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Story:Never Have You Ever Chapter: Too Far

Hi Kaitlin! I'm still here for the winter wonderland. 


So since I've just read the story where the Slytherin girls were playing a game, so I thought it's only fair to see what the boys would do in a game like that. Did you do that intentionally, by the way, or did it just happen by chance?


I was delighted to see that they're equally horrid to each other. Seriously though, why are they so vile? I understand that people play games like that, but there are boundaries. But still, these are Slytherins; I wouldn't put anything past them. 


It's interesting that you used the second POV here. It was nice to be walking in Draco's shoes at first and getting to see his perception of everyone and everything before we even realised that it's him. It also helped add to the sensation of detachment that he apparently is wallowing in. And even though he was pretty mean during the game (and also sexist. ugh, men.) but I have a soft spot for Draco and kinda felt sorry for him. 

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Story:Never Have You Ever Chapter: Too Far


Hello Fabulous Kaitlin who I adore!

I really like Draco as a character, but for some reason I shy away from reading fic about him. I think it’s because I hate seeing him suffer more, but him not suffering doesn’t seem right either =P

I feel so on edge reading this and being so uncertain what to expect as far as tone. I mean, it’s a Draco story with an addiction tag, but also… Never Have You Ever. It has so much potential for light and dark. I’ll go ahead and prepare emotionally for both.

Ugh, Draco. Doesn’t want to go to parties, but wants to hang out with friends, but hates games and forced interaction, but does them anyway. What a broody little dark prince.

And actual ugh, I dislike that he is the one to make fun of Goyle’s intellect. So far Draco’s the only proven jerk here, and it seems extra rude to me because he spent more time with Goyle than any of the others

And there he goes again about Pansy. Okay, now I won’t feel bad for whatever unfortunate moment Draco has.

Malcolm jumps across the room and murders Draco, the end? Wow yeah, my perspective on Draco changes quickly when I read fic. No wonder I don’t read many of his stories =P

Draco. You are a jerk. I do not pity you.

Well, currently. I’ll go back to pitying you again when I’m done with this =P

What I really like about this story is that you can’t argue that this is canon behavior for Draco. It makes total sense for him and is in character, and is a kind of good slice of life reality check. Like, even if you feel that Draco is a victim and should be pitied in general, that doesn’t change that he is a genuine jerk (whatever the underlying factors may be).

If my comments don’t show it, I did actually enjoy reading this story XD


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Story:Never Have You Ever Chapter: Too Far

Hey there, so there was something almost muggle about this, especially the start. It was really intriguing. Malfoy seems almost quiet and withdrawn, especially compared to the books but I think that’s probably what he would be like after the war. After all the attention he got in the air he probably just really wants an easy life right now.


Aha, I love this idea of a fic based on this game, doesn’t bring back good memories but never mind :P It’s still a classic.  Oh dear, boys and alcohol are not a good mix, although for someone who wanted to stay out of trouble he doesn't half go looking for it. I wonder what he’s got against Pansy, or whether it’s just the alcohol giving him a bit of dutch courage.


Well, that tends to be the general result of Never have I ever haha, poor Draco. That was nice of Blaise though to take him home. Although I like how even though this was just a fun fic, there was still a deeper meaning to it, and it showed another side of Draco. At the start he seems like he doesn’t care what they think of him and he’s there to see old friends, but clearly that isn’t the case.



This was an interesting story, and really well written! I really enjoyed it!


- Shaza :)

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Story:Never Have You Ever Chapter: Too Far

Hola, Madam Kaitlin,

That makes you sound aristocratic, no? I like it.

Speaking of aristocratic, what an interesting contrast in this story. It's basically a pureblood frat party. High-brow and low-brow collide in a fascinating clash of cultural norms.

I liked getting Draco's assessment of his peers. There was some obvious social maneuvering and positioning going on. He puts Malcolm squarely in his place, but he's somewhat cautious about raising Goyle's ire. Obviously he doesn't perceive Malcolm as a true threat, but Goyle is sufficiently lacking in social understanding that he could cause quite a bit of trouble.

Warrington sends plastic red cups full of the bitter firewhiskey -- Yes! It's not a booze-fest until someone breaks out the red plastic Solo cups. I was half-expecting firewhiskey pong to break out. How do you prevent cheating when people are magical? Inquiring minds want to know.

Aww, Zabini looks out for him. Sort of. In that detached, pureblood aristocratic sort of way. I felt like Draco was having a bit of a boozed-up pity party for himself there at the end. Not sure that people hate him so much as they view him solely as a function of how useful they find him.

One thing I noticed while reading: You approach him cautiously, unsure of how enibriated he is. -- I think it should be inebriated.

Fun story! Nice job!

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