this whole other community to answer to and their rules to abide by. She doesn't seem to want to lead them but of course she wouldn't want to have to stay in hiding for the rest of her life. But Sirius does bring up a good third option, as their leader she could change their laws and bring the gypies back into the real world. And usually, I think, it's the people who don't want to lead that would make the best leaders and the best decisions for their people. Unlike people who just want to be in charge for their own personal gain. 

I'm really curious to know what sort of studies Lee plans to do in the next four years and sad that she will be separated from Sirius. I really hope they get to see each other again, but I think I already know they won't. That this will be there last time together before Sirius is imprisoned in Azkaban for thirteen years, which is really heartbreaking. And while we know Lee never believed he'd murder his best friends, we don't know what he must of thought she thought of him.... which is really sad.

Anyway, this was a great one-shot! I do hope to read more of Love Not War eventually! I know I'm slacking, lol. 


Name: adorably cute (Signed) · Date: 15 Jul 2018 11:02 PM · [Report This]
Story:Perfect Chapter: It was the first of a lot of things...

Oh my gosh, Sirius and Saleena are adorable! This was such a beautiful little one-shot about them and their friendship (except I'm a little heartbroken, because like, they probably never got to be anything more than this and I just wanted them to have a happy ending after this)


I really love how they went back to the first place they met for their date! There are so many things in here that show how strong their friendship is and it was so wonderful to read about. I thought it was really neat that Sirius read up on Gypsies to try and understand her culture more, how he's so confident in her leadership skills as eventual leader of the Clan, and I loved how he was basically like "you can change it all and make things better becaus you're this wonderful person and you'll be an incredible leader because of that"


Saleena was so great in this too! I loved her sense of humor (when she calls him out at near the end and is like "of course I'll be expecting you to call me your majesty,"--a total lol moment) and continue to enjoy her as a character! Also, I really loved that last line, to us, it was perfect. It was a really sweet wrap up of an interesting night between the two of them and describes things so well- it may not have been the most perfect first date and a lot of things went so differently that planned but to them, it was the perfect night and I loved that!

Name: justawillowtree (Signed) · Date: 21 Jun 2018 04:43 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Perfect Chapter: It was the first of a lot of things...

Deana! Hi! <3


I had no idea that you wrote a story about Saleena from a generation ago; that’s so cool. I always love seeing characters in prequels (and since Saleena really hasn’t aged at all in all the time that’s passed, it’s pretty much seeing the same young woman in a different generation haha). I also loved that you chose to delve deeper into her relationship with Sirius; it’s all very sweet and I’m glad I got to read it!


From the beginning, when they were still unsure and shy about each other, to the end, after Saleena had spilled all her secrets and the two had gotten together for the moment, it was truly really sweet. The adoration that Sirius has for her! The love she has for him! The fact that both of them could be made of stardust, they’re that pretty!! And everything that Sirius had planned for her was honestly really cute and thoughtful. Picnic in the place where they first met? *sighs with envy*


That entire bit about Saleena finding her choice to be difficult was really interesting. I liked reading about the culture of her clan, and I also enjoyed the two of them figuring out how Saleena could best approach the situation. The fact that Sirius was the one who first gave her this idea of returning to her clan and starting anew was really interesting, because that’s exactly what she ends up doing later in the story. (Or, I think it was another one of your extra one-shots!)


I wanted to shake Sirius a bit when he said her shyness and lack of confidence was a bit of a turn-on because no, Sirius! Confidence is sexy! I always get mildly worried whenever guys say they like it when girls are unconfident because…that’s not a good state for girls to be in haha. Anyway I think that Saleena is definitely confident enough in everything else to make up for her lack of confidence in her ruling abilities. <3


This was such an interesting one-shot; thank you so much for requesting from me! <3



Name: victoria_anne (Signed) · Date: 09 Mar 2018 04:11 AM · [Report This]
Story:Perfect Chapter: It was the first of a lot of things...

Hello, gorgeous! Finally here to give this story some love!!!


I absolutely love the style you've written this in, how it jumps between the perspectives of Sirius and Saleena. It could get messy really quickly but you've done an awesome job and I love it.


Oh my goodness, who knew Sirius could be so romantic?! I love that they have a spot that is so special to the both of them.


Oof, there is a lot of reasons that Saleena and Sirius shouldn't be together. First there's reasons to do with Saleena's gypsy origins, but also the fact that Sirius could get into trouble. I'm on the edge of my seat hoping they'll get together, but I've read Love, Not War, so...


That's the thing with Saleena, though. She's so realistic and "this is how it is." I love that about her but right now I'm like, JUST FOLLOW YOUR HEART, GIRL, YEESH. Aw, bless Sirius doing his research to learn more about where she comes from. So sweet! It was probably the only time he really studied :P


Man, I had sort of forgetton about Saleena being the heir to the gypsy throne, and now I'm totally excited for it again! I hope it comes up in LNW soon :)


This is why I love Sirius, and probably why he and Saleena would make such a good pair. He's a dreamer, and he doesn't give up, and he'll fight for what he wants. I love watching him try to work everything out as best he can.


I think I already knew most of the gypsy information Saleena says in this story, but I still love reading about it, and I wish it came up more. It's fascinating, and it's unique, especially in HP fanfiction. I really love the idea.


Okay, phew! I was almost worried this was going to end in heartbreak, haha, so I'm really glad it doesn't! Dare I say it, but this story was... Perfect!!! :P Seriously, Deana, I enjoyed it so much, and I really hope we get to see more of Sirius and Saleena in the future! <3

Name: MalfoysAngel (Signed) · Date: 02 May 2017 01:56 AM · starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Story:Perfect Chapter: It was the first of a lot of things...

Hey Deana, I'm here for our swap. I apoligize ahead of time because this might be a tad bit short. CTF killed me on writing long reviews lol.

HOLY COW THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!! I'm so glad I read this before I read Love, Not War this was Perfect! (See what I did there)

The dynamic and set up between Sirius and Saleena with the changing POVs was very fitting to the story and I liked getting to see the events through the eyes of both characters instead of this being one-sided. It was an interesting way to write this and I feel it was the right choice.

The way they finally get together at the end was sweet and unless it's being mentioned in Love, Not War, I would LOVE to see more Please write more I want to know how this relationship pans out!!!! 

So on that note I'm off to go read your other story and I'm sure it will be as amazing as this is.


Peace, Love, and Tacos


Author's Response:


Yes, I DO see what you did there, lol!! Thank so much Tasha, I am so glad you enjoyed this!! I was going to write this all from Saleena's perspective originally, but I hardly ever get to write Sirius in the current story because, well, you know. No longer with us. Tragic. *cries* So then I changed it to his POV instead, but he wasn't very good at explaining her side of it, and the whole Gypsy background thins was really important because you don't get ALL of that information in LNW. So I decided to go both ways and tell it from each of their perspectives. ;)


Saleena will be in LNW a lot more often in the beginning, and you will get a little bit more background information on their relationship. But she's not very open about her past, and so that was another reason why I wrote this piece. Because I wanted to give people an insight into what the two of them had, which is not something that I can not tell from Draco's POV in LNW. I will say that, at some point, her and Remus will have a conversation about Sirius. So it is going to be brought up again at some point, I just haven't actually written that chapter yet, so it may be a while before that information is revealed. If you ever have any questions though, you may always feel free to ask. I might share a few of my secrets with you, haha!! =P


Saleena and Sirius' story is really, really, sad. Heartbreaking, actually. Because it doesn't ever get a chance to pan out at all. She leaves at the end of this summer to go to America to finish her studies to become a Healer. And when she come's back to take up her job at St. Mungos, James & Lilly are dead and Sirius is already in Azkaban; having been falsely accused of their murder. This was the last time that they were together… I hope that this news doesn't make you too sad though. (#dontblamemeblamejkr) Hey, at least I'm not the one who killed him though! Just saying.


And no worries at all hun, your review was FINE!! I totally get being burnt out from all the CTF reviews, lol!! Thanks so much for stopping by here before going to peek at the Novel. You may also want to go peek at my other one-shot “Doing the Right Thingtoo, as that is another companion piece for the Novel as well. I really hope that you will continue to enjoy the rest of the story as well, and I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on everything else!! Thank you so much again, Tasha!! <3



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